Saturday, July 8, 2006

Karuna Goswamy


1. Weapon with a pointed, sharp head

3. Want; desire

5. Initials of a major university in New York

6. —Blyton, children’s author

8. Famous Urdu professor at Chicago

10. Circular in shape

12. Leaves of the palm tree

13. Eggs, in a cluster

14. Drift that runs through a statement

17. Not odd

18. Untanned skin of animal

19. Colouring material or matter

20. “Rara___” is truly a rare bird

21. “Darkness at___” by A. Koestler


1. Observable facts or occurrences

2. Combining form, meaning ‘within’.

3. Sam___, prominent U.S. senator

4. Historic county in Scotland

7. Angry; wrathful

9. Worship; regard with esteem

11. Ritual vessel

15. Do these justify means?

16. Not shut or closed