Saturday, September 2, 2006

Karuna Goswamy


2. Surpass others; do extremely well

6. In England, a knight is so addressed

7. Auditory organ

8. Spanish island in the Mediterranean

11. Hollywood actress and singer

12. Madhya Pradesh town famous for its sculptures

13. Sphere

14. Acharya Rajneesh is so known

16. Musical mode in Indian tradition

18. Wasim _____, great bowler

20. Resting place for travellers

21. The Gupta period is called the Golden — of ancient India.

22. Street urchin



1. Severe form of mental disorder

2. Lake lying between Canada and U.S.

3. India’s investigative agency (inits).

4. Shakespeare’s great tragic figure

5. Class of ancient Hindu scriptures

9. Small, natural stream of water

10. Striped quadruped

15. Suspend; dangle

17. Literally speaking, “it is so”

19. Male sheep