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Animal hospital proposed for city in 11th Plan
Without one, sterilisation of stray dogs has remained inadequate
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
Yesterday’s dog bite case has revived another painful memory – one in which a 70-year-old man was mutilated by stray dogs in a village near Abohar four years ago. He did not survive the attack of rabid dogs, but the 19 people bitten in the city last night were lucky.

It is another matter that the dog which attacked them is still at large. Despite an intensive, day-long hunt, monitored by sanitary inspector Raghbir Singh from the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh (MCC), the dog remained untraceable. Rabid dogs are known to run faster than normal ones – fast enough to carry the infection far and wide, much to the discomfit of infection control agencies.

Unable to locate the assailant dog, the team sent out by the Medical Officer Health (MOH) rounded up 12 dogs from Sectors 16 and 17, where the rabid dog had launched an attack late last night. These dogs were administered the anti-rabies vaccine at the Sector 38 West set-up of Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Strangely, the MCC has to depend on the SPCA and People for Animals (PFA) to sterilise, de-worm and vaccinate stray dogs as they don’t yet have a hospital of their own.

Posted about the problem and its fatal manifestations, UT’s Animal Husbandry Department has now proposed a full-fledged Animal Birth Control Hospital for Chandigarh in the 11th Five Year Plan. The idea is to have adequate arrangement for sterilisation and vaccination of stray dogs which, according to the last survey conducted way back in 2003, number 4500 in Chandigarh.

Right now, the arrangement for sterilisation is very meagre– teams from the MOH office catch stray dogs (about 10 a week in compliance with the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Board of India), get them sterilised and vaccinated at the SPCA or PFA hospitals and leave them at the original spot.

The MOH, Dr G.C. Bansal, admits, “Since we have no indoor arrangement, we have to rely on the SPCA or PFA which have limited capacity. The Government of India guidelines state that a stray dog must be operated upon for sterilisation, which means it must be kept in the hospital for a week after the operation. We pay the SPCA and PFA Rs 700 per dog for their services. But the existing facilities are not adequate to sterilise the entire stray dog population in the city. We all know the dogs are growing by the day. We need more set-ups.”

Meanwhile, sources in UT Administration confirm that the proposal of animal birth control hospital for the city has been accepted in principle.

Also on the anvil is a dog pound over half an acre of land allotted to the MC in Dhanas. The pound will serve as a temporary shelter for ferocious dogs like yesterday’s potentially rabid as well as critically sick dogs. While these proposals get concretised, the MOH says that his office will keep monitoring the stray dogs in the Sector 16/17 areas, as they might have been bitten by the rabies carrier.

As regards dog bite cases, they are on the rise. The Anti-Rabies Clinic in Sector 19 which takes care of vaccination and cure caters to 33 per cent of Punjab and Haryana, apart from the UT.

Sources say that about 70 per cent of the dog bite cases received at the clinic are from Chandigarh. According to one statistic, 2327 dog bite cases were reported in Chandigarh within four months from January to April 2002. The corresponding figure for Punjab and Haryana was 479 and 90, respectively.

Latest statistics were unavailable, though doctors said that bites happen more in summers. To avoid trouble, one should keep calm when faced by a ferocious dog. Never do anything to agitate the animal, never panic or run. 



Rabies continues to be underreported
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News service

Stray dogs continue to be major carriers of rabies
Stray dogs continue to be major carriers of rabies. — Tribune photo by Vinay Malik

Chandigarh, August 8
Despite the increasing number of dog bites in the region, the incidence of rabies continues to be underreported. In India, rabies causes 30,000 deaths annually. The corresponding figure for the world is 50,000.

A major reason behind underreporting of rabies in India, the region included, is the difficulty in its diagnosis. Doctors say rabies often manifests as a Central Nervous System (CNS) infection like meningitis.

Although the diagnosis of rabies among dogs is tough as the dog’s brain needs to be sent to Central Research Institute, Kasauli, for detection of the virus, it is easier among humans.

All that is needed is a rabies virus specific antibody test of the serum and cerebrospinal fluid. The test is recommended for people bitten by stray dogs who cannot be monitored for 10 days.

“This is important because the incubation period in rabies can range from 10 days to several years. Most people first develop symptoms of pain, tingling, fevers, chills and fatigue followed by severe sickness and seizure. No chances should be taken. In case the dog can be observed, the victim should go in for three doses of anti-rabies vaccine for three days consecutively.

‘Worldwide studies show a rabid dog will not live beyond 10 days. In case the dog survives after biting, the victim can discontinue the remaining two doses of anti-rabies vaccine which normally comprises five doses over a month,” says Dr Sameer Aggarwal. He adds that rabies can be totally prevented with treatment but once the infection travels it is almost always fatal.

Animals that carry rabies are dogs, cats, monkeys, raccoons, fox and bats. Almost any wild or domestic animal can potentially get rabies but it is rare in small rodents, rabbits and hare. As regards the infection, it can spread even if a rabid dog/animal licks a human being or scratches him. Although nine out of 10 cases of rabies occur when a mad dog bites a person, the remaining 1 per cent is caused by any pet or stray dog, sometimes by other carriers.

These days over 90 per cent of rabies cases are caused by dog bite, especially by stray dogs which are hard to observe/ vaccinate.

In Chandigarh, the population of stray dogs is over 4500, as per the survey which the Animal Husbandry Department conducted three 
years ago.

A second survey is awaited. Under the circumstances, prevention and treatment is the best option.

Earlier, the norm was to administer animal derived Semple vaccine (which was made by the Central Research Institute, Kasauli and comprised 14 injections). But this was found to cause severe neurological reactions in one among 200 patients.

So it was discontinued. Currently two treatments are available in the market - Gold Standard Human Diploid Cell Vaccine, which costs Rs 290 per dose and Purified Chick Embryo Cell Vaccine, which is also almost the same cost.



New dog rules proposed
Walk, defecating in public places to be banned
Amrita Dhaliwal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
Dog lovers in the city will be required to follow stringent rules to keep pets. For starters, dog owners will not be allowed to keep more than one pet dog in houses up to 5 marlas. Dogs will not be permitted to be taken for a walk at Sukhna Lake or public gardens of the MCC. Pet dogs will also not be allowed to defecate in public places like parks etc. The owner would be required to pick up faecal matter.

Further, the owners can bury their dogs at any barren place up to 3 feet deep.

The owners can be fined up to Rs 500 for violation of rules.

These are part of a proposal put forward to the MCC. It has been more than two years since a new set of byelaws catering to the city’s needs was proposed by the Medical office Health (MoH) and was tabled in one of the Municipal Corporation House meetings. The proposal has once again been brought up and marked to the Sanitation Committee

According to the proposal, no person would be allowed to keep a dog more than three months old unless registered with the MC. The registration would be valid only till March 31 of each year.

If a dog is found to be straying and without a leash and collar, the MCC can detain it. The owner would be charged a fine of Rs 100 for the dog’s release.

Talking to TNS, Mr GC Bansal, MoH, stated that they were hoping these byelaws could be implemented at the earliest to help improve things.

Interestingly, according to byelaws for the registration and control of dogs in the city a fee of Rs 2 in the case of a dog and Rs 3 in case of a bitch is charged as registration fee. And to renew the registration, Re 1and Rs1.50 is all that it takes. These byelaws, framed under the Capital of Punjab (Development and Regulation) Act 1952, are applicable in the city since it was formed. There is, however, no mention of their burial or of where and where not they can be taken for a walk, etc.

The rule further states “any unregistered dog found in any public place, and not claimed by its owner within three days” is liable to be destroyed or to be disposed of otherwise under the orders of the MoH. Breach of these byelaws shall on a conviction by a Magistrate, be punishable with a fine, which may extend to Rs 50.

It may be mentioned here that the MCC has registered 468 dogs this year. 



Process begins to beautify Industrial Area
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
Problem, spots in the Industrial Area, including encroachments, bad roads and unregulated parking, are the biggest hurdles which will upset the conversion bandwagon following a definite change expected in the infrastructure and the corresponding human and traffic rush.

The administration has already started the initial exercise to pinpoint the priority areas in the overall development of the area. Senior officers of the Chandigarh Housing Board, including the Chairman, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Engineer, have already visited the Industrial Area seeking suggestions on development and beautification of the area .

A casual survey of the area today revealed a number of gaping holes in the set-up which need to be plugged before any development was possible. A plot of nearly an acre of government land is occupied by the scrap dealers in the heart of Phase I. The site houses a number of junk dealers. The venue is full of filth and garbage besides being an eyesore.

The conditions of a number of roads is pitiable. The road adjoining the Plot 28 has gaping potholes, which become more troublesome during rains.

The Chandigarh Industrial Association has pointed certain priority areas. Mr M.P.S. Chawla, president of the association said: “We are asking for murals depicting the theme of the ‘Industrial and Business Park’ at vantage locations; removal and banning of scrap dealers trade; removing and banning of transport companies; parking facilities and landscaping, besides others.”

The roads are too tight in a sizeable portion of the Industrial Area. The heavy traffic(particularly loaded trucks) have led to the sorry condition of the roads full of potholes. The roads in these portions are too tight to tolerate a heavy rush expected with more people coming for shopping. The road corners need to be straightened out. The pavements need a new look.

The Community Centre run by the Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation (CITCO) is in miserable condition. Industrialists are seeking that the CITCO sheds be removed from the area.

Transport companies in the area provide a spot for illegal and mismanaged parking. At least eight transport companies are housed in a resumed plot. The area any time has more than 50 trucks parked. Interestingly, the spot is adjoining the site for a shopping mall under construction.

Industrial Area without a proper parking facility will be a big problem in wake of conversion. At the moment it is a common sight to see vehicles parked on the road all over the area. Industrialists are demanding that the area be made a ‘No-Parking Zone’ for trucks.

Industrialists are also seeking shifting the labour colony adjoining the Industrial Area to an alternate venue.



Hi-tech rakhis from China flood markets
Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
Threads of affection in gold and silver imported all the way from China and other countries dangling from stalls in front of shops in arcades across the city decked up with nice little psychedelic lights; makeshift stalls in parking lots adjoining the markets offering alluring boxes of chocolates; juices, namkeens, dry fruits and so many other “return gifts”; sweet shops with unending queues of residents eager to pick up sugar-free and other low-cal stuff — the preparation for Rakshabandhan was in full swing today.

With just one day before the festival signifying the beginning of the celebratory season, all roads in the city led to the shopping centres and celebrations. The maximum rush of shoppers was witnessed in the markets of Sector 22, 20, 19, 15 and 11.

Among the keen shoppers were not just little sisters picking up the bonds of affection for their kid brothers but also tiny boys selecting their own rakhi sets, enthusiastically.

In their quest for something new and bizarre, so many of them looked for rakhis that were just out of the ordinary. No wonder the ones with FM radio sets, heralding a new trend, were the hot favourites.

And then there were the rakhis with cartoon characters, including the one with friendly neighbour “Spiderman” spinning a web of charm around the youngsters. “Winnie the Pooh” on skates continued to be the favourite, along with dancing and swinging Mickey Mouse Santa Claus with his flowing beard was also there, though Christmas is still far away.

Some also picked up cell phone rakhis, with backlit keys and screen, that doled out some cool Bollywood numbers. For believer in the science of feng shui, there were rakhis with laughing Buddha, even ones with brass coins secured with red ribbon. Divinity rakhis with gods blessing the wearers continued to remain in demand.

The prices of rakhis, especially the designer ones, were at least 10 to 20 per cent more this time compared to the previous years. A majority of them were priced between Rs 25 and Rs 1500.

Saying goodbye to conventional sweets, so many residents in 2006 picked up boxes of chocolates, including the imported ones. Then there were namkeen sets specially packed for the occasion.

The trend this time was in favour of low-calorie sugarless sweets. Almost all the sweet shops in the city had set up special counters for offering the stuff that promised not to leave you with “guilty conscience”. You could pick up everything right from rasmalai to chocolate burfi.



Wrong parking of vehicles goes unchecked
Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Services

Chandigarh, August 8
The Chandigarh police may be good at pouncing from behind the camouflaging bushes on speedsters. But when it comes to proceeding against motorists indulging in wrong parking of vehicles, the men-in-white apparently believe in going slow.

As a result, the traffic situation continues to be bad on the road dividing Sectors 19 and 27, Sectors 18 and 19 and the one cutting in front of Mehfil restaurant in Sector 17. The menace is also evident in the Sector 34 business centre around the new Regional Passport Office building.

One finds vehicles parked on both sides of these roads from about 8 am to late in the evening.

If it results in the creation of bottlenecks, the cops are not. The residents, putting up in the vicinity, confirm the fact that hardly any action has ever been initiated by the cops to tackle the menace.

“Though the rehri markets in Sector 19 and 18 are just behind the shopping arcades with adequate parking space, the police has done little to encourage the residents to leave behind their vehicles in the lots there, instead of parking them along the roadside,” says businessman-cum-Sector 19 resident Rajiv Sharma.

Similarly, in Sector 17 the cops have just not initiated steps to tow away four-wheelers left behind in the Mehfil parking lot, even though it is strictly meant for two-wheelers. So blatant is the offence that the parking lot contractor is openly issuing slips to the motorists leaving behind the four-wheelers right under the noses of senior police officers.

Sources in the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh assert that the cops, instead of challaning the erring drivers and proceeding against the contractor, have tried to shift the buck by asking them to tie chains all along the lot to prevent the misuse of the parking lot. 



Hundreds deprived of right to vote
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
Hundreds of voters in the new urban areas of the city would not be able to cast their votes in the forthcoming elections to the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation.
Though developed and urbanized, the areas have been included in the limits of the civic body without notifying the same under the Capital of Punjab (Development and Regulation) Act, 1952.

"Without the notification, voters of these areas can not cast their votes as no pooling booths can be set up there", said a senior official in the Administration.

To remove the anomaly, the State Election Commissioner has written thrice to the Chandigarh Administration to clarify the urban and rural status of the areas so that the urban areas could be included in the MC limits. Before issuing the notification of the wards, the notification under the Capital of Punjab (Development and Regulation) Act has to be issued by the Administration.

Sources reveal that the last notification by Administration was issued in 1996, the year when the first election to the civic body was held. The MC election 0f 2001 were held on the basis of same notification.

After 1996, several chunks of agricultural land of several villages were acquired for different purposes. But the process to urbanise the areas gained momentum after 2001. Now since three new wards are being included in the MC limits, the notification under the Capital Act has to be issued. 



Major Shankla remembered
Tribune News Service

The homage ceremony tasted a little bit sour when two Army Captains argued with media photographers at the venue. Allegations and counter-allegations of using harsh words and threatening each other were levelled by both parties. The issue was later settled amicably with the intervention of Shashi Bhushan, the CEO.

Panchkula, August 8
Tributes were paid to Ashok Chakra awardee martyr Major Sandeep Shankla at a homage ceremony held at Sandeep Shankla War Memorial in Sector 2, on his martyrdom day, here today.

Major Shankla’s unit, the 18th Battalion of the Dogra Regiment, presented a guard of honour to the gallant soldier in an impressive way here. The Guard reversed their arms and a two-minute silence was observed as a mark of respect to the martyr. Buglers sounded the Last Post, followed by the Rouse.

The Chief of Staff (Headquarter) Western Command, Lieut. Gen. A.N Aul laid a wreath at the martyr’s memorial. He was followed by several veteran soldiers including former Chief of Army Staff, Gen. V.P Malik. Wreaths were also laid on the War memorial by Lieut. Col. JS Kanwar (retd.), his wife Ms Manju Shankla, parents of Major Shankla.

Others who paid their respects on the occasion included the Superintendent of Police, Mr Balbir Singh, Mr Virender Dahiya, Sub Divisional Magistrate, besides representatives from Zila and Rajya Sainik Board.

Major Shankla made the supreme sacrifice on August 8 in 1991 while carrying out an anti-terrorist operation in Zafarwani village near Panjgam in the Kashmir valley. He killed nine militants besides arresting 22 others.

Sepoy Swaran Singh and Capt. BJS Sandhu of his unit were also remembered on the occasion for their sacrifices. Sepoy Swaran was awarded with the ‘‘Kiriti Chakra’’ posthumously while Capt. Sandhu was honoured with ‘‘Shaurya Chakra’’ of exemplary chivalry.

The battalion has also earned five Sena Medals, two COAS Commendation Cards and one GOC-in-C Commendation Card in the operation with maximum tally of gallantry awards during the period.



General Aul new Chief of Staff, Western Command
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
Lieut-Gen A.N. Aul has taken over as Chief of Staff, Western Command. Prior to this appointment he was serving as the Additional Director General Recruiting, a statement issued here today said.

He takes over from Lt-Gen Paramjit Singh, who has moved to the North-East as the Director General, Assam Rifles. An alumus of the National Defence Academy, General Aul was commissioned into 3 Gorkha Rifles (3 GR) in June, 1970, and has commanded the Third Battalion of 3 GR. He commanded an infantry brigade at Dras during Operation Vijay, which was instrumental in the capture of Tololing.

He served as Brigadier-General Staff of a corps in the western Sector during Operation Parakram. He was been decorated with the Uttam Yudh Seva Medal during the Kargil conflict.



Rodrigues inaugurates Juvenile Home
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
Fulfilling the objective of protecting the basic human rights and needs of juveniles and their proper rehabilitation under the Juvenile Justice Act, the Punjab Governor and UT Administrator, Gen (Retd) S.F. Rodrigues, today inaugurated a Juvenile Home in Sector 25 here today.

Constructed at a cost of Rs 93.20 lakhs on an area of 40000 sq ft, the Juvenile Home has the capacity to accommodate at least 100 delinquent/neglected children (50 boys and 50 girls) in separate blocks. The home have 26 spacious rooms, 10 dormitories, vocational training rooms, recreational room, dispensary, library equipped with adequate support structure and basic amenities.

Accompanied by Mrs Jean Rodrigues and senior officers of the Administration, General Rodrigues went around to see the facilities and inspected all blocks. He asked the officers of Social Welfare and Engineering Departments to evolve a suitable and responsive mechanism for proper maintenance of the building and other infrastructural provisions.

During interaction with senior officers and addressing the gathering on the occasion, General Rodrigues said that this home has the basic objectives of realizing the potential of delinquent children and said that the dedicated and experienced staff must be put to serve in this Centre in fulfilling the Mission.

He also asked the officers to identify education institutions for imparting them quality education.

Mr Krishna Mohan, Home Secretary, Mr. S.K. Sandhu, Finance Secretary, Mr. R.K Rao, Deputy Commissioner, Mr. V.K. Bhardwaj, Chief Engineer and other senior officers of the Administration were present on the occasion.



Rodrigues visits War Memorial site
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
The Punjab Governor and the UT Administrator, Gen (Retd) S.F. Rodrigues, today visited the Chandigarh War Memorial site at Leisure Valley and took stock of the progress of the work on this project.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, President, is scheduled to inaugurate this project on August 17.

Accompanied by Mrs Jean Rodrigues and senior officers of the administration including Home Secretary, Finance Secretary and Chief Engineer, General Rodrigues went round the project and discussed the arrangements and preparations to be made in regard to the visit of the President of India.

It may be recalled that the construction of Chandigarh War Memorial began on June 11, 2005 with the ground-breaking ceremony as a lasting tribute to the supreme sacrifice made by the soldiers of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh for protecting the unity and integrity of the Country in different operations. The names and particulars of about 8500 valiant soldiers who gave their lives are engraved on the memorial.



House owners renew plea for allowing changes
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
Marla house owners in the city today again urged the Chandigarh Administration to allow modifications carried out by them before the July 2006 notification as one-time concession.

At a meeting here, the house owners were of the view that the concessions allowed in the form of front cantilever and backyard room were inadequate in meeting their aspirations in the changed scenario and increased family needs.

Similarly, these relaxations have failed to fulfil the assurances given to a delegation of the Chandigarh Marla Houses Residents Welfare Association.

In a memorandum, the Administrator was requested to allow three feet cantilever in the front and rear yard in addition to concessions in the increase of height, length and width of the rear room constructed on the either side of the house. However, these demands were only partially met.

The house owners demanded that they should not be asked to submit the revised building plans as it would entail a financial burden on them besides increasing the workload of the Administration.



PUDA notice invalid, says citizens council
Our Correspondent

Mohali, August 8
Citizens Welfare Council, Phase IV, said here today that a public notice issued by the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority ( PUDA) for removal of encroachments on road berms was invalid as it was based on a landscaping policy which was scrapped by PUDA itself.

Mr Harcharan Singh Saini, general secretary of the council, said that the landscaping policy of 2001, on the basis of which the public notice was issued, was scrapped and a revised policy on landscaping was finalised on November 22, 2004.

He said the revised policy was submitted in the Punjab and Haryana High Court for approval by the Chief Administrator (CA) of PUDA and the approval in this regard had so far not been given by the court.

Mr Saini said the then Chief Justice, Mr D.K.Jain, had ordered that the policy be taken on a trial basis and the difficulties of residents were to be taken care of at a later stage.

In the context of this order, residents brought to the notice of the CA the difficulties they would experience if the policy on landscaping was implemented. He said now the Punjab and Haryana High Court had admitted the representation of the residents and it was under consideration and as such issuing the public notice was unjustified at this stage.

PUDA had issued a public notice on August 5 stating that it had been observed that PUDA’s landscaping policy was not being complied with in toto and residents had again encroached upon the road berms in violation of the provisions of the policy.

Through the notice, the public was asked to remove encroachments within 15 days of the publication of the advertisement. Those who failed to do so would be penalized according to the terms and conditions of the allotment letter.

The Additional Chief Administrator, Mr M.S.Narang, could not be contacted for comments despite several attempts. 



Liquor shops a health hazard: FSSI
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
The Federation of Small-Scale Industries (FSSI) today termed the liquor shops in the temporary sheds as a health hazard and encroachers on prime commercial land.

In a representation to the Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh (MCC), Mr Rajeev Gupta, FSSI general secretary, alleged that the liquor shops and “ahatas” in the temporary sheds were throwing water and garbage in the open. On the one hand, the administration was taking care to maintain cleanliness in the city, and on the other these shops were spoiling the clean image of the city.

Besides, the area covered by them was increasing everyday as they have been encroaching upon the adjoining areas.

Meanwhile, it was needed to be checked whether they were using electricity through kundi connections, the representation added.



Murder victim’s sketch prepared
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
The Chandigarh Police has decided to use scientific methods to identify the victim whose charred body was found in Sector 52 on August 1.
The SHO of the Sector 36 police station, Mr Ishwar Singh Mann, said the police sought help from the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) and got victim’s sketch prepared following a technique known as facial reconstruction.

He added CFSL experts used digital computer imaging and constructed the victims’ face on the basis of measurements of the skull and the remnants of burnt skin.



Rodrigues extends greetings
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
The Punjab Governor and the UT Administrator, Gen(Retd) S.F. Rodrigues, today extended his greetings to the people on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, a joyous occasion in the Indian ethos.

Describing this festival as a symbol of the brother-sister affectionate relationship and harmonious family life, General Rodrigues said that it also reminded the citizens of the need to develop a sense of raksha or protection not only for our families but also for society. It reflected the need for strong family ties and ultimately, unity and brotherhood among all communities. 



SAD leader’s 'killer' held

Lalru, August 8
The local police today claimed to have arrested the alleged killer of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader, Bharat Singh, who was brutally done to death on the intervening night of August 5 and 6 here.

Acting on secret information, a police party, led by the Lalru SHO, Mr Nachattar Singh, arrested the accused Jasvir Singh, alias Meetu, a resident of Ramgarh Rurki, from near the T-point of Lehli village.

Meetu was doing woodwork of the under-construction house of the deceased, who was living separately from his family. On the fateful night, Meetu and Bharat Singh had dinner together and the body of the latter was found early on August 6. Greed for deceased’s money seemed to be cause behind the crime, police sources said.

It may be recalled that a case under Section 302 of the IPC was registered against the accused on the complaint of Jatten Singh, a brother of the accused. The accused has confessed to his crime, the police sources claimed. — TNS



Suicide by doc: husband arrested
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
The local police today arrested husband of Dr Rajpal Kaur, a senior resident (SR) in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecologist, PGIMER on the allegations of dowry death. Dr Rajpal ended her life by hanging in her hostel accommodation on the campus on July 21.

Police said Dr Yadvarinder Singh, husband of Dr Rajpal Kaur today surrendered before the police and he was arrested. Yadvarinder would be produced before a local court tomorrow.

Though no suicide note was found on her or in her room, a case of dowy death, subjecting a married woman to cruelty and abetment to suicide was registered against Yadvarinder Singh, his mother, Simarnjit Kaur, his father Gurnam Singh and his sister Neetu on the basis of a complaint filed Mr Gurdas Singh, the father of Rajpal Kaur.



Man held for stealing Rs 50,000

Mohali, August 8
The police has arrested one person on charge of stealing Rs 50,000 from a scooter. The stolen money was recovered from him. According to the police, the arrested person was Mohan Lal, a resident of Nayagaon.

The police said Mr Davinder Kumar, another resident of Nayagaon, complained that he had put the cash in a bag which was kept in the tool box of his scooter . He was going to a bank to deposit the money but had to attend to a phone call which took about 15 minutes. Later, he saw that the bag containing the cash was missing.

The police has registered a case under Section 379 of the IPC in this regard. — OC



Bihari held with 7 kg ganja
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
The Operations Cell of the Chandigarh police has arrested a Bihar resident with 7 kg of ganja from Sector 7.
According to sources in the Operations Cell, Raj Kumar of Devurama village in Gopal Ganj district of Bihar was arrested on Monday while allegedly carrying 7 kg ganja.

A case under Section 20 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act was registered in this connection.

House burgled: Mr Rajesh Kumar of Raipur Khurd lodged a complaint with the police alleging that a gas cylinder, a TV, a CD player and other articles from his residence were burgled during daytime on Monday. A case was registered in this regard in the Industrial Area Police Station.

Stolen: Mr Manoj Sharma of Sector 32 reported to the police alleging that his motorcycle (CH-03-J-6795) was stolen from Sector 35 on August 5. A case of theft was registered in the Sector 36 police station.

Injured: A pedestrian, Mr Sanki Verma of Kalka, sustained injuries after being hit by a car near the local bus stop, Madhya Marg, Sector 26 on Monday. In another incident, a scooterist, Mr Darshan Lal of Mauli Jagran complex, Mani Majra was hit by a car near the CTU workshop turn in the Industrial Area on Monday.

The car driver reportedly sped away after the mishap and the victim was shifted to the Sector 32 Government Medical College and Hospital.



Spice rakhi offer
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
Spice Telecom today announced Rakshabandhan special services. Spice pre-paid and post-paid subscribers can make special song dedications to their loved ones and even send them personalised messages by dialing 5705.

To make this day more exciting, subscribers can access, download and dedicate Rakshabandhan content like songs, picture messages etc through Spice GPRS and Voice Platforms, said Mr Navdeep Kapur, Senior Manager, Marketing. All calls will be charged at Rs 6 per minute.



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