Saturday, July 8, 2006

Rhyme TIME
What is love

Love is the need of life,

Without it one canít thrive.

Love is pure,

Like dew drops in winter.

Love is like a bud of flower,

Which spreads fragrance all over.

Just as a woman is incomplete 
without a jewel,

Life is incomplete without a spell of love.

It is the truth of life,

Which canít be snatched by giving a bribe.

Love is the need of life,

Without it none can thrive.

Amrita Singh, BA-III, Vallabh Govt. College, Mandi (HP)

A studentís burden

Life of a student is very busy,

For him, taking exams is not so easy.

To do well he has to study throughout the night,

There is no time to play or fight.

He has to read everything carefully,

At times, he studies not too cheerfully,

In his studies, he cannot be slack,

Nor can he have a good nap.

Damini Sharma, X, Himalayan Public School, Sarkaghat, Mandi

My teachers

I have a strict Hindi teacher,

Maths teacher is a happy one.

Music teacher has a voice so sweet,

Hearing him is a treat.

The English teacher is very tall,

But the science teacher is a bit small.

The computer teacher tells us interesting things,

But a bit strict you may call.

All have different qualities,

But I just love them all.

Ayushi Goyal, V-B, St Lukeís Senior Secondary School, Solan