Ulta Pulta
Milking faith
Jaspal Bhatti

The faith of people has been tested in the past few days. They have been witness to idols drinking milk in various parts of the country. Recently thousands of people were seen rushing to Mahim beach in Mumbai to taste sweet water. I think God has been kind to Indians as he wants to show them alternatives to Coke and Pepsi.

At first Shahrukh Khan might have thought that he would perhaps get a chance to endorse Mahimís sweet water till the soft drinks giants donít get themselves absolved of impurities in their drinks. But his dreams were short lived. The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board has cautioned people against drinking the sweet water.

I personally donít believe in miracles, but if Lord Ganeshaís idol was drinking milk, then it is the way of divine powers to indicate that milk is better than Pepsi, Coke or sweet sea water.

Let us pray to our milkmen that they should mix only clean water in the milk. Because it is not only our children who drink milk, but also our gods.