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Rules flouted in road beautification: Admin
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
The Chandigarh Administration has objected to the ongoing beautification drive of the road berms dividing Sectors 17 and 18 by Hutch, a telecommunication company, for violating the design specifications in the Punjab Capital Act.

Confirming the development, Mr V.K.Bhardwaj, Chief Engineer, said, “Till last year, the road was under the control of the Municipal Corporation when the company was given permission to carry out the beautification drive . Following the decision of the Administration to keep charge of the V3 roads, this section now comes under our control.”

Mr Bhardwaj said, “We will meet the MC authorities within a couple of days to sort out the matter. We will also seek an audience with the company to clarify the technical differences. The Administration is not against beautification. There are certain architectural byelaws which need to be respected.”

A senior official of the MC said, “The section of the road under question is now under the control of the Administration and the relevant papers have been forwarded to them. The contradictions in the byelaws are for the company to clarify and the administration to rectify.”

The roadside beams are wearing a very impressive look for the casual passersby who are unaware about the technical problem of the laying of the structures for beautification. “I go to the UT Secretariat on all working days. I can only say that the layout on the road dividers is being done very artistically and it is a delightful sight. The Administration can try this change elsewhere also in the otherwise very routine and repetitive structure of the road berms in the city”, an official in the Chandigarh Administration said.

A senior official said, “The Administration is committed to keeping the city master plan sacrosanct. Allowing slight alterations is not an easy job. All changes in the architectural designs have to be cleared by the senior authorities. We are not averse to change. Only the matter needs greater deliberation”.

The Chandigarh Administration earlier this year in January had also taken strong objection to the “mindless” erection of mild steel railing in Sector 17 by the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (CMC) in the name of beautification.



Two girls per boy in college admissions
Chitleen K Sethi
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
Where have all the boys gone? In a startling discovery, figures collected from the Chandigarh Administration’s Education Department have revealed that the number of boys who have taken admission in city colleges this year is half the number of girls admitted.

The Administration has attributed this to the presence of five exclusive girls’ colleges in the city, but the fact also is that the once exclusive boys’ colleges have also opened their doors to girl students.

While this has led to a decrease in the number of seats available just for boys, the trend that has come to light is that girls are edging out boys in their own colleges, filling up their seats due to higher qualifying percentages.

While the number of girls admitted to the Government College, Sector 11, which used to be an all-boys college till this year, is low (170) as compared to boys (3042), the number of girls admitted to the DAV College, Sector 10, also an all-boys college till two years ago, is 980 and boys is 3268.

In the various government colleges, the total number of boys is 4420 while the girls are 7888.

While the number of boys in these colleges is just about half of the girls, the number of boys and girls in the private colleges of the city is still comparable, where the total number of girls enrolled is 7419 and the number of boys is 5261.

DPI (Colleges) Raji P. Srivsatava stated. “This is only to be expected since we have more colleges catering exclusively to girls. Girls are scoring better than boys on an average and have a better chance of getting admission in a merit-based system since they seem to excel in an examiantion-oriented academic environment like ours.”

While the hunt for reasons for this trend starts, some college Principals believe that boys prefer professional courses like engineering to degree courses, which are offered by these colleges.

“B.Com, BBA and BCA are the most professional courses that our colleges offer. A boy who sees himself in the role of a bread winner will not get a job even after spending three years doing these courses. Boys will have to do additional courses to get job,” said Dr Kuldeep Singh Principal, SGGS College, Sector 26.

“Moreover, the mushrooming of private engineering colleges in the city’s periphery also attracts boys since they presume that it will be easier to get jobs,” he added.

“This skewed ratio of boys and girls in colleges is not a good trend at all. Though there is no doubt that girls outshine boys in qualifying examinations, the absence of exclusive colleges for boys leaves them with fewer seats also,” pointed out Dr Shashi Jain, Principal, Dev Samaj College for Women, Sector 45.

“There should be more exclusive colleges for boys. We can have girl students in postgraduate courses, but at the graduate level, we should have only boys,” said Dr A.N. Garg, Principal, Government College, Sector 11.



Hospitals told to obtain authorisation
Disposal of bio-medical waste
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee has issued notices to 17 hospitals and nursing homes in the city to obtain authorisation and to take steps to dispose of bio-medical waste after proper treatment/disposal. The list includes the PGI, General Hospital, Sector 16, Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, and various nursing homes.

There are more than 300 health care units in the city required to dispose waste as per Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998, for which different methods have been prescribed for the disposal of waste.

There are three hospitals with 500 or more beds, which have provided incinerator and other treatment facilities of their own and the CPCC has asked them to improve the systems like installation of Air Pollution Control Device on incinerator. These hospitals are having their own chemical treatment and shredding facilities.

The PGI, Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, and General Hospital, Sector 16, have provided various facilities at the hospital for waste disposal like provision of needle destroyer and different coloured bins for collection of different kind of waste for segregation at source.

Small nursing homes and Indian Medical Association have engaged a service provider to transport their incinerator waste to the PGI. This service provider collects waste from each nursing home/hospital/clinic and other health care units to ensure proper handling and disposal of bio-medical waste in scientific manner, in compliance to the Bio-Medical Waste Rules, 1998.

About 329 health care units are utilizing this facility as installation of treatment facilities in small nursing homes is costly and not feasible.

As many as 40 government dispensaries and 13 veterinary dispensaries and hospitals are also using the facility of service provider for transportation of their bio-medical waste to the Government Hospital, Sector 16 for treatment.

Under these rules, all the nursing homes, hospitals and other health care units, which are having in-door facility for treating more than 1000 patients per month, are required to obtain authorization from the CPCC.



Several celebrate rakhi the conventional way
Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Service

Cashing in on the enthusiasm of the residents, mobile phone operators across the region introduced rakhi-special schemes, including free facility to dedicate occasion specific songs to bothers and sisters after selecting these by paying Rs 6 per minute. The residents too continued to forward rakhi special jokes. The ones wishing good luck to the brothers from “Rakhi Sawant” and “Malika Sherawat” were the favourites.

Chandigarh, August 9
Bond firmly with roots, so many city residents today renewed ties with their brothers by celebrating the festival of Rakshabandhan the traditional way.

Though the markets decked up with nice little psychedelic lights were flooded with fancy and designer rakhi sets, a large number of residents picked up modernly conventional threads of affection for reiterating their love towards their brothers.

The ones in gold and silver with rudraksha beads and little idols of gods moulded out of white metal embellished with crystals were the hot favourites amidst so many sisters.

As the local radio station played conventional songs commemorating the occasion one after the other, they reached the houses of their brothers with the threads nicely placed on customary rakhi thalis or plates.

“Thalis actually add a touch of grandeur to the entire tradition of celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters,” said Deepali Sharma, a housewife putting up in Sector 32. “So instead of carrying rakhi sets in envelops, I presented them to my brother on a platter full of customs”.

For her and so many others the card and gift shops in markets across the city had made special arrangements for offering time-honored thalis cloaked in cheerful red fabric with tiny round mirrors at the brim reflecting their excitement.

“Just this morning we sold over 30 conventional thalis to sisters eager to celebrate the occasion the traditional way,” said Chetan Kumar of a Sector 11 card and chunk jewellery shop. “The craze for commemorating the occasion the traditional way was always there, but it was never so pronounced”.

The “return gifts” this time were also grounded in tradition — at least for the elders. Instead of just fixed deposit receipts or envelopes full of cash, the brothers preferred to present gold and silver jewellery items to their sisters as an appreciation of their gesture.

“It was the quest for giving sisters something unique in return, and comparatively low prices of gold, that encouraged the residents to go in for ornaments, even coins, as return gifts,” said Mohammed Suhail, running his own chunk jewellery shop in Sector 22.

For the young girls, it was something more than just decorated chocolate boxes. Accompanied by their elder brothers, they went to toy shops across the city for picking up “some real nice gifts”. “I took my brother Rahul Sarin to a toy superstore in Sector 8,” said little Tanya Sarin of Sector 19. “We picked up 100 per cent UV protection sunglasses designed specially for kids”.

Her eight-year-old friend Rashmi Nayyar managed to get a new Barbie school bag from her brother just three years elder to her. If brother Dheeraj Nayyar of Sector 22 had to spend two months pocket money on it, she was not bothered.

The other gifts that topped the popularity charts included watches, garments, ornaments and Barbie doll sets. The prices of most toys, including the Chinese ones, were 10 to 20 per cent more compared to the previous years. Attributing this to inflation, the shopkeepers dealing in imported goods said the prices were likely to go further up in near future.



Raksha Bandhan celebrated

Mohali, August 9
The festival of Raksha Bandhan was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the Mohali circle of the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya here today.

According to a press note, Brahma Kumaris went to the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre , the Punjab School Education Board, the Punjab Health Systems Corporation, Commando Police Complex, PUDA, to tie rakhis to staff members. — OC



Women enjoy free ride in HR buses
Shubhadeep Choudhury
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
The heavy presence of women in Haryana Roadways buses leaving the bus stand at Chandigarh was just the tip of the iceberg. The real scene unfolded as the bus roled into Ambala.

The state government’s announcement to allow women and children up to 15 years of age accompanying any woman, to travel free of cost by the ordinary buses of Haryana Roadways today on the occasion of Rakhi, saw women hitting the road in a big way.

The Ambala bus station was swarming with women as they thronged the buses and squeezed themselves on the seats, sharing them generously. Those who could not find a place to sit and were forced to stand. Buses coming to Ambala from the Jagadhari side even had women travelling on rooftops alongside men.

“This is unprecedented,” said Mr Mahinder Sherwat, Station Supervisor of Ambala. “I had to send inspectors to the main road so that the buses did not skip the bus stand to avoid crowding,” he said.

The conductor of a bus, while refusing to stop the bus at two points in quick succession where people were frantically waving for it to stop, explained that overcrowding could even lead to an accident.

The ladies, a very large number of them accompanied with children, however, were hardly giving any thought to such a possibility. They were out to enjoy the free ride.

Vimla, a housewife who boarded the bus at Chandigarh for Delhi, said she was advised by a taxi driver to travel by Haryana Roadways today and save money.

Kamlesh, a Chandigarh-based employee of the NHPC, who boarded the bus on the outskirts of Chandigarh, too was thrilled by the offer and promptly got in touch with her brother in Delhi through the mobile phone to pass on the news.

In contrast, in Haryana passengers were well aware of the concession. Raj from Yamunanagar, an elderly lady whose son lives in Chandigarh, advanced her visit to Chandigarh by one day to avail herself of the opportunity. “My neighbour told me about the free travel and I quickly grabbed the opportunity,” the lady said with a hearty laugh.

Not all beneficiaries were as candid as her. Others, interviewed by this reporter, inevitably said they were going to their brothers or cousins and would have made the trip in any case.

By all accounts it was first time that so many women had hit the road on the occasion of Rakhi.

Cynicism and disgruntlement and even anger too were not absent from the scene. The negative feelings came from men. Rohit Sabarwal and Rinku, students from the Ambala City Polytechnic, said they were unable to get a bus for going to Mullana. “The concession has destroyed the Roadways service today”, they said.

In the Sahranpur-Chandigarh bus, the conductor harangued about the financial losses that would result from the concession. Namrata, who nodded vigorously with the conductor in agreement, probably was doing so to cover up her embarrassment for traveling free of cost.



STA whip brings luxury buses to halt
Naveen S Garewal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
Private bus operators in the region have been forced to shut shop in Chandigarh and stop plying their buses from the city after officials of the State Transport Authority (STA) cracked whip on transporters misusing permits.

In many cases private operators have been found running their buses on routes for which they have no permits and in some cases for plying more than one bus on a single permit.

For the past few days all private operators running 'video coaches' between Chandigarh and major cities of the region have suspended service, inconveniencing thousands of commuters. According to officials of the Chandigarh Administration, after stringent action, private operators are now running buses from Mohali and in some cases even clandestinely taking passengers to Mohali by private vehicles where they are made to board the luxury coaches.

For the past few days there has been no bus service between Chandigarh and Amritsar, Jalandhar, Pathnakot, Ludhiana, Moga, Ferozpore, Fazilka, Ganga Nagar, Abohar, Malout, Bathinda, Jammu and Katra. Buses still in service originate and terminate at Mohali. On an average at least 10,000 people travel on these buses between Chandigarh and Jammu-Katra. About 150 buses ply on this route alone.

An official of the Chandigarh State Transport Authority said, "No stage carrier permit has ever been issued from Chandigarh, but private bus operators ply these buses illegally. The STA Chandigarh has written to the Punjab Government on several occasions to check the illegal operations, but to no avail as most transporters are influential people, including some Punjab legislators".

He said whenever pressure was mounted, as it had been done now; transporters shifted their operations to Mohali. He also disclosed that some private transporters approached the Punjab and Haryana High Court seeking directions that private bus operators be allowed to ply buses till Chandigarh and that they should not be harassed by the STA officials at Chandigarh. The High Court has issued a directive asking the Chandigarh STA to give a 24-hour notice to the transporters before impounding their vehicles in the Union Territory.

The Chandigarh Administration and the Punjab Government are on loggers heads over issuing of bus permits from destinations in Punjab to Chandigarh, saying that Punjab can issue permits only up to Mohali and not to Chandigarh.

Many transporters from the region, who ply buses to Chandigarh, have converted their offices into travel agencies which do not fall under the jurisdiction of the STA, which can only check buses and not agencies. During the past three years the Chandigarh STA has impounded about 150 buses.



Rain god hasn’t fully smiled on Chandigarh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
It’s been a rain-deficient monsoon for the city this season and weather gods are unlikely to be generous in the coming days.

Half-way through the monsoons, the city has received 31 per cent lesser rainfall, while adjoining Punjab and Haryana have had their normal share.

Himachal Pradesh, too, has been on the deficient side, short by 22 per cent of its normal rainfall.

Last year, the city had received rainfall in excess of 22 per cent of what it has received this time so far. “We had predicted a comparatively weak monsoon this year. By the end of the season, the region is likely to receive 83 to 91 per cent of its normal rainfall. The city has received less rainfall as compared to the adjoining areas,” Meteorological Office Director Chhatar Singh Malik said.

This year, while the city has received a total of 294 mm rainfall, Punjab has had 169 mm, deficient by 15 per cent.

Himachal Pradesh has received 310 mm rainfall, while Haryana has seen 201 mm of rainfall, short by 11 per cent.

“Though there is a shortfall in each of the states, plus or minus 19 per cent is considered to be normal as far as the Met Office is concerned. Last year also, the city made up for the paucity of rainfall in the last week of September, just before the monsoon season came to a close,” Mr Malik stated.

The next few days, too, are not looking promising for the area with the monsoon active over North-West Madhya Pradesh.

The low pressure area becomes weak by the time it reaches the city and is not able to bring enough rain.

An analysis of the data of the past five years shows that every alternate year the region experiences a deficient monsoon.

“Though the trend is seen in the data available, there is no hard and fast rule to prove that a good monsoon is preceded by deficient rainfall,” he explained.



Need for amendments to Constitution highlighted
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 9
The newly formed National Mission for Constitutional Reforms, organised a seminar on the need for presidential form of government in India, here today.

Comparing the parliamentary form of government in India with the presidential form of government in the USA and other countries, a number of intellectuals and visionaries, including Maj Gen K.S Bajwa (retd), Mr P.C Dogra, a former Director General of Punjab Police and Mr K.C Garg, an expert on international politics, spoke on the topic and stressed on the need for amendments in the Indian Constitution.

Stress was also laid on strengthening the existing structure of the Constitution apart from creating awareness among general public.

The speakers pointed out that even after 60 years of Independence, common man had very little knowledge of his constitutional rights. Moreover, political leaders and bureaucrats had failed to implement the clauses of Constitution at the grass root level.

In his presidential speech Maj General Bajwa said India’s Constitution was an extract of the Constitutions counties like USA, France, Germany etc. ‘‘None of the governments that came to power after Independence made efforts to remove discrepancies and make amendments in the Constitution in order to make it suitable for a common citizen. Even though our country is called democratic yet democracy is seen nowhere in reality,’’ he opined.

‘‘We should fight for our rights and educate others too. Amendments in the Constitution are possible only after education and awareness in the masses in this regard,’’ claimed Maj General Bajwa.

Mr P.C Dogra, a former DIG, Punjab, also highlighted various pitfalls of the parliamentary form of government. He also expressed concern over the functioning of elected representatives who have allegedly been spending public money collected as election funds and want to be in power through out their lives. He also said certain political leaders with criminal records had been retaining their position by winning election at gun-point.

Mr Ravi Sharma, convener, highlighted the drawbacks of the present electoral system and highlighted the drawbacks of regional party system and family system.



Fall from scooter proves fatal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
A 52-year-old Panchkula resident was killed this afternoon after his scooter skidded accidentally near the Sector 7 and 8 roundabout. His wife, who was riding pillion escaped with minor injuries.

Giving details, sources in the Sector 26 police station said, Prem Kumar Baluja of Mansa Devi Complex, Panchkula, was on his way home after visiting Sector 16 General Hospital. Baluja, a diabetic and heart patient, had gone to the hospital for a routine check up.

His wife Preema Baluja told the police that near the Sector 7 and 8 roundabout, their scooter skidded accidentally following which her husband lost control over the vehicle. They both fell on the roads and her husband fell unconscious.

She raised an alarm and people gathered there soon. They both were taken to the General Hospital, where Mr Baluja was declared brought dead. However, Ms Baluja was discharged later after administering first-aid. Mr Baluja was a property dealer.

The body has been kept in the mortuary of the hospital and a post-mortem examination would be performed tomorrow.



Abdul Kalam to inaugurate war memorial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
The President, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, is scheduled to arrive here on August 17 to inaugurate a war memorial in Chandigarh.

A ceremony is being organised at the Bougainvillea Garden in Sector 3, where the war memorial has come up.

Dedicated to soldiers from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh who had made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty, the memorial has the names and particulars of about 8,500 martyrs inscribed on its walls.

The memorial has been designed by students of the Chandigarh College of Architecture, and is said to be the largest in the country.

The structure is semi-circular with a 22-feet high central sculpture reaching out to the skies. The memorial has been constructed entirely through public contributions.

The project was conceptualised by former Punjab Governor Lt-Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd) and unveiled by him on April 28, 2003.

The ground-breaking ceremony was performed by the present Governor, Gen S.F. Rodrigues (retd) on June 11, 2005.

He had visited the site yesterday to take stock of the arrangements being made for the forthcoming ceremony.

The ceremony will be attended by the Governors and Chief Ministers of Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh, senior armed forces officers, political leaders, senior government functionaries, corporate leaders, war veterans and war widows.



Expedition to Mount Mana flagged off
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
An Army mountaineering expedition to Mount Mana being organised by Maratha Light Infantry was flagged off by the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command, Lieut-Gen Daljeet Singh, from Chandimandir today. He handed over the expedition flag to the team leader, Lieut-Col I.S. Thapa.

The expedition is a forerunner to the planned Mount Everest Expedition in 2007. The team, comprising four officers, seven JCOs and 42 jawans, would attempt to scale the 22,000-foot-high peak located in the Gharwal Himalayas in mid-September.

Passing through remote areas of Raiwala, Joshimath, Ugpur and Mana Pass, the team will also interact with ex-servicemen and provide limited medical aid to people residing in the region. The team is the same that had conquered the 20,000-foot-high Mount Bhagirathi — II, also known as Killer Peak, this year.



Mohali MC chief to be elected on August 17
Our Correspondent

Mohali, August 9
With the officially appointed convener for the election of the president of the Municipal Council fixing the date of poll as August 17, last-ditch efforts are being made to win councillors to secure the all-powerful post.

The newly elected councillors will be administered an oath before the election. The elections for the post of the senior vice-president and the vice-president of the council will also be held the same day.

Mr Narinder Sangha, SDM, Dera Bassi, has been appointed the convener for the elections by the Deputy Commissioner, Mr Tejveer Singh.

The SDM said the elections would be held by show of hands at 10 . 30 a.m. in the committee room of the civic body. He said he received a communication from the office of the Deputy Commissioner through fax yesterday.

Today he asked the Executive Officer of the council to provide the names and addresses of all newly elected councillors. Letters regarding the meeting were being prepared, which would be sent to the EO for further distribution to the councillors.

He said the meeting could not be held before August 17 as 48 hours had to be given to the councillors after the distribution of the letters. August 12 and 13 were holidays and would be very busy on August 14 with the preparations being made to celebrate the Independence Day on August 15.

The political drama in the town further intensified as the two groups, one led by Mr Balbir Singh Sidhu, president of the Mohali district unit of the Congress, and the other led by Mr Kulwant Singh, former president of the council, chalked out various strategies to have their councillor as the civic body chief. Both groups had been claiming that they had the support of a majority of the councillors.

Some councillors said to be close to Ms Lakhwinder Kaur Garcha, OSD to the Punjab Chief Minister, and those owing allegiance to the SAD, had sided with the Kulwant group to form a front against Mr Sidhu. 



Electoral rolls to have photos of voters
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
By the next General Elections or the forthcoming elections to the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation, the electoral rolls at the polling stations would have pictures of the voters along with their details. The target is to prepare new electoral rolls of the registered 5,72,662 voters by January 2007.

This information was today given by the Chandigarh Administration to the visiting Election Commissioner, Mr S.Y Qureshi.

It was also disclosed that all details of the enrolled voters had been put on the web site www.ceochd.nic.in by the UT Election Department.

At least 83 per cent of the voters had been photographed in door-to-door survey and the target was to photograph 95 per cent of the voters by September 30, 2006. Those present at the meeting were Mr S.K Sandhu, Chief Electoral Officer-cum-Finance Secretary and Deputy Commissioner-cum-Assistant Chief Electoral Officer, Mr R.K Rao. The process to remove the name of the dead or those who have shifted out had been started.



Voter cards must in elections

Mohali, August 9
Use of voter identity cards will be made compulsory in the coming Vidhan Sabha elections as per the latest guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India.

This was stated by Mr Jagmohan Singh Kang, Minister for Animal Husbandry, who reviewed development works in his constituency today.

He said that voter identity cards would be issued on the spot by the agency entrusted to the task of taking photographs.

Giving details about the NAC for Nayagaon, Karoran, Kansal and Nadha villages, Mr Kang said that he had met officials of the Union Environment and Forest Ministry who had agreed to take out the area of these villages from the purview of being a forest area. — OC



Rabid dog traced in Sec 16, killed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
Sources in the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh confirmed today that the rabid dog which had bitten around 20 persons on Monday night had been killed.

Meanwhile, the MC could not catch any stray dogs today. Yesterday, it had caught eight stray dogs in an attempt to catch the rabid dog.

The rabid dog had been stoned to death yesterday after it attacked another three unsuspecting people. The dog was finally tracked to the Shanti Kunj park in Sector 16.

The dog had earlier bit an employee of the cricket stadium before it was tracked to the park. The dog was finally killed by two gardeners along with two others present in the garden.

The MCC officials who were busy rounding up stray dogs during the day learnt of the matter later in the day.

Sources, not willing to come on record, confirmed that the dog, which had been killed, was the rabid dog.



Tobacco sale near schools, colleges banned

Mohali, August 9
The Deputy Commissioner, Mr Tejveer Singh, has banned the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products within a radius of 100 metres from any educational institutions.

The orders to this affect were given at a meeting held here today. He had also banned the publicity of cigarette and tobacco products under Section 5 of the relevant Act. He said that it should also be ensured that minor children should not be allowed to sell such products and a board should be put up displaying the directions.

The District Food and Civil Supplies Controller was asked to get smoking and no smoking zones created in restaurants which had the capacity to accommodate more than 30 persons. — OC



Safai scheme extended

Chandigarh, August 9
The Municipal Corporation will be extending the scheme of Sehaj Safai kendras constructed for the disposal of garbage and horticulture in Sector 22-C & D and sector 31 from August 18. The scheme is already existing in Sectors 15, 8, 27, 28, 19, 21, Ram Darbar, Sectors 33, 35, 10, 11, 9, 18, 40, 47, 17, 30, 32, 4, 29 and Modern Housing Complex, Manimajra.

According to the MCC, residents of Sectors 22 C & D and Sector 31 can deposit their garbage at the proper location of Sehaj Safai Kendras either personally or through their servants or may get in touch with the sector Welfare Associations/NGOs for engaging cycle rickshaw for the collection and disposal of their household/ horticulture wastes.

Sehaj Safai Kendras shall remain open for depositing the garbage and horticulture waste from 7 A.M. to 6 P.M. — TNS



Sec 52 waterworks opens today
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
The Governor of Punjab and the UT Administrator, Gen S.F. Rodrigues (retd) will tomorrow inaugurate the waterworks, Sector 52, which will cater to the water requirements of Phase III sectors comprising Sectors 48 to 56.

The waterworks will cater to about 2.20 lakh population. The first phase of the waterworks, constructed with the amount of Rs 3.70 crore in 10 acres of land, consists of pumping station, sub-station, sump, one check post and an underground reservoir of 2 mg capacity. 



Nagar sankirtan by ISKCON devotees
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
As a part of celebration of Sri Krishna Janamasthami, the local chapter of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) took out a “Nagar Sankirtan” procession. Starting from Hare Krishna Dham, Sector 36-B, it passed through various sectors including 38 West, before its conclusion an the temple premises at 7.30 am.

Later in the day, “Balram Jayanti” was also celebrated with great religious fervour and enthusiasm. A large number of devotees thronged the temple on the occasion, according to Nand Maharaj Dasa Prabhu, co-president of the local unit of ISKCON.

A week-long “Jhulan yatra” was also concluded here today.



Ex-Tribune employee dead
Tribune News Service

Mangat Singh Negi
Mangat Singh Negi

Chandigarh, August 9
Mr Mangat Singh Negi, a former employee of The Tribune, died here today after a brief illness. He retired on April 1999. He is survived by his wife, three sons and two daughters. One of his sons Mr Narendra Singh Negi, is also an employee of The Tribune.

His cremation at Sector 25 crematorium was largely attended by The Tribune employees and his relatives.




Foundation stone damaged
Our Correspondent

Mohali, August 9
The foundation stone of a government school building being constructed in Mataur village was damaged by some unidentified persons.

Mr Amarjit Singh Sekhon, Executive Office of the local Municipal Council, complained to the police that someone had damaged the foundation stone on July 31 which was laid by Mr Bir Devinder Singh, Kharar MLA. The building is being constructed by the civic body.

The police has registered a case under the Prevention to Public Property Act, 1984.



No poison in IAF ex-officer’s viscera
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
No traces of poison have been found in the chemical examination of the viscera samples of the retired Group Captain of Indian Air Force (IAF), his wife and his sister, who were murdered at their Sector 34 house on February 7 last, allegedly by Pawandeep Singh, elder son of the Group Captain.

The possibility of the victims, Group Captain T.P. Singh, his wife Shabani and his sister Ajit Kaur, having being intoxicated before being done to death has been ruled out following the forensic findings by the Central Forensic Science Laboratory, which have been presented in the form of a supplementary challan in the court of the Additional District and Sessions Judge, Mr R.S. Baswana.

The police said the DNA testing of the blood samples picked from the kitchen floor, near the toilet and on the kitchen tap in the Sector 34 house had matched the blood samples of one of the accused, Anil Tyagi.

The human blood group ‘O’ was traced on two different stained white dirty torn vests, but the chemical and microscopic examination of the blood traces on one of the vests was found to be inconclusive.

Following the investigations, the investigating officer presented the challan against the accused under Sections 302, 397, 460 and 120-B of the IPC on May 12.

After filing of the challan, the investigating officer had sought permission from the court of the Civil Judge, Mr R.K. Bhankar, on the ground that the blood samples of the main accused had to be matched with the traces of blood found at the crime scene.

All three accused, Pawandeep, Anil Tyagi and Ravi Kant, were in judicial remand.

The preliminary investigations conducted by the police had indicated that soneone ‘familiar’ with the family was behind the crime. Circumstantial evidence suggested that the murderers were looking for some important documents as cash and valuables were not touched.

The forensic findings corroborated that the assailants were known to the victims and there was no forced entry into the house. Since there was no loss of the valuable and jewellery from the house, the assailants had not killed the victims for theft or robbery.

Brother of Pawandeep moves court

Mr Jasdeep Singh, brother of one of the main accused, Pawandeep, has filed a civil suit for family property in the court of Mr R.K. Sharma, Civil Judge (Junior Division).

A notice for August 21 has also been issued to Pawandeep.



Cop held on graft charge
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
A constable of the Chandigarh Police was today arrested for allegedly taking bribe to release the motor cycle of a man involved in an accident.

The DSP (South), Mr K.I.P. Singh, said constable Dalip Singh posted at the Sector 31 police station was arrested following a complaint by Mr Gulzar Ahmed of Sector 15. A case under Section 7 (13-2) of the Prevention of Corruption Act has been registered.

Gulzar Singh had mentioned in his complaint that he had an accident on Tuesday near Behlana in which Shanti Devi sustained injuries. The victim was admitted to the Sector 32 Government Medical College and Hospital, from where she was later discharged. Thereafter, both parties reportedly reached a compromise.

He however, alleged that constable Dalip Singh impounded his motor cycle and took possession of some documents. He demanded money for releasing the motor cycle.

Gulzar alleged that he paid only Rs 400 to Dalip Singh on Tuesday, but he demanded Rs 1,500 more. The cop asked him to give Rs 1,500 on Wednesday.

Gulzar decided to report the matter to the DSP. While he was on way to his office, Dalip Singh met Gulzar on the way.

Meanwhile, Dalip got wind of what Gulzar was going to do. He pleaded not to report the matter to the authorities and also returned Rs 400 that he had taken earlier.

“But Gulzar filed a complaint. Taking actions, I raided the Sector 31 police station and recovered the motor cycle and the documents from there,” said Mr K.I.P. Singh.



Man booked for buying illegal weapons
Tribune News Service

Sketch of the suspect
Sketch of the suspect

Chandigarh, August 9
The Chandigarh Police today booked an unidentified man for illegally purchasing weapons from Chandigarh and other parts of the country by producing a forged ‘‘import licence’’. The police released a sketch of the suspect, who purchased four .38 bore revolvers (a prohibited bore) from two local arms dealer, following details given by the dealers.

Giving details of the matter, the in charge of the Crime Branch of the Chandigarh Police, Inspector Satbir Singh, said the matter had come to light when two city-based arms and ammunition dealers, Mainash Jain, Proprietor of M/s Chandigarh Gun House, Pipliwala Town, Manimajra and Mr Ravikant Ahuja, proprietor of M/s Ahuja Arms Company, Sector 22, lodged a complaint with the Deputy Commissioner.

They alleged that a man, who introduced himself as Ashok Kumar, claiming to be a partner of M/s Himalaya Arms, Gandhi Road, Dehra Dun, and having an import licence under form (16-73/ALC) issued by District Magistrate, Dehra Dun on May 15, 2006, had purchased four revolvers from them by producing fake licence on July 6, this year. The man looked to be an experienced hand and had good knowledge of weapons. He purchased two revolvers from Ahuja for Rs 26,000 and the other two from Ravikant for Rs 64,000.

Later, when both the arms dealers verified the antecedents of the man with Dehra Dun-based M/s Himalaya Arms, the dealer expressed ignorance and denied having any links with any such person.

Taking cognizance of the complaint the authorities concerned forwarded the matter to the local police for further investigation. The Chandigarh Police today registered a case of forgery and cheating under various provisions of the Indian Penal Code along with Sections 25, 54 and 59 of the Arms Act in this regard against the unidentified man.

Inspector Satbir Singh further said on the basis of the description given by the two arms dealers, the police had got a sketch of the suspect prepared on computer. He added that after examining the copy of the license given by the accused, it was found that he had purchased weapons of similar description from Muzaffar Nagar, Noida, Agra and Panipat, in a similar fashion.

‘‘It seemed that the man could have been member of a well organised gang involved in illegal trade of such prohibited bore weapons. The possibility of his being linked to some terrorist outfits and anti- national elements could also not be ruled out’’, said Mr Satbir Singh.

Officials in the crime branch said the sketch would be flashed to all Superintendents of Police as there were chances of the suspect being involved in some other criminal cases.



Held with fake currency
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
The local police today arrested a Ludhiana resident from Maloya Colony on the allegations trying to use fake currency.

Giving details, the in charge of Maloya Police post, Mr Neeraj Sarna, said Gulshan Kumar of Sunder Nagar, Ludhiana, was arrested from Maloya Colony following a secret information. The police recovered in all Rs 300 (notes of denomination of Rs 100 and Rs 50 each) from his possession. A case under Sections 489-B and 489-C of the Indian Penal Code has been registered against him.


The local police arrested Hari Kishan, alias Bunty, of Vikas Nagar, Mauli Jagran, from near railway crossing in the same locality on Tuesday night for allegedly indulging in gambling. The police recovered Rs 2200 from his possession and booked him under the Gambling Act.

Held for stealing scooter

The local police arrested Rohit Bajaj of Sector 23 with in a few hours after he allegedly stole a scooter from Sector 22 on Tuesday. Mr Mukul of Sector 22-C lodged a complaint with the police alleging that Rohit had stolen his scooter from Sector 22-B at around 11 am acting on the complaint, the police nabbed the accused in the afternoon and recovered the stolen vehicle from his possession. A case was registered in this regard.



2 brothers held for theft
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
The Chandigarh police today arrested two brothers on the allegation of stealing a laptop and computer parts from two shops in the city in May.

The police also picked up a Kharar-based medical representative for allegedly purchasing a stolen laptop from the accused.

The police said Sunil Sharma (28) and Anil Sharma (22) of Bathinda were arrested from Sector 17 this afternoon following secret information.

During preliminary interrogation, they told the police that they had sold a laptop to Roopinder Verma of Kharar.

Verma was arrested following the disclosure.

The police said the accused had burgled two shops in Sector 22 by breaking locks during the night of May 6. They had stolen a laptop, two digital diaries, a fax and three CPUs.

They were earlier arrested in theft cases. Both dealt in computer repair and service and were into sale and purchase.

Roopinder told the police that the accused had sold him the laptop for Rs 13,000. They would be produced in a local court tomorrow.



PHDCCI submits plan to Punjab
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, led by its president, Mrs Sushma Berlia, has submitted a plan to the Punjab Government for giving a fillip to the manufacturing sector so as to attain a growth of 12 per cent per annum, in the 11th Plan.

The study conducted by the PHDCCI shows that in the global and free domestic market, when enterprises have to compete based on quality and pricing, it is essential to keep the cost of production to the minimum.

In this connection, the government’s support and policies to supply power at lower cost is most desirable. “It is well understood that the situation of availability of power is critical in Punjab. In this regard, emphasis should be on addition of capacity to generate more power,” the report says. The study also says that public-private partnership is a key to attract private investment into power projects.

For giving an impetus to manufacturing and the economy of central Punjab i.e. the Ludhiana region, a civil airport be made operational within three years, it has been recommended. This will give a boost to agri-business exports, hosiery, light engineering, automotive components, etc.

Among other areas which require attention is skill development. The vocational education system, through the Apprentices Act and ITIs, have failed to deliver. Hence, there is also a need for tax breaks in line with practices in other parts of the world to encourage industry-university-institution cooperation in R & D.

The private sector should be encouraged to establish and operate demand driven technical training centres through financial and other incentives, under a carefully designed industry-managed, and government supported, quality control and accreditation system.



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