Wednesday, July 12, 2006

With rapid advance in technology, the scope for audiologists has gone up manifold, writes Girja Shankar Kaura
DITI is just 18 months old, but unlike other children her age, she is a special child. Born profoundly deaf in both ears, her shortcoming was detected by her parents when she was six months’ old. But they did not lose heart and met an audiologist, who concluded, after several tests, that the child’s hearing could be fully restored with a cochlear implant.

Sandeep Joshi

Sir, you only told me, “Make yourself comfortable in office.”

Frauds and fake CVs: Employers turn to screening firms
V. Kumara Swamy
ITH call centre frauds and the issue of fake CVs hitting headlines and companies trying to stay ahead of their prospective employees’ street smartness, it is the background screening companies which are rubbing their hands in glee.

Pre-departure briefing for students headed to UK
FOR those who have received an offer of admission from an institution in the UK and are preparing to leave for the country soon, the British Council is holding the annual pre-departure briefing on July 22.

Working on a vacation not the best policy
ARE you running off to the beach this year? Is your car packed with beach umbrellas, rusty beach chairs, a BlackBerry, laptop and several cellphones? Are you taking just one week instead of your allotted two? Then I guess you're all set.

Fresh out of college?
Take help for job hunting
Amy Joyce
Welcome to the world of work, new graduates. Sure, you probably had a few internships. Maybe a campus job for a little extra cash. But what do you really know about the workplace? You’ll spend more time in this place than in any other, in an environment you rarely have control over, around people you didn’t choose but need.

Hard work a stepping stone to success
Arvind Sharma
Deciding what you want to do or what you want to be is the first step in making a success of your job and also your life. The beginning of making the life you aim at is deciding what you eventually want to be. A beginning of any journey deciding first and foremost where you want to go.

Australian telecom giants to offshore more jobs to India
Australian telecom giants Telstra and Optus are both eyeing offshoring jobs to India as part of cost-cutting measures in the face of a slow growth rate. More jobs in Australia’s USD 33 billion-a-year telecommunications sector are likely to shift to India, as Telstra is understood to be considering a major deal with India’s Wipro, a television channel said recently.

Words worth
The job of a lexicographer involves a lot of research
Mary Ellen Slayter
rin McKean, 34, has wanted to be a lexicographer since she was 8 years old—long before most of us even figure out what the word means. Lexicographers create dictionaries. It involves more than just writing entries for specific words.

Trend mill
Good times for lawyers
Canada outsourcing legal work to India
Following the footsteps of call centres, data processing and accounting firms, lawyers in Canada have begun outsourcing legal work to India. By offshoring work to India, Canadian lawyers can pay substantially less per hour and enjoy faster turnaround time than they would be paying junior lawyers in the country, said a report by Can West News Service in Toronto recently.

Smart Skills
Groom yourself for a career in personal care
Usha Albuquerque
HE popularity of Guru Ramdev’s yoga programme is an indication of the growing demand for health and fitness activities. Doing workouts. Sweating it out on the tennis court or the golf course. This is the mantra of the modern generation.

Career HotliNE
Mushrooming prospects
Pervin Malhotra
Q Where can I learn mushroom cultivation? Does it have good scope?
— Gaurav Chandel
A Did you know that of the 1,000-1,400 species of mushrooms growing in India (and 2000 in the world), as many as 300-odd species are edible? There is huge demand for mushrooms in western countries like Israel, US & Europe. Indian production is set to reach 6 lakh tonnes by 2020.