Y O U R  D A T E  W I T H  S T A R
August 13 to August 19
[ March 21 to April 20 ]

Mars has adopted a positive stand. There is no doubt you can be held back. Your apprehensions are misplaced.

[ April 21 to May 20 ]
A period of love and laughter. A long awaited outing with a friend could make the sojourn lively. Lady luck will favour you.
[ May 21 to June 21 ]
With Mercury heading towards combustion, much depends on how you play your cards. You will be in a dilemma. A friend could get miffed.
[ June 22 to July 22 ]
Your domestic expenditure will increase. Extreme care is needed while planning your budget. The period is blatantly cumbersome expense wise.
[ July 23 to Aug 22 ]
Your presumption that whatever you plan and do is flawless is a mere conjecture. Avoid commitments on Sundays.
[ Aug 23 to Sept 22 ]
You will be lucky in money. Mercury should be enough to push you in top gear. Try anything out of the ordinary and you will have a lot to smile about.
[Sept 23 to Oct 22 ]
There seems to be extra burden on your time. Give yourself some leisure for extra thought and take time off.
[Oct 23 to Nov 22 ]
Despite mounting costs, your chart promises a hand stuffed with trump cards. Watch out for pleasant a surprise

[ Nov 23 to Dec 22]

You will bask under influence of Jupiter. You will perform to the best of your ability. If you work with diligence, you can achieve anything under the sun.
[Dec 23 to Jan 20]
Income and expenditure will be at crossroads. You will do well in routine matters while the vital ones may linger
[ Jan 21 to Feb 19 ]
Domestic emotions will not fructify so soon. Donít consider the delay bitterness on part of the destiny. You can revise and improve your project.
[Feb 20 to March 20 ]
A majority of Pisceans will feel discontented. Remember you canít force others to sign the dotted line. Donít remain on false hopes.

Born on

August 13

The year of mixed trends. Initially you may feel you are treading an unfamiliar path, but after sometime, doubts will start subsiding. You will realise that there was nothing wrong and you have not been led astray. Make sure you earn more and are also ready to spend more. You cannot bank upon the generosity of a friend before May. June and July are your most joyous months.

August 14

A welcome year when wisdom will overcome your prejudices and outdated concepts. Time to broaden your horizons. If you have been indecisive and without any specific goal, you will chalk out a clear cut line of action. You can complete unfinished tasks and feel relaxed. Your life is taking a turn for better. You will plan and act with clarity.

August 15

You need to control your finances. The present situation is dismal. Your craze for adventure can invite trouble and make you depressed. Your urge to make a bid, shop or hunt for a suitable bargain may become more acute. If you speculate or indulge in the sale purchase of stocks, you will lose. Take seriously what your elders say.

August 16

The year tends to demand more than normal spending. Despite efforts, there will be no noteworthy increase in your income. You will feel desperate for a change but time has not yet arrived. Waiting patiently on guests will debilitate your economy during September-October. You should not lag behind when you can sweat a little and win rewards after January. If in love, donít stand on ceremony. Be spontaneous.

August 17

A favourable period. There will be an increase in your income. You will have greater scope to expand your area of influence. Those underestimating you will have to revise their opinion. Life will be more thrilling during the first quarter. Emphasis will be on relaxation during the second. Friends will help improve your fortunes during the third. Donít grudge what you do for others during the last one.

August 18

The current planetary aspects can create an impression that others may deceive or mislead you. Try to be tolerant of the mistakes and faults of others and be honest about your intentions. Widen your sphere of activity and you will realise that luck is on your side. There are many ways to ease your tension by streamlining chores and delegating some difficult tasks to others. Be straight in all your dealings.

August 19

There is a sense of hope and optimism. With stars favouring you, you can dream a better life. You just need to roll up your sleeves and work hard to make your dreams come true. Your most important assets are your links. Try to stay close to those who have a soft corner for you. Happy news is on its way from a loved one who is far away. In matters of heart, donít pressurise your loved one.

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