Tangles of conflict
Himmat Singh Gill

Holy Warriors
by Edna Fernandes.
Penguin/Viking. Pages 332. Rs 450.

it takes an outsider to tell us Indians a simple home truth. Journalist Edna Fernandes, of Indian origin and brought up in London, journeys into the heart of Indian fundamentalism, as she terms it, and comes out with a long list of intolerance and radicalism that has gripped large segments of the Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh population.

Right stuff
Joy to read
Sridhar K Chari
John Wright’s Indian Summers
With Sharda Ugra and Paul Thomas
Penguin Viking, New Delhi, 2006.
Pgs 243. Rs 495.

the kind of pre-launch build up that John Wright’s Indian Summers has had, you could be forgiven for thinking that the former India cricket coach’s book was one of those peevish "tell-all" type of chronicles that takes advantage of inside knowledge to wreak revenge on detractors, unfold a few "it-was-not-my-faults", recount "sensational" anecdotes and generally slam "the system."

Song Divine
Rekha Jhanji

The Gita Govinda of Sri Jaidev
by A.K. Tripathy and P.C. Tripathy
Publication Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting,
Government of India, 2006.
Pages 187. Rs 450.

he two authors of this new book on Gita Govinda are researchers from Orissa. Gita Govinda is a well known poetic work from medieval Indian Sanskrit literature which has been translated and commented upon by several writers in Hindi and English. This new version of this famous text is very interesting because apart from the English translation it has several chapters that delineate its philosophy, history, music, religious practices and legends associated with it.

A story of grit
Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu
Chasing Daylight: How my Forthcoming Death Transformed my Life
by Eugene O’Kelly. Tata McGraw-Hill.
Pages 179. Rs 250.

ugene O’Kelly died this day, last year. Who was he? Eugene O’Kelly was the Chairman and CEO of KPMG, one of the largest accounting firms in the US. With giant companies such as Citigroup and General Electric as clients, he was a man on the go driven entirely by business. Here was a man who once flew across the world, took a connecting flight, and seated himself beside an equally busy business prospect, so that he could pitch a sale. Needless to add, he clinched the deal.

A wordsmith at work
Shalini Rawat
Pursuit of Meaning
by Rakshat Puri.
Sterling Publishers Pvt Ltd.
Pages 188. Rs 300.

"Poetry is an ascetic art of doing without, rather than doing with indulgence".
R. Parthasarthy
the cold desert nights of the mind, a fire rages within. Seated in front, it is a poet with a hooked pen. His fingers move nimbly, gathering a word-stitch from an earlier word-stitch, going over the meanings, sounds and silences over and over again, crocheting the before and the now, the clouds, the wind and the moon together, till a poem-pattern emerges.

Divided opinions

Punjab Politics-1 January 1944-3 March 1947. Last Years of the Ministries, Governor’s Fortnightly Reports
and other Key Documents
Compiled and edited by Lionel Carter.
Manohar. Pages 392. Rs.950.

struggle for Freedom passed through various phases. Right from the formation of the Indian National Congress (hereafter INC) in 1885, the Movement was dominated by the Moderates in the earlier phase and then by the Extremists. With the emergence of Mahatma Gandhi, the Movement became a people’s movement. Various thinkers and researchers have delved into the various phases of the Indian National Movement and thrown light on the important events.

Wages of a spurned vision
G.S. Bhargava
JP on Jammu & Kashmir
by Balraj Puri. Gyan Publishing House.
Pages 276. Rs 690

Narayan, JP to most people, once described himself as a champion of lost causes. That was when he favoured Ayub Khan’s ‘basic democracy’ to the Westminster system mechanically imported into India and advocated settlement of the border dispute with China by exchanging the Aksai Chin plateau for Sikkim, Arunachal and adjacent eastern areas.

Labour of Love
Amy Joyce
little bit heaven, a little bit hell. That sums up the world of work. And it sums up National Geographic’s "Work: The World in Photographs," a panoramic journey celebrating how we make a living. Just in time for Labor Day, the hefty volume features commentary by art critic Ferdinand Protzman and spans more than a century of toil. It focuses on the workers, from fishermen and stock market gurus, to a blacksmith in Illinois and a baker in Egypt.

Last of the titans
Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz, who passed away recently, was the best-known writer of the Arab world. He earned the Arabic novel respect and popularity and his literary career mapped the changes in Egyptian history