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Jaspal Bhatti

WE Indians have a great sense of parking. In the markets, it is not uncommon to see a car parked at such a weird place that it gets almost impossible for anyone else to get his car safely out from the parking lot. Probably the stylish parking is an attempt to draw attention to their new car.

Hollywood actress Paris Hilton was in news recently for ramming into a car while reversing in the parking lot. This is no big deal in India and can happen to you in every crowded parking lot. But as per the Californian law, Paris was supposed to leave her address behind.

According to a survey, women drivers have been found to have less expertise in parking their cars. If they are likely to miss out the ‘No Parking’ sign or the red light signal, they are unlikely to miss out a ‘Heavy Sale’ sign even in a speeding car.

One such woman driver smashed the railing while parking her car. While reversing, she first scratched the adjoining car and then managed to bring the entire traffic to a halt. When the traffic police asked her, "Madam, can we please see your driving licence?" she replied, "You seem to be very dumb. After you see my driving who do you think would give me a driving licence."