PM must take action against Ramadoss

The editorial “The wrong doctor sacked” (July 7) rightly calls for the dismissal of Union Health Minister Dr A. Ramadoss. Out of pique, he humiliated the renowned cardiac surgeon and AIIMS Director Dr Venugopal who commands great respect in the country. If money had been the consideration, Dr Venugopal would have gone abroad long back and made millions. However, as the country and its people were more important to him, he stayed back and made significant achievements in cardiac surgery.

The medical fraternity in particular and the people in general are very much upset with Dr Ramadoss’ conduct. As Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recognises merit and is an upright man, he must take appropriate action against the Health Minister for his misconduct.

Dr R.C. KATARIA, Kotkapura



The peremptory dismissal (stayed by the Delhi High Court) of Dr Venugopal comes as a rude shock to those who are committed to professional excellence. Dr Venugopal is not an ordinary person who can be thrown out of office at the whims and fancies of a minister. Dr Venugopal is an internationally renowned surgeon, having pioneered the first heart transplant in 1994. Since then, he has been associated with over 50,000 heart surgeries. His latest discovery is the Stem Cell therapy to repair a heart when it is beyond bypass surgery. Results of this therapy have been quite successful.

If experts like Dr Venugopal are dismissed so arbitrarily by a biased Health Minister — in the name of discipline and the service rules — God alone can save the country.



The Delhi High Court’s stay on Dr Venugopal’s dismissal exposes the arbitrary action of the Health Minister and his coterie. This is an unprecedented case where an elderly medical professional of international fame has been humiliated in public for no reason. The entire country stands in sympathy with Dr Venugopal. Dr Ramadoss should resign forthwith if he has an iota of self-respect and righteousness. But most politicians of the time adorn Rhino’s skin and very little can be expected from them when it comes to upholding moral values and ethics.

B.M.SINGH, Amritsar


The whole medical fraternity is indebted to The Tribune for its bold editorial. It has called a spade a spade.



The action against Dr Venugopal was unwarranted. Dr Ramadoss is playing dirty politics. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should sack him. The entire country will support the Prime Minister if Dr Ramadoss is dismissed. Nobody should be allowed to insult the doctors who are healers and life givers and are respected by one and all.

K.M. BANSAL, Chandigarh


I welcome The Tribune’s call for Dr Ramadoss’ dismissal from the Union Council of Ministers. A Minister is expected to be humble and polite. He cannot be arrogant and act like an autocrat. Dr Ramadoss seems to have taken a cue from the arrogant conduct of Union Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh. See how Mr Singh unilaterally imposed 27 per cent reservation for the OBCs in higher professional institutions!

The only solace to Dr Venugopal is from the Doha of Maharishi Vasistha which he recited to Bharat on the demise of Maharaj Dasarath:

Sunho Bharat Bhavi Prabal/ Bilkhi Kaheyon Muni Nath/ Haani Labh Jiwan Maran/ Yash Apyash Vidhi Haath.



The Health Minister’s conduct is most reprehensible. Right from day one, he has been interfering in the affairs of AIIMS, one of the prestigious institutions of the country. He has no right to meddle in its affairs and destroy its autonomy. Dr Ramadoss got Dr Venugopal dismissed only to satisfy his ego and as a personal vendetta.

A.D.BHALLA, Ludhiana

Maharshi Dayanand

I refer to Swami Agnivesh’s letter (June 16). As a humble follower of Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati, I appeal to the government-patronised Swamis and the RSS to leave Arya Samaj alone for its own good. If some people and parties try to saffronise or secularise it, the Arya Samaj’s original philosophy will get eclipsed.

Maharshi Dayanand, the founder of Arya Samaj, had visualised it as a congregation of good people who believed in Vedic teachings. His 10 principles reflect that his religious doctrine transcends all geographical boundaries, castes, religions and faiths. “Doing good to the whole world is the primary objective of Arya Samaj” (sixth principle). Whatever Swamiji preached or wrote was in the context of the situation prevailing at that time. How can a self-righteous person like Swami Agnivesh even think of tampering with Swami Dayanand’s magnum opus “Satyarth Parkash”, which is so dear to Arya Samajees?


Sex scam a national shame

I refer to the editorial “Get them all” (June 22). Any person sensitive to ethical values in public life will appreciate the daring exposure of VVIPs involved in the sex scandal in Jammu and Kashmir. Also I salute to public awakening which compelled the government to take action against the accused.

Exemplary punishment to such VVIPs will go a long way in checking the sexual libertarianism which is tarnishing the social and ethical image of the Indian polity. The government must be sensitive to public opinion and vigilant to the public perception of its conduct.

The demon of sex which is raising its monstrous head in pornography, obscene audio/video tapes, semi-nude pop songs, dances and ads, sex toys and games, which are termed as adult entertainment, must not be let loose to play havoc with social values.

M.M. BHATIA, Amritsar



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