Saturday, September 2, 2006

Rhyme Time
Web of terror

As the midnight hour neared,

The Tricolour was hoisted.

The British left in silence,

While we tasted Independence.

In the triumphant roar of the


The people felt content.

With the British gone,

They saw their troubles end.

Alas! They never did foresee,

Troubles that had just begun.

The problems so many,

That grief consumed everyone.

Everywhere you see,

There’s terror and fear,

There’s not a safe place,

For those who are your

near and dear.

With a blast every week,

And terrorists everywhere,

In this tangle of terror,

Peace has been lost,

We all have to find it,

Be it at any cost.

In this state of strife,

We continue to live,

But this is life

And we have to learn to live.

Shreya Punj, IX, Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute, New Delhi

Be sure

If you ride less and walk more,

If you worry less and work more,

If you sleep less and think more,

Health will be yours, be sure.

If you tire less and try more,

If you cram less and write more,

If you play less and study more,

Success will be yours, be sure.

If you hate less and love more,

If you punish less and forgive more,

If you quarrel less and agree more,

Fame will be yours, be sure.

Shefali Chander, VIII A, GAV Public School, Kangra