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Haryana Roadways employees block traffic
Ramanjit Singh Sidhu
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
Hundreds of commuters travelling on a stretch between Grain Market and Sector 28 on Madhya Marg were stranded for an hour this evening, after Haryana Roadways bus drivers blocked traffic in protest against the “highhandedness of the Chandigarh Traffic Police.”

The traffic police had earlier in the day held a workshop for government drivers to educate them about traffic rules. The police had put up three nakas in the city.

At around 5.20 pm, the traffic police stopped an “overloaded” roadways bus and booked its driver Som Pal. The challan mentioned that the bus was carrying 90 passengers while the driver maintained that 66 persons were travelling in the bus.

The driver informed the General Manager of Haryana Roadways, Chandigarh, Mr Kulwant Singh Kalson, about the incident, who reached the spot. He reportedly instructed the driver to wait for him as he was going to take up the issue with senior officers of the traffic police.

Conductor Ramesh Chand alleged that the constable who issued the challan was rude and also abused the driver when he refused to give his license. When the traffic police did not listen to their arguments, the employees parked their buses and blocked the road. The blockade continued for nearly an hour and was lifted after Mr Kalson assured them that the matter had been taken up with the police.

The employees also alleged that the traffic police usually targeted outside buses and spared the CTU buses. On their insistence, the traffic police challaned a CTU bus for overloading. Interestingly, today was the first day of the three-day training-cum-orientation workshop for government drivers. The workshop was held at the Children Traffic Park in Sector 23.



Residents fume as taps go dry
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
Residents of Sectors 48, 49, 50 and 51 here are facing a state of crisis since Saturday.

First they were getting muddy water through their water-supply system and now since yesterday there has been no water supply at all in these sectors. Harassed residents have been running from pillar to post to get water.

On receiving a plethora of complaints, the MCC sent in water tankers which the residents said were not enough. As a last resort, residents called in private water tankers.

When contacted, MCC officials MCC said the situation had more or less been resolved, and it was only some areas of Sectors 48 and 49 where the problem still persisted.

Talking to the TNS, Mr V.S. Daggar, Xen, PH, Division III, said the water supply had been disrupted due to repair and maintenance work.

He said earlier there was low-pressure water supply leading to formation of deposits in the pipes supplying water to the residents.

However, now as the pressure was high the residue deposited in the pipes too was coming out leading to muddy water supply.

Also, it was due to this high pressure that the pipelines had ruptured yesterday which had now been repaired.

“We were repairing the pipelines yesterday till late hours and have now released the water. Residents will get water, but at a low pressure,” he stated.

However, harassed residents alleged that the MCC officials were lying and that they had themselves checked facts on ground which spoke differently.

Talking to the TNS, Mrs Sangeeta Verma, a resident of Sector 49, said they had received no water since Sunday despite MC claims that water had been released since today morning.

Residents were, however, agitated about the fact that the MCC officials had issued them any notice that there would be no water supply.

Many were angry over the fact that even now the MC was doing nothing and not sending in enough water tankers.

“This is sheer harassment. First we are given no notice and now the MC sends one tanker for the whole colony. And what is worse is that they refuse to give us a clear picture of the situation,” said Mr Gobind Singh, a resident of Sector 48.

MC officials, however, claimed that they had informed the residents that such a situation might occur and that they had been regularly sending in water tankers.

“We have sent in more than 10 water tankers, each of a minimum of 3000 lt capacity, since today afternoon to Sector 49 alone,” said Mr Dagar. 



DG Military Intelligence removed
Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
The Director General-Military Intelligence (DGMI) at Army Headquarters, Lt Gen Deepak H. Summanwar has been removed from his position as head of the Army’s intelligence establishment.

The Defence Ministry today named Lt Gen D.S. Bartwal as the new DGMI. He is expected to take over this appointment on September 7 on promotion. This is for the first time that the head of the military intelligence (MI) has been “removed” from his post

General Summanwar, who was had taken over as the DGMI in February 2005, has been on leave for the past about three weeks. He had been embroiled in a controversy over alleged misuse of MI resources and by-passing official channels in regard to his wife making a film. Major General M S Dadhwal was officiating as the DGMI.

Additional Director General Public Information at Army Headquarters, Maj Gen R.S. Sujlana, when contacted confirmed that a new DGMI has been appointed, but did not comment on the removal of General Summanwar. “He is on long leave and the government will issue his posting orders later,” he said.

Sources said that General Summanwar is expected to take over as Chief of Staff, Southern Command in place of Lt Gen Ashok Kapur, who is nearing retirement. General Summanwar is scheduled to retire in March 2007. He is Colonel of the Rajputana Rifles and had earlier commanded the illustrious 8 Mountain Division in Kargil. He however, did not command a corps.

According to reports, General Summanwar’s wife, Mrs Sharayu was producing a film based on a book on military life that she had authored earlier. There were allegations that permission had not been obtained from the Defence Ministry for shooting the film at certain locations in Kargil and Dras.

Some filming was also done at the Army’s Research and Referral Hospital at Delhi and at the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehra Dun.

Sumanwar’s daughter Arti had the lead role with Kunal Mehta, whose father is a Major General. Army Chief Gen J.J. Singh’s wife, Mrs Anupama, who heads the Army Wives Welfare Association, also had a part in the film.

The Defence Minister, in his reply in Parliament last week, had stated that the ministry had not given clearance to any such proposal. An inquiry had also been ordered by the defence ministry into the matter.

Official sources at Army Headquarters maintain that while appropriate permission was taken to shoot at the hospital and the IMA, permission was sought from the defence ministry to shoot at Kargil and Dras. At the time the controversy broke, sources said, permission from the ministry was still pending and the project was in abeyance.



Registration of PG units must
Premises can’t be less than 10 marla
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
The Chandigarh Administration has imposed certain conditions on use of residential buildings as paying- guest accommodations keeping in view the increased requirements of residents. For the convenience of the public, especially students, working women and girl students, the administration had earlier decided to regularise the practise with certain conditions.

The administration has allowed relaxations, subject to the condition that the house owner/lessee or member(s) of his/her family should be residing in the house and should be maintaining good standard of hygiene and cleanliness. The minimum usable area for one paying guest shall be 50 sq feet with adequate provision of toilet as per the norms of the Public Health Department.

The area of the house used for paying-guest accommodation will not be less than 10 marlas. It will be permitted only in those places where no unauthorised construction has taken place. The owner/lessee shall himself/herself be responsible for maintaining discipline, peace and social harmony/atmosphere in the premises. The owner/lessee is required to display the available and occupied accommodation alongwith the tariff plan to be verified by the police.

The house owner/lessee interested in starting the paying-guest accommodation should register themselves with the Estate Officer. The facility of paying guest residential accommodation should not adversely affect the privacy and rights of the neighboring residents of the locality.

No new kitchen will be made beyond the approved provisions. List of employees to take care of paying guests shall also be verified by the police.

The administration may stop the facility of paying-guest accommodation in the event of any problem involving law and order, breach of peace and tranquility in the locality. The orders issued by the competent authority for the stoppage of paying-guest accommodation facility on any premises will be final and binding, failing which a fine could be imposed.



BEd colleges flout rules
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
A Punjab Government notification and a regulation of the BEd Joint Counselling Committee regarding admission to management quota seats is being flouted by BEd colleges. While the committee had laid down that colleges would fill up the management quota seats only after the ongoing counselling ends on August 31, many colleges had already advertised for admission to these seats.

The state government notification had stated that BEd colleges affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh, Punjabi University, Patiala, and Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, would fill their seats only after the first counselling ends. They could continue to admit students till two days before the second counselling begins. The notification had also laid down the fixed fee structure for admission to the management quota seats.

“However in complete violation of the rules BEd colleges have started advertising these seats in the newspapers. The notification had also stated that the counselling committee would also issue the list of affiliated colleges offering management quota seats. But even while the first counselling is going on managements are vying for students directly,” said Dr Satinder Dhillon, coordinator, Joint Counselling Committee.

She added that candidates seeking admission to the BEd colleges in Punjab had been warned not to take admission in the management seats being offered by these colleges without confirming with Panjab University.

“Candidates should first ensure whether the name of the college figures in the list of affiliated colleges who could offer management quota seats, which would be supplied by us on September 1, once the first counseling was over,” she added.

Today 800 students were called, of which 346 were admitted.

Ruckus in PU hall

Relative of a candidate who had been admitted today and was seeking a change of college created ruckus at the gymnasium hall, PU, the venue for the admissions. Claiming that he worked with a local newspaper, he demanded that the college of his candidate be changed. However, when he was told that this would be possible only during the second counseling, he resorted to instigating other candidates and their relatives to raise slogans against the committee.



Unscheduled power cuts

Chandigarh, August 21
Some areas of the city witnessed unscheduled power cuts for more than an hour here this evening.

There were complaints from residents of Sectors 18, 19 and 21, besides certain other places between 8 pm and 8.45 pm. An official of the Electricity Department working at the Complaint Centre, Sector 19, said “We were not receiving the supply from the Industrial Area because of which we faced the problem. It is temporary and will be soon sorted out.” — TNS



Chandigarh Calling
Making a splash for sanitation sake

Recently, a freshet of sparkling, glistening water swept across some sprightly residents of Sector 50, Chandigarh. No wonder, some of these joyous souls bunched up, cupping their hands to collect some of this rushing torrent, as it zigzagged and trickled down mischievously. Well, this was no monsoon shower, getting benevolent all of a sudden. Rather the Water Supply Department’s effort to clean up the area’s water line by flushing out water with great force. The dirt and grime, that had been a part of this water for long, finally bid farewell to this drinking water. Moreover, the splashing water was actually mistaken by many as a zesty fountain. So the splashes came as a double treat-for the body and the aesthetic soul. Filling the place with dicey puddles to step and dance into, this cascade of water had joy de verve bubbling up, no less.

Green fest

Are you concerned over environmental changes around you? Do you want to know more about nature and its wonders? If so, the three-day Environment and Wildlife Travelling Film Festival is set to roll at Tagore Theatre from August 23. Thirty award-winning films will be screened. Students across the city and its vicinity are specially invited. The entry to the festival is free even for the public. The films will be screened on August 24 from 9 am to 1.30 pm and in the evening from 6.30 to 8.30. On August 25, in the morning from 9 to 1.30 and from 3 pm to 8.30 pm. However, on the day of inauguration, only one film will be screened in the evening. As the auditorium has limited seats, schools wishing to bring their students to the festival should register their names with the Punjab State Council for Science and Technology, Sector 26, in advance. The council is assisting the Centre for Media Studies in organising the fest.

Who’s dangerous?

Some time back, an advertisement in the city supplement of a leading national daily carried a rather incongruous advertisement that declared that “In Chandigarh now, the taxis will be absolutely safe. (Women, of course will continue to be dangerous). Hardly an appropriate message, especially on Independence Day. Parminder Kaur, Chairperson of the Punjab State Commission for Women, called the newspaper to register her protest. According to her in times of increasing crime against women and female foeticide, to call women “dangerous” almost seems like making a mockery of any attempt to counter discrimination. It is women who are in danger.

She called the newspaper to protest. Another ad said in the same mould said,”we will not disclose your location to your wife.” Reinforcing stereotypes about both women and men is not the role of media.

Mama Kalam

President APJ Abdul Kalam’s love for children is legendary. The missile man’s relationship with country’s next generation has been interpreted differently by a cross section of society. The other day a scribe friend quipped that Dr Kalam will go down in history as Mama (maternal uncle) to the children. If Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru could be called “Chacha Nehru” then why the President could not be the “Mama Kalam”, the witty scribe quipped, waiting for the President to arrive for the inauguration of the Chandigarh War Memorial. Well, the comparison between the two great leaders is not far removed from reality if their passion for children is taken into account.

Passport website

On paper, the passport offices in India have a website which applicants can use to ascertain the latest status of their applications. However, the reality is quite different. Recently, a colleague was requested by a friend from Haryana to know the fate of his application. Consulting the website the colleague informed his friend that the passport could not be issued as the police report had not yet reached the Regional Passport Office at Chandigarh. But he had to face embarrassment as the passport had already reached his friend. It is a case of slow updating of the website and should be rectified.

Campus capers

It’s interesting to hear the loud music get even louder as the cars and bikes become faster near the girls hostel on the campus. Often the song conveys the emotions of the drivers. A hot favourite is, with more than one car playing the same song, “Mel kara de rabba…sohni kudi de naal.”

Contributors: Aruti Nayar, Anandita Gupta, Vishal Gulati, O.P. Arora, Pradeep Sharma & Pradeep Sharma



Ghaggar bridge closure: fleecing time for mini-bus, auto owners
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Dera Bassi, August 21
It is fleecing time for the mini bus and auto owners of the area since the closure of the Ghaggar bridge for the heavy vehicular traffic.

The mini bus and three-wheelers owners are allegedly fleecing the daily commuters by overcharging from them.

In fact, the worst sufferers are the government employees, including the school teachers, who live in the tricity and work in Dera Bassi and its periphery.

With buses being diverted to alternative routes, travelling to their places of work has become arduous besides being a costly affair.

Certain commuters alleged that from Dera Bassi to Bhankarpur, a distance of only about 2 km, an amount of Rs 5 is charged by the mini bus operators. Then the passengers are made to disembark from the bus at the Dera Bassi side of the Ghaggar Bridge and have to walk to the other side of the bridge.

From this side, the passengers are again charged an amount of Rs 5 up to Zirakpur. The official fare from Dera Bassi to Zirakpur is only Rs 4. This is nothing short of open loot by the mini bus operators and the auto driver, alleged Mr Nirmal Singh, a daily commuter from Dera Bassi to Zirakpur.

Moreover, over-crowding of the mini buses and autos is a routine affair putting the lives of the commuters at risk, alleged Mr Nikhil Kumar. He demanded the intervention by the administration to check this malpractice.

Meanwhile, thousands of employees, who travel from the tricity to Dera Bassi and adjoining areas are being inconvenienced. Mr Jagir Singh, who works in a factory near Dera Bassi, informed that the closure of the bridge since August 14 night had virtually changed his lifestyle.

“Earlier, I used to board a bus from Chandigarh at 8 a.m. Now in the wake of the diversion of buses from Zirakpur, I have to start from Chandigarh at 7 a.m. After disembarking at Zirakpur, I have to take a lift or board a three-wheeler till the bridge. From there also I have to either take a lift or board an auto or a mini bus,” Mr Jagir Singh added.

Meanwhile, the non-regulation of the light vehicular traffic on the bridge during the night time often leads traffic chaos. With one side of the bridge closed for traffic, the non-regulation of the traffic inconveniences the motorists, particularly when the two-wheelers meander their way through the traffic.



NGO wants HUDA to act on encroachments
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 21
The Panchkula Joint Welfare Forum today said cases where land meant for residential and commercial purposes was occupied by unauthorised persons should be freed of encroachments.

It added that as an alternative small-size plots should be allotted to the encroachers to settle the matter.

Addressing a Press conference, the convenor of the Forum, Mr Hemant Kinger, said the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) would benefit even by acquiring new land and allotting it to the jhuggi-dwellers.

“The jhuggi residents are occupying prime land which is worth crores of rupees.

“These people can be accommodated at a place 10 km outside the city and can be provided transport facilities at a very concessional rate,” he said.

The Chairman, Mr J.S. Sangari, said while there were some cases pending regarding encroachments, there were others where encroachments were thriving inspite of the fact there were no court cases. “Moreover, the problem is more acute in Sectors 2,4,14,20,21 and 25 as also in the Mansa Devi Complex, Sector 1, 2, Saketri, where new encroachments are happening everyday.

“ Prima facie, this is being done and allowed with the consent and approval of corrupt junior staff at the HUDA,” he alleged.

Stating that these encroachments should be removed with an immediate effect, the members maintained that dilly-dallying would only multiply problems of the HUDA by way of more court cases by the new people encroaching on the HUDA land.

Giving examples, Forum member S.D. Daid said the Punjab and Haryana High Court had directed that residents of four colonies, spread over 96 acres, be allotted less than two-marla plots outside the city which had not been done.

“Instead, the HUDA went to the Supreme Court against the order. However, we feel that the case must be withdrawn since the HUDA would get back lot more in terms of prime land if it chooses to allot land to the jhuggi dwellers outside the city,” he stated.

The members maintained that 205 acres of land, presently with jhuggi dwellers, had no litigation and there was no justification in not getting it vacated.

“There is an employee who has been in the HUDA office in Panchkula for nearly 20 years and knows everything about the city. There must be an inquiry into how he has managed a posting in the same office for so long,” Mr Kinger said.

As a solution to the problem, the Forum has demanded that a high-powered committee be appointed to consider and take a final decision in the matter of encroachments and look into how and why these encroachments have been allowed to mushroom in newly acquired areas as well.



Tenant clarifies on water supply to landlord
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
Mr Sushil Kumar, tenant in a Sector 22 house, whom his landlord has accused of having allegedly disrupted water to the other portion of the house, has asserted that the water was seeping through the floor of the toilets located on the first floor of the house, following which he stopped the supply.

Mr Sushil Kumar has further claimed that Mr Sharma has not got the floor and the water pipes repaired so that seepage can be checked.

Claiming that he has been occupying the ground floor of the house as a tenant for the past over 29 years, Mr Sushil Kumar said unless he had stopped water supply, seepage would have continued, thereby endangering the lives of those occupying the ground floor.

He has also stated that he has made a number of complaints to the local police, informing it of the problem and seeking its intervention in resolving the issue. He has further claimed that the landlord gave an assurance in front of the cops that he would get the necessary repairs done, but nothing had been done.

Mr Sushil Kumar has also stated that he, and not the landlord, had been paying the water bill, which now runs into thousands of rupees as water continuously flows through the taps on the first floor, which is occupied by the landlord.



Fauji Beat
Don’t overuse Army

The Defence Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, said in the Lok Sabha the other day that an increased use of the Army on internal security (IS) duties was putting it under great strain. He called it an “unfortunate state of affairs”.

The primary role of the Army is to defend the country against external aggression. Unfortunately, this role has been pushed to the background with the Army being used to providing aid to the civil administration during the past two decades.

The rules clearly stipulate that the maintenance of law and order is a state subject. Any law and order problem should, therefore, be tackled by the police of the state concerned. And when the situation goes out of its control, the paramilitary forces should be summoned to assist the police.

The Army should be called out only if the situation goes out of control of the paramilitary forces. But in actual practice, this does not happen because the civil administration does not like to take any chance and asks for the Army help without trying out the other options.

The police and paramilitary forces are well aware of the fact that if they fail, the Army will be summoned to handle the situation. This thinking detracts them from putting in their best. The result is that in all situations, such as civil disturbances, floods, accidents, etc, the Army is asked to take over the situation prematurely.

The Army, which should be the last resort, has become the first option these days. This will not augur well for the country in the long run.

The priceless Victoria Cross

“Your gesture was remarkable and it has struck a chord with the British. Their respect for you has increased manifold and they salute your values. The Vicroria Cross and George Cross Association is concerned about your welfare”.

This complementary remark was made by Brig Clive Elderson, Defence and Military Adviser in the British High Commission, when the members of late Honorary Captain Umrao Singh’s declined to part with his Victoria Cross (VC) for Rs 60 lakh a few days ago.

By doing this, the family has proved beyond doubt that sentimental values cannot be weighed in money. Their gesture has enhanced the prestige of the Indian soldier and the Army beyond measure. This, of the family, too when the family of the departed soldier is not financially so well off.

The members when asked by Brig Elderson if the Commission could extend any help to them, gracefully replied in the negative. Brig Elderson and his wife wound up their visit to Palra village in Haryana by paying tributes at the grave of Honorary Captain Umrao Singh who had won the VC in World War II.

Now compare this with how we treat our warriors. Hardly any tributes were paid by our government to the Kargil martyrs on July 26. Even the winners of Param Vir Chakra (PVC), which is the country’s highest gallantry award, like the British VC, were forgotten on the “Vijay Diwas” anniversary.

Sehjra War Memorial

In the 1965 war, 48 Infantry Brigade as part of the Goldern Arrow Division had secured the Hudiara Drain in Khalra sector. This paved the way for the capture of Barki by 65 Infantry Brigade. In the 1971 war, 48 Infantry Brigade captured “Sehjra Bulge”, an area of 52 sq km just in 24 hours. It thwarted a potent Pakistani threat to Ferozepore town and the Harike bridge.

For their gallant action, the units of this brigade were awarded the Theatre Honour “Punjab 1971”, and Battle Honour “Sehjra”.

The Sehjra War Memorial was constructed by 48 Infantry Brigade in Ferozepore in 1999 to commemorate the sacrifices of those soldiers who laid down their lives to save the honour of the country.

— Pritam Bhullar



Prank lands youth in jail
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
An attempt to snatch the bag of an acquaintance jokingly landed Sandeep Singh Taneja in lock-up today.

According to the police, the incident took place this afternoon, when Sandeep driving in his Lancer car stopped at the transport traffic lights in Sector 26 at around 3 p.m. He saw his acquaintance, Ajay Sharma, Subash Nagar, Mani Majra on his motorcycle waiting for the signal to turn green. No sooner than the signal turned green, Sandeep, in an attempt to shock his acquaintance, snatched the bag that was lying on Ajay’s motorcycle and sped away in his car. Ajay raised an alarm and the police control room vehicle, which was parked nearby, managed to intercept the accused. The bag was containing three mobile phones and some documents.

The complainant, Mr Ajay Sharma, is working with a private telecom company. Sandeep of Sector 12, Panchkula, is a son of a Zirakpur-based hotelier. He has been booked for snatching under Sections 379, 356 and 411 of the Indian Penal Code.



Lalru protest pays off, new transformer for Saidpura
Tribune News Service

Dera Bassi, August 21
Lalru villagers' protest against bias in the power supply on the night of August 11, which led to a confrontation between the Congress and SAD and created a storm, seems to have paid off.

In bid to ease the power situation, the PSEB authorities have installed a new transformer at Saidpura village near here.

In fact, the 100 KVA transformer will be operational tonight, the PSEB Executive Engineer, Mr G.S. Brar said. The transformer was requisitioned last week and technical experts were on the job to install it.

With the commissioning of the new transformer, the total electricity load will be divided between the two transformers. Only scheduled cuts will be enforced and the additional cuts should be the thing of the past, sources hoped.



Theme party on drug addiction
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
Event organisers Chocolate and Defaulters organised a theme party, aimed at creating awareness about drug addiction among the youth at Silk Lounge in Sector 8 here.

The party, sponsored by Glass Palace, attracted a large number of youngsters. The party animals danced to the tunes of various western as well as desi numbers.

Mr Amardeep Singh, head of Chocolate, said the party was a success and aimed at discouraging the youth from taking drugs. Chocolate would be organising another party which would be a rain dance party at poolside at North Park on September 9. 



AWWA launches channel
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
In an endeavour to effectively reach out to the families of Army personnel stationed at Chandimandir, the Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) today launched its own in-house cable television channel, “Chandimandir Dhadkan”.

Inaugurating the channel, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command, Lt-Gen Daljeet Singh said the project was aimed at achieving the objectives of information, education and communication.

Besides relaying entertainment programmes, the channel would keep the residents abreast of the latest activities going on in the military station and would also provide other information regarding social activities as well as health and security issues.

Possibly the first venture of its kind in the country, the channel would initially relay for an hour each evening, followed by a repeat telecast the next morning and afternoon.

The channel would also provide a platform for exhibiting amateur talent from amongst the families of military personnel. Inviting guest speakers and providing vocational guidance to children are among other planned activities.

The entire production team for the channel has been picked up from Army personnel and their families. The channel will be managed by the AWWA, with technical support being provided by the Corps of Signals.



Kerala Samajam to celebrate Onam on August 27
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
Members of the Kerala Samajam, Chandigarh, will be celebrating Onam on August 27 at the Pastoral Centre of Christ the King Cathedral, Sector 19, at 11am.

A special feast and a cultural programme will be the main attractions of the day. Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, Union Minister of State for Finance, will be the chief guest on the occasion.

Dr John V. George, ADGP, Haryana, Mrs Raji P Srivastava, Joint Secretary, Finance, Chandigarh Administration will grace the occasion.

Mr Sujit Haridas Regional Director, CII, will also be present on the occasion and convey Onam messages to the gathering. 



50 new cabs in city
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
Mega Cab, round-the-clock largest radio taxi company, today expanded its base in the city with the introduction of at least new 50 Indigo Marina Cars, which stand out for their sleekness and extra space for luggage. Addressing a press conference, Mr Kunal Lalani, Managing Director, Mega Corporation, said:" The fleet size of the company in the city will be over 100 soon. As many as 31 parking spots have been identified in the city. The process for identifying spots in Panchkula and Mohali is underway."

Mr Maninder, head of operations at Chandigarh, said the cab service was assured within 15 minutes after a caller dialled 4141414".

Mr Lalani said, "the service was charging Rs 12 per km as announced by the State Transport Authority. We have made a request for a revision in the fare structure going by the fact that the petrol price has gone up considerably. We have been assured an audience by the administration in October".



Fashion school to train rural women
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
The Business School of Fashion, which is the nucleus of Fashion Technology Park at Mohali, will now be training rural women with skills and knowledge of innovative processes and products. They will also teach these women how to preserve and disseminate cultural and indegenous craft knowledge systems.

The first in the series of training programmes is intended to strengthen and accelerate the capacity building process of the craft producers registered with the Fashion Technology Park. The Business School of Fashion (BSF) will be covering 30 villages in Dera Bassi subdivision of Mohali, a press note issued here stated today.

The training series will include six workshops of five to 12 days duration. every month various aspects of aesthetics, production and market will be taken up.

The main contents of the training programme will include colour concept and application, visual order, product conversion (accessories and costumes), linera structure and construction etc. It is the unique initiative of the BSF to link the traditional skills of the craftsmen with the contemporary demands.

After completion of the training, participants would be able to execute a range of viable marketable products for domestic and international market. 



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