Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rhyme TIME

Terror all around

The days full of terror, the sleepless nights,

The scene of bloodshed, the dreadful sight.

Belonging to no religion, why do they fight?

For which civilisation do they strive?

They have crossed the borders of all nations,

And have tried to destroy Godís creations.

Not the bewildering truth is hidden,

Every soul with these terrors is ridden.

God did create us to maintain beauty,

And to kill is against our duty.

Poverty is the cause of this suppressed fate,

Which we should remove, but not too late.

Mother Earth cries at this cruelty,

It pleads with us to remove the causative disparity.

For the point is not to be ignored,

It is the need of the hour to be cared.

Can the dream of humanity we cherish

With flavour of all religions and affection we relish,

We need to be aware of the teachings of God,

Different religions lead towards humanity and hence the Lord.

Bhumika Berry, XI, Sacred Heart Convent Senior Secondary School, Ludhiana

Spirit of sharing

My feelings, oh my feelings!

I love to share my feelings.

I feel a sense of joy,

It brings a smile on my face.

It make me bloom like a flower,

And makes me fly like a bird.

I love to share my feelings,

Oh my feelings, oh my

Khyati Nanda, VII, Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh