Photo: Pradeep Tewari Democratic farce
Welfare state’s concept was never so clear to the students undergoing a course in democracy on the Panjab University and college campuses across the city. Closely studying the process of exercising options not just for electing the best, but also for accepting the finest, they know for sure social democracy’s definition has changed over the years even at the classroom-level.

Cured fever
The run-up to students’ body elections has never been so lack-lustrous on the Panjab University0 grounds. If there was some poll fever ever afflicting the students, it has undoubtedly been cured.

Vidya Tikari is all set to open her Beauty Studio and Spa in the city, reports Nirupama Dutt
The face is her canvas and she paints it with subtle yet sure strokes. She is young Vidya Tikari who as a schoolgirl was practicing make-up on herself and her friends. Her parents were taken aback when she told them, “All I like doing is make-up and that’s what I want to do.” 

Soaring High
As the students and teachers celebrated Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday throughout the country, a city school musical band, released their maiden musical album with the help of their band manager, Michelangelo Francis.

Cinematic treat for city
The Chandigarh Film Society in association with the Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre is bringing in a rare cinematic treat for Chandigarh. The four-day film festival beginning today is showcasing acclaimed works of Hungarian directors at the Government Polytechnic for Women, Sector 10. Cultural Counselor, Embassy of Hungary, Dr Imre Lazar, will inaugurate the film festival. The Director Tourism, Chandigarh Administration, will be the chief guest on the occasion.

P(l)aying the Price
Act 2: Estranged brother Walter makes an impressive entry to see his younger brother Victor after 16 long years. The backdrop is an auction of family heirlooms. The course of conversation varies from emotional to satirical to plain funny. The funny bit comes mainly from the 90-year-old dealer Solomon with a pronounced Yiddish accent.

PLAY IS THE THING: Harish Bhatia directing Rana Nayar, Vineet Puri, Vijay Kapoor and Aradhika Sharma in The Price, a play by Arthur Miller. — Photos by Manoj Mahajan

Harish Bhatia directing Rana Nayar, Vineet Puri, Vijay Kapoor and Aradhika Sharma in The Price, a play by Arthur Miller.

Arty Flashback
Memory is, ’tis said, is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. And it was memory that rained supreme at the opening of a mammoth art exhibition that opened on Wednesday evening at the Panjab University museum with some 300 works of 168 old and new students crowding it like never before.
One did not bother if one work was posted too close to another or that one was so big that it had to be placed on a chair or that the senior ‘artists’, who consider themselves a cut above the others, had given their much-seen old works. It did not even matter that the works of some of the younger ones were far too naive. It also did not matter that eighty per cent of the alumni were non-practicing artists or not artists at all even though they had studied art.

THE WAY WE WERE: Diwan Manna with friends of the college days.

Diwan Manna with friends of the college days.

Travelling through time
Had it not been for Kala Maitri’s pursuits, the students of Government College of Art would never have been able to meet 83-year-old Jeet Singh. Perhaps the oldest Art College alumnus living in Chandigarh, Jeet Singh was the cynosure of all eyes at Fine Arts Museum where Kala Maitri’s volumonous art exhibition opened on Wednesday evening.

Kala Maitri
Ways of Seeing
Razor’s Edge: Raj Kumar’s painting moves from the blue cityscape to to the yellow fields as he paints with meticulous detail the daily act of shaving with the barber and the subject equally alert and tense. The subject becomes symbolic of the tension of our times when life is on the edge.