Saturday, July 8, 2006

Home to a legend

Robin Hood may be a legend who never existed in real life, but if historians are to be believed, they have unearthed what they claim is his ancestral home, and that too not very far from the city he has been mostly associated with.

According to Sun, researchers from Sheffield University unearthed the remains of a stone and wood castle some 52 miles from Nottingham — the city traditionally associated with Robin Hood and his merry band.

They have said that the 11th century edifice, which first belonged to Waltheof, the Earl of Huntingdon, was the legendary outlaw’s actual home, and after his execution for rebelling against the Norman invaders, his son Robert Fitzwalter, a noted archer, inherited the castle.

Researches said the discovery was made in a field at an undisclosed location in the Pennines village of Bolsterstone, just outside Sheffield.

Little John, one of Hood’s most trusted merry men, is also buried near the city.

Researchers have said that the relic could boost South Yorkshire’s claim to be the birthplace of the mythical hero.

“This site might have major historical significance. Robin Hood was entirely mythical, however, Earl Waltheof inspired the key ballad about his death,” said Dig volunteer Steve Moxon. — ANI