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Wall of ash-dumping ground
of fertilizer plant washed away

Ash-mixed water flows into lake
Kiran Deep
Tribune News Service

Nangal, July 30
Ash dumping ground of NFL Naya Nangal spread on several acres between Vibhor Sahib Gurdwara and NFL guest-house, near Nangal lake poses a major threat to environment as a major portion of wall erected to prevent flow of ash into the lake was washed away by recent rain.

Hundreds of tonnes of ash released from NFL used to be kept in the dumping ground for past many years here. It is feared heavy rain usual in the areas here could flood the ash from dumping ground into the lake, situated downstream of the ground.

Things became grim as people of Nangal town and part of Una district get water supply for drinking and irrigation from the lake only. Any leakage of polluted water from the dumping ground would pollute the lake water also.

A visit to dumping grounds at various places in Naya Nangal, revealed that the NFL authorities seem to have just tried to get rid of fly ash by dumping it in various areas, without taking into consideration its ill effects on people and environment. The location of ash-dumping grounds in or around the inhabited places is considered as a major cause of water pollution. The seepage of the ash mixed water pollutes the ground water.

Besides the dumping ground located here between Vibhoar Sahib Gurdwara and NFL guest house, the NFL has also dumped ash on hundreds of acres near Sector-5, near a senior secondary school.

Environment activists pointed out the presence of the ash-dumping ground proved to be a risky affair as ash had contents of silicon, alumina, oxides of iron, calcium, and magnesium, and toxic and heavy metals like lead, arsenic, cobalt and copper. Leakage of ash into ground could prove harmful for health of people. Local people have already resented the pollution being caused due to the dumping ground.

People who live near the dumping ground here face the threat from the seepage of ash into ground water which can cause respiratory tract, and throat, even lead to lung cancer, when a large amounts of fly ash containing contents are consumed, the experts said.

Chief General Manager (CJM) of the NFL, Naya Nangal, Binay Kumar, said there was no scope of leakage of ash as after a major portion of the wall was washed away we called an expert from Roorkee. As per the expert’s advice we have covered the dumping ground with earth. The expert had advised now there was no need of a concrete wall. We have also taken other measures. Now all ash ground had been covered with earth to prevent pollution. Besides it, all standards to prevent pollution are maintained here, he added.


Congress will lose badly in
Assembly poll, claims Badal

Our Correspondent

Khadoor Sahib, July 30
The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) in the “rally against state suppression” held here today warned that the Congress government would have to pay a heavy price for its “misdeeds”.

Mr Parkash Singh Badal, president, SAD, claimed that a change in the political scenario of the state was imminent as it was written on the wall that the ruling party would be hardly able to secure 10 to 15 seats in the coming elections.

Mr Badal urged the party workers and the leaders to shun their differences as the war against the state government had begun .

Mr Badal, in his hard-hitting speech, said the non-performance of the state government had not only ruined the industry, trade and farm sector but by withdrawing the facilities provided to the people by the previous SAD-BJP government, more problems had been created.

He alleged that the ruling party members, especially family members of influential persons, were becoming land grabbers by using muscle power.

He cited the incident in which relatives of Mr Jasbir Singh Dimpa, MLA, from Beas had opened fire in Bal Kalan village while trying to take the possession of his neighbour’s land.

Mr Badal further said besides Capt Amarinder Singh, others who were acting against the SAD workers and the public would pay a heavy price very soon.

He said corruption had reached its peek and not even a single person had been given job during the last four-and-a-half-year period. He said the CM and its coterie was a group of licentious persons who wer totally unconcerned about the problems of masses.

Mr Badal promised that the jobs would be given to youths and more facilities would be given to Dalits on the formation of government by the SAD-BJP combine.

He alleged that the state government had failed to save the interests of the farmers by not increasing the minimum support price (MSP) of the farm products.

Mr Navjot Singh Sidhu, BJP MP, in his inimitable humorous style, condemned the functioning of the state government and warned that the SAD-BJP MPs would stop the proceeding of the Lok Sabha tomorrow for not increasing the MSP of the farm products.

Dr Rattan Singh Ajnala, Mr Rajmohinder Singh Majathia, both MPs, Mr Ranjit Singh Brahampura, Mr Manjit Singh, Mr Harmit Singh Sandhu, Mr Veer Singh Lopoke, Mr Gulzar Singh Ranike (MLAs), Mr Bikaramjit Singh Majathia and Mr Alwinder Pal Singh Pakhoke also addressed the rally.

The SGPC members, besides the senior party leaders of the area, too were present in the rally.


Dullo rebuts Badal’s claim
Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, July 30
Daring Shiromani Akali Dal chief Parkash Singh Badal to prove that about 12 discontented Congress MLAs were planning to desert the party and join the SAD, Mr Shamsher Singh Dullo, president of the Punjab Pardesh Congress Committee, has caused a flutter by asserting that more than 12 Akali MLAs were constantly in touch with him and ready to join the Congress anytime.

Mr Dullo was reacting to a news that 12 Congress MLAs, who were “not happy” with the recent changes in the Capt Amarinder Singh’s Cabinet and over the contention of Mr Janardhan Dwivedi, in charge of Punjab affairs, that “winability” would be the main criteria for party ticket.

“If Mr Badal or any senior leader proves that our MLAs were about to join the SAD, I will leave politics. Otherwise, if they fail to do that, Mr Badal should quit politics. The situation is rather reverse. More than 12 SAD MLAs are in touch with us and wish to join the Congress, he asserted.


SAD-BJP ready to defeat Congress: Dhindsa
Tribune News Service

Patiala, July 30
The SAD secretary general Mr Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, today asserted that the SAD-BJP combine had geared up its electoral machinary and was prepared to defeat the Congress in the forthcoming elections slated for early next year.

Mr Dhindsa, who was speaking at an impromptu press conference held at Bahadurgarh, 10 km from here, said that ticket for the elections would be distributed in such a way that Akali candidates would be given tickets for seats which were traditionally Akali seats and the same held true for BJP candidates. He added that BJP candidates would not be put up at traditional Akali seats. Mr Dhindsa had come to Bahadurgarh to attend a function organised by former Director of the Khadi board Jathedar Gurcharan Singh Duankalan and Youth Akali Dal leader, Mr Balwinder Singh Daunkalan.

Mr Dhindsa added that on the occasion of the death anniversary of Akali leaders Harchand Singh Longowal on August 20, a big conference would be organised.


Singla laments Centre’s apathy
Says no to wheat-paddy cycle
Varinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Surinder Singla
Surinder Singla

Jalandhar, July 30
After the Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh, it is now the turn of the state Finance and Health Minister, Mr Surinder Singla, to assert that Punjab will make all-out efforts to discourage farmers from resorting to wheat-paddy crop cycle as the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for these crops was not commensurate with the cost of production.

Mr Singla said though, under its long-standing bid to provide food security to the country by way of the Green Revolution, Punjab had to bear accumulated loss of more than Rs 10,000 crore on account of gradual environmental degradation yet the state had virtually got nothing from the Centre in return.

“Punjab has been doing a commendable job by contributing a large share to the Central foodgrain kitty. But people of Punjab had to bear loss on several fronts.

“Firstly, the meagre hike in the MSP of wheat and paddy over the years has made wheat-paddy crop cycle high unviable to farmers. Secondly, Punjab has paid a high price in terms of environmental degradation.

“Water-table of Punjab has seen a sharp decline due to these two crops and the estimated cost which, Punjabis paid for this environmental degradation can be well above Rs 10,000 crore. What Punjab farmers have got in return?” the minister asked, saying “Almost nothing”.

“If farmers have to pay such a big price, then why would they choose a loss-making venture for a long time?” Mr Singla said in an exclusive interview with The Tribune.

He said Punjab had been demanding an amount of Rs 1,250 crore for implementing the ambitious ‘Crop Adjustment Programme’, but the amount had not been granted by the Centre so far.

“The Chief Minister had also presented the scheme, based on the concept of large-scale diversification of crops, at a recent meeting of the National Development Council (NDC) and it was highly appreciated,” he said.

Mr Singla informed that though the average annual farm income had increased from Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per acre during the past few years, yet agriculture had become an unremunerative business during the past 15 years.

“Since we are waiting for the Central grant of Rs 1,250 crore, we have brought ITC, Bharti and Reliance to change the crop pattern of the state.

“I personally feel that with a shift in focus from cereal to non-food commercial crops and vegetables with arrival of these companies, the annual per acre farm income would increase by five times, from Rs 20,000 to Rs one lakh,” he asserted.

With manifold enhancement in farm income, I perceive that land prices would also see a sharp hike in near future, Mr Singla said.

Referring to Akalis’ allegation that Capt Amarinder Singh did not attend a recent dharna held at New Delhi on the farmers’ issues, Mr Singla said, “Actually, Akalis have always been concentrating their politics around MSP, but Captain Amarinder Singh’s fight for farmers’ cause has a wider perspective.

“Take the example of cotton growers. Since stern measures were taken to curb sale of inferior pesticides, there has been a 10-fold decline in cost of production of the crop.”

“As a result, the cotton production has seen a rise from an average of Rs 400 crore to Rs 2,800 crore. I must remind Akalis that Captain Amarinder Singh is not a one-time player.

“Had Akalis were so concerned about problems of farmers, then why Mr Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa did not resign from the then NDA cabinet?” Mr Singla said.

He further alleged that Mr Parkash Singh Badal had forgotten the problems of farmers as he had shifted his focus from farming to lucrative hotel and transport business.


Naseeruddin for reviving
story-telling through theatre 

Ashok Sethi

Amritsar, July 30
Theatre stalwart and Bollywood hero Naseeruddin Shah has said it has been his endeavour to revive the age-old Indian art of story-telling through theatre.
He was here to present “Katha Collage”, a compilation of three short tales taken from Indian literature. It was organised by the Durga Das Foundation in collaboration with Spice Telecom and The Tribune as media partners.

Naseeruddin said genre of drama had not found adequate representation in the Indian literature as only a few books had been written under this form of art, unlike in the English literature with surfeit of plays written by a long line of reputed dramatists beginning from Shakespeare in the middle age till George Bernard Shaw in the twentieth century.

Talking to newspersons, he said the “Katha Collage” was based on two stories of Prem Chand and the third one of Kamtanath. It had been dramatised into the art of story-telling. He said story-telling was the purest form of art, which had been prevalent in the ancient Indian art. However, the art had been forgotten now.

When this correspondent asked about the demise of traditional forms of art like nautanki, bhand and tamasha, the theatre stalwart said he was totally dismayed at the decline of those folk arts, whcih enthralled primarily rural audience.

The folk art needed to be preserved as it reflected the real Indian culture.

Commenting on the Indian film industry, Naseeruddin said it was a pure form of entertainment and had little social message to offer. He, however, hastened to add that theatre not only provided entertainment, but also gave many socially relevant messages and left indelible mark on the audience.

After his course at National School of Drama (NSD) in 1979, he joined hands with his friend Benjamin Gillani and was highly influenced by English theatre in which he played many roles. After few more years performing in English dramas, it dawned upon him to dwell into the Hindi literature. He was deeply touched by stories written by Prem Chand and decided to launch a Hindi theatre group.

Naseeruddin has to his credit a number of Hindi plays, performed in India and abroad. Expressing his dismay that theatre in India had not been able to draw huge audiences, unlike the popular cinema. He said theatre woos a large audience in the USA and the UK, where a series of theatre shows were held daily. It was a tradition with people in those countries and they loved theatre. This spirit had been sustaining theatre there for a long time, he added.


Animals made to pay for misdeeds of humans
Lalit Mohan
Tribune News Service

Pathankot, July 30
The animals were made to pay for the misdeeds of humans here. Instead of booking those who let the animals free in the city, the council authorities vented their ire on poor animals after a person was killed by a stray bull.

Stray bulls were beaten, their legs tied together and lifted with the machines used for lifting sewerage dustbins.

The inhuman treatment meted to animals led to the death of a bull. The others animals were also injured seriously and residents were made to witness the gory scenes.

The animal lovers have demanded registration of a case under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955, against the council authorities.

A stray ox had killed 63-year-old Kewal Kishan, resident of the New Shastri Nagar locality, here yesterday.

Kewal Kishan was standing outside his house when the animal attacked him. He received serious injuries in the stomach and later died in the local Civil Hospital.

Ms Neelam, a sweeper in the municipal council, was attacked by another ox when she was working in the main market area. She received serious injuries in the stomach. She has been admitted to the local Civil Hospital.

The death of a person aroused the local council authorities from its slumber. They unmindfully beat up an animal and dragged it out of the town. The animal later succumbed to the injuries, inflicted on it by the council authorities.

However, the residents have alleged that they have been complaining against the stray cattle menace in the town to the council authorities but no action has been taken.

Mr Gopal Mahajan, a former municipal councilor in whose ward the person was killed, said he had written a number of times to the council authorities about stray animals attacking people, but no action was taken.

Most of the stray cattle in the town are released by the local dairies. Many dairies are operating in the local municipal council areas illegally. The dairy owners release the male calves on the road.

The council authorities, when asked, said they had planned to build a “gaushala” for tackling the stray cattle menace. However, the project could not be completed due to the opposition from residents of Anandpur Rara village.

Under the present set of rules, the persons releasing their cattle in the town could not be identified. The Punjab Government had passed a herd registration Act, under which the animals were to be registered in the name of the owners.

Had the Act come into force, the authorities could have been able to fix responsibility on those releasing their animals in the town.

However, the act was still under the consideration of the Union Government.


Tohra supporters join Congress
Our Correspondent

Fatehgarh Sahib, July 30
More than a dozen members and leaders of the SAD (B), belonging to former SGPC president Jathedar G.S. Tohra’s native village, today joined the Congress in the presence of Mr Sadhu Singh Dharmsot, Parliamantry Secretary and MLA. Mr Lakhbir Singh, president, District Congress Committee, and Mr Rajinder Singh Tohra, a senior Congress leader, were also present on the occasion.

A function was organised at Tohra village in this connection. Mr Sadhu Singh, MLA, Amloh, was the chief guest. The function was part of the mass contact programme of the Congress.

As the function was progressing, more than a dozen of villagers came to function and declared that they had decided to join the Congress.

Mr Kehar Singh, president, Village Society, Mr Amarjeet Singh, Sukhdev Singh and Harmeet Singh said they believed in Tohra’s philosophy. They alleged that the SAD (B) neither take care of their area nor party workers of the area.

Welcoming the new entrants, Mr Sadhu Singh said they would get due respect in party and all their problems would be sorted out. 


PPCC receives feedback from workers
Tribune News Service

Ropar, July 30
The Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) is getting feedback from its workers about the development works of the government and the things which had not been done so far.

The state-level review are being conducted in every district since July 26 and would continue till August 6, said Mr Kewal Dhillon, vice-president of the PPCC.

He, along with Cabinet Minister Harnam Dass Johar, and Mr Ramesh Dutt Sharma, was here to get a response from district Congress workers. Mr Dhillon said Congress workers who were involved in anti-party activities and not working seriously should be removed from their posts. 


Tribune Impact
Old widow gets Rs 1 lakh to rebuild house
Neeraj Bagga

Amritsar July 30
The Punjab Government on Friday announced Rs one lakh grant out of the Chief Minister Discretionary fund to reconstruct the house of septuagenarian Bans Kaur of Maqboolpura locality whose roof collapsed following heavy rains.

After the publication of news item about the deplorable condition of the widow appeared in The Tribune on July 27 Mr Shamsher Singh Dullo, President, PPCC, took up the matter with Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh, who immediately directed the local administration to help the widow.

Mr Parminder Singh, general secretary, Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC), informed that the SDM and the Tehsildar visited the house of the widow. He said a relief of Rs one lakh would also be given to Mai Namo, a resident of the same locality, who lost her seven sons to drugs. He said daughter-in- law of Mai Namo was suffering from TB and expenses of her treatment would also be borne by the government.

Mr Raman Bakshi, executive member, PPCC and a local Municipal councillor, said the government would extend monetarily help to the migrant family who lost two members in the collapse of their house at Rampur village yesterday.

Mr Brij Bedi, who has been running a school for children of drug addicts in the locality, said both grand children of the old widow were studying in his school. He said they provided immediate help and shelter to the family as soon as roof collapsed.

Meanwhile, Mr Navjot Singh Sidhu, MP, has also offered Rs 10,000 help the widow.


SAD (1920) for fight against drugs
Tribune News Service

Mansa, July 30
Close on the heels of PPCC president Shamsher Singh Dullo exhorting all political parties to kick off an anti-drug campaign, the president of SAD (1920) youth wing, Mr Paramjeet Singh Saholi, yesterday stressed on the need to create a healthy social atmosphere to stop drug menace from spreading its tentacles in Punjab.

Addressing a gathering at Khalsa School in connection with 400th martyrdom anniversary of Guru Arjan Dev here, Mr Saholi said teachers in schools and colleges and preachers of different religions could play a viatal role in curbing the evil. Expressing concern over rising drug addiction among youths, he said children in rural areas should be encouraged to participate in sports activities, as it would make them health conscious. He strongly advocated conunselling sessions in schools and colleges for keeping the drug menace at bay. He said the new generation was going astray by following western culture and shunning Punjabi culture. The party general secretary, Mr Baldev Singh Khiala, said politics was dominating religion these days and turbans were being knocked in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib. He alleged that Takht jathedars were either mute spectators or were initiating biased action.


State forum intervenes to end impassé
Naveen S. Garewal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 30
Taking a suo motu cognizance of an order passed by the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Hoshiarpur, in a case titled Harbhajan Singh versus Punjab State Electricity Board wherein the forum has made some adverse comments against a lawyer, the Punjab State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission today issued a notice to both the parties and stayed some observations made by the district forum. The State Commission took this step after functioning of the district forum continued to remain disrupted for the past three days with the Hoshiarpur bar demanding the sacking of District Forum members.

“The observations on record by the district forum have led to widescale resentment among the legal fraternity, who have boycotted attending the District Consumer Forum”, sources said. The state commission today intervened in the matter and issued a show-cause notice as to why the observations and directions of the district forum should not be expunged / quashed. In the order passed today and signed by President and two members of the State Commission further proceedings in the case have been stayed and both parties in the case have been asked to appear before the State Forum on September 8.

The objection of the legal fraternity is mainly to Para 6 of the district forum’s order dated July 4, 2006 that reads, “It indicates that the officer concerned of the opposite party is not aware as to how a show-cause notice is to be drafted and as to how a speaking order is to be passed. It is true that sometime after reservation policy came into force, all the officers cannot be intelligent enough to draft a show-cause notice, get a reply and then to pass a speaking order. Since reservation has now become our fundamental right, if such a situation arises whereas officer is not in a position to work, the assistance of a law knowing person from the bar cannot be taken in order to see that the work of the board continues smoothly”. It is the effect / carrying out of the above observations / directions that have been stayed till further orders.

Members of the District Bar Association, Hoshiarpur, have been on strike for the past three days and have been demonstrating in front of the office of the District Consumer Forum (DCDRF). They are demanding the sacking of Mr B.C. Gupta, president of the district forum, along with other members of the forum, seeking legal action against them. They have also urged the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana High Court not to renew the licence of Mr B.C. Gupta after his removal.

Other organisations like the Dalit Samaj, Hoshiarpur, including the Balmik Sabha, the Ravi Dass Sabha, the Dr Ambedkar Youth Club and the Dr Ambedkar Society etc have since joined the agitation against the three-member district forum.

The District Bar Association is adamant and says that it would boycott of the district forum till the removal of its President Mr B.C. Gupta and members Mr A.S. Jauhar and Ms Vandna Chaudhry.


Rain adds to misery of residents
Our Correspondent

Ferozepore, July 30
Rains may be a boon for the farmers, but as far as the residents of this border town are concerned, it often turns out to be a nightmare as it brings along a flood of problems. What to talk of heavy downpour as is being witnessed for the last couple of days, even a slight drizzle inundates the town, particularly the interiors and the low lying areas. The bumpy roads dotted with potholes become a cesspool of slush and the faulty sewerage system further adds to the woes of the residents.

Thanks to the erroneous planning on part of the municipal authorities, at many places in the absence of any provision for disposal of rain water, the stinking water even enters dwellings of the city residents. The condition of the road connecting Ferozepore City to Zira, road leading to Officers Colony near Consumers Court, main artery of the city known as “Circular Road”, roads near Piranwala Mohalla and Lohanran Bazaar and even at The Mall near Udham Singh Chowk, is appalling. Potholes beneath the accumulated water act as death traps.

Availability of clean potable water, constant supply of electricity and sewerage disposal also gets affected. A tour of the town reveals heaps of garbage near blocked drains which serve as a breeding ground for flies and mosquitoes. Last year, more than a dozen persons had died here due to gastroenteritis and diarrhoea but the administration, it seems has not learnt any lesson. The worst affected areas are Basti Shekhanwali, Zira Gate, Bharat Nagar, Shanti Nagar, Basti Balochan, Kasuri Gate and Basti Machi Mandi. What to talk of other places, the scenario in Officers Colony where most of the senior civil, judicial and police officials reside, is equally dismal.

The Administration seems to be helpless. Instead of providing these basic amenities, the councillors remain busy fighting for petty vested interests.


PSEB amends policy on solatium
Tribune News Service

Patiala, July 30
The Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB) authorities yesterday amended its policy of awarding solatium to the kin of its deceased employees, enabling those families, which have not submitted their claims so far, to file applications.

Mr Y.S. Ratra, Chairman, PSEB, said here yesterday that taking into consideration the demands of certain unions of the PSEB employees and hardships faced by dependants of the deceased employees of the board, who were eligible to receive solatium and other benefits in lieu of compassionate appointments, the PSEB had amended its policy put in force on November 23, 2004.

He said according to the revised policy, cut-off date for making fresh applications had been extended to September 30, 2006.

Mr Ratra said it had been decided that now the widows of the deceased, who had attained the age of 50, could claim the compassionate payments. Similarly, where the spouse was already in Board or government service and was holding Class III or IV posts, only solatium amount would be granted to the widow/widower as the case might be. 


MC to transfer 57.5 kanals of land to cricket body
Tribune News Service

Ropar, July 30
The Municipal Council, Ropar, has initiated a move to get vacated its land, which was in the possession of government departments, including the Archaeological Survey of India museum, PWD department near government college. Besides this the MC is also considering a proposal to hand over 57.5 kanal land, presently in possession of Government College, to the local Cricket Association to develop a cricket ground with the help of the Punjab Cricket Association.

These issues were mentioned in the agenda of the MC and a decision in this regard would be taken in the full House meeting of the MC to be held on July 31.

On the other hand more than 100 advocates of the district, including members of the old students association of college, today condemned the move of the MC to hand over the college ground to the Cricket Association. They said if the college ground would be handed over to the Cricket Association then where would the students go to play other games.

A member of the Old Students Association, Mr Sarbjit Singh, said the college which was set-up in 1945, had the land in its possession for the past 61 years and now the MC was all set to hand over the land to the Cricket Association ignoring the college students.

MC officials, however, maintained that the land belonged to the MC according to records.

A senior functionary in the administration said the controversy over the possession of land had surfaced when college officials refused to sign an MoU with the Punjab Cricket Association to develop cricket ground in the college ground. Annoyed over this when the administration officials checked the revenue records they found that the land belonged to the Municipal Council and then the administration ordered the transfer of 57.5 kanal land to the Cricket Association.


Man, parents held for murdering youth
Our Correspondent

Ferozepore, July 30
The police has solved the murder case of Gurpreet Singh of Abohar and arrested three accused.
SSP Arpit Shukla said Baldev Singh wanted to eliminate Gurpreet Singh as he suspected illicit relations between him and his sister-in-law. Baldev and Gurpreet were fast friends and worked together at a tailor shop. Baldev Singh had once stolen some gold ornaments of his sister-in-law, and Gurpreet Singh was privy to that theft. Baldev was afraid that Gurpreet might reveal this secret to his sister-in-law so he decided to eliminate Gurpreet.

On Thursday last, when Gurpreet was about to go to the shop, Baldev called him to his place. There, along with his mother Naseeb Kaur, he hatched a plan to kill Gurpreet by giving him some sedative tablets in the milk.

Later, Baldev and his mother hit his head with bricks several times bringing him to death.

Thereafter, Baldev and his father Basant Singh took the body of Gurpreet Singh on a cycle to an isolated place and disposed it of in bushes near the courts. 


Three held for killing teenager
Our Correspondent

Abohar, July 30
The police has arrested Baldev Singh, his mother Nasseb Kaur and father Basant Singh allegedly for killing Gurpreet Singh, alias Gopi (15), in Dharam Nagari locality neighbouring the Panjpeer Mazaars area on the outskirts of the sub-divisional town. Interestingly, Naseeb Kaur was among the frontrunners in the citizens’ action committee that instigated the residents of the locality to protest the killing of the teenager.

DSP Amrik Singh Minhas and Inspector Satish Malhotra told reporters here today that preliminary investigation indicated that Gurpreet left his house on Wednesday morning to get his wages from the owner of the tailoring shop where he had been working as a trainee. According to his uncle, he was last seen with Baldev Singh, a co-trainee.

Baldev alleged that Gurpreet had illicit relations with his bhabhi and he feared that the victim could disclose that the stolen ornaments were with him.

On the day of murder, Baldev took Gurpreet to his home where his mother mixed sedatives in a glass of milk offered to Gurpreet. As he fell unconscious, the culprits beat him to death by hitting different parts of his body with a brick and threw the body near the sub-divisional complex.


One killed, 2 hurt in clash over land

Bathinda, July 30
In a clash over a land dispute at Kalian Sukha village in the district, one person was killed and two were seriously injured, the police said today.
The police has registered a case of murder against four at the Nathana police station.

According to the police, accused Gulab Singh and deceased Nirbhai Singh used to plough a piece of land jointly. A year before Gulab Singh had sold off his land and started demanding share from Nirbhai Singh’s land.

When the deceased refused, Gulab Singh, along with his brother Malkit Singh and son Mikka Singh, allegedly attacked Nirbhai Singh and his brother Mal Singh and nephew Gurmail Singh with sharpedged weapons and injured them.

The trio were taken to the Civil Hospital where Nirbhai Singh succumbed to the injury while the other two were serious. — PTI


Workshop held at Desh Bhagat institute
Our Correspondent

Fatehgarh Sahib, July 30
The Desh Bhagat Institute of Management and Computer Sciences, Mandi Gobindgarh organised a “Personality development workshop” on the campus.
Mr Anil Sharma, manager (personnel) of Nahar Spinning and General Mills, delivered a guest lecture. Dr Zora Singh, chairman, presided over this one-day workshop and inspired the students to learn about the latest techniques of good personality development and industrial management.

Nearly 100 students and 50 faculty members attended the workshop.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Anil Sharma apprised the students of latest changes taking place in the industrial management. He added that time had come to do away with the traditional systems of business because of computerised environment in all spheres.


Ex-VC’s decisions to be reviewed

Amritsar, July 30
The new Vice-Chancellor of Guru Nanak Dev University, Dr Jairup Singh, today constituted a four-member high-powered committee, comprising four senior professors to review all major decisions taken by his predecessor , Dr S.P.Singh, in the past one month.
The committee is likely to review the appointments made by Dr S.P. Singh at the fag end of his term. — TNS


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