Saturday, August 19, 2006

Choco that won’t melt in summer

Here’s good news for all you chocolate aficionados who lament when their crispy bars melt into a podgy lump due to the summer heat. Scientists have now come up with a mouthwatering invention, which could change the lives of chocoholics in the summer, by creating a type of chocolate that does not melt in the heat.

Hot weather has long been the bane of chocolate fans, reducing bars to a gooey mess, but experts at the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria claim to have the answer. The chocolate that they have created stays firm up to 122F (50C), while normal products melt at temperatures between 77F (25C) and about 91F (33C).

Researchers mixed corn starch with cocoa to produce a heat-resistant chocolate that, they say, compares "favourably with conventional milk chocolate in terms of colour, taste, smoothness and overall acceptability".

The starch acts as a chocolate thickener and prevents the cocoa butter running in the heat. In taste tests, the new recipe found general approval, although it was found to be slightly less sweet than milk chocolate. — ANI