The rainbow war
Himmat Singh Gill
The Weather Makers
Tim Flannery Allen Lane/Penguin Books. Pages 341. £ 6
THE impact and consequences of climate change on our planet, which many term as threats to civilization, form the basis of a frightful yet professional early warning of an impending disaster to the ecology and balance of nature in this century, according to Tim Flannery, scientist and author of this fascinating and useful book Each of us should take up the challenge to reverse man’s willful march towards self-annihilation, for "now we are the weather makers, and the future of biodiversity and civilization hangs on our actions.

Books received: english

Hindutva unravelled
Shyam Chand
Religious Dimensions of Indian Nationalism: A Study of the RSS
by Shamsul Islam. Media House, Delhi Pages 383. Rs 360.
THE book is a thoroughly researched and rewarding history of Indian nationalism. The Father of Indian nationalism was neither a Hindu nor a Muslim but a Parsi, Dadabhai Naoroji, the Grand Old Man of India. Communal forces reduced that secular nationalism into a degenerate marriage of religion and politics that has given birth to fascism.

Pre-empt and win
D. S. Cheema
The Power to Predict
Vivek Ranadivé Tata Mcgraw-Hill. Pages 239. Rs 299.
THIS is the follow-up of the author’s earlier book on real-time business, The Power of Now. It is meant to help executives to predict and understand future to know what their customers need, which can keep them ahead of the competitors. Ranadivé’s emphasis is the next 400-metre ground to be covered in the marathon run, as no one knows what the terrain will look like at mile 26, which can empower the companies to finish ahead of the crowd and get into the winning circle.

Indian book industry growing by volumes
Prashant K. Nanda
India’s Rs 80 billion book publishing industry is riding a wave of success, thanks to innovative marketing strategies like blog discussions, email to readers and preview booklets to promote new titles. "In the last two years, the industry has grown manifold. From an unorganised cottage industry, it is slowly turning into a strategy-driven organised sector," said Shobhit Arya, chief of Wisdom Tree Publishing house.

Libyan Kite Runner
Deepika Gurdev
In the Country of Men
Hisham Matar. Viking. Pages 256. £ 13
A review in The Statesman about Hisham Matar’s In The Country of Men had this to say: "Who would publish a book about the troubles of a Libyan child when, in the eyes of the western media, the whole country is reduced to the delusions of Gaddafi." Obviously, Viking wasn’t taking this too seriously, because they did and the book has emerged one of the hottest this year.

FRANKFURT book fair
A colourful canvas
Shinie Antony
Books by Indira Goswami, Krishna Sobti and Maitreyi Pushpa will air the "rich, paradoxical continuum of Indian language literature" at the Frankfurt Book Fair, says Katha, executive director, Geeta Dharmarajan. Goswami’s The Man From Chinnamasta, Sobti’s The Heart Has Its Reasons and Pushpa’s Alma Kabutari will be Katha’s main English offerings at the fair that begins October 4.

She, the citizen
G.V. Gupta
Women, Citizenship and Difference
Ed by Nina Yuval-Davis & Pnina Werbner: Zuban (An imprint of Kali for Women). Pages 271. Rs 495
THIS is a selection of 14 papers presented at a conference held in 1996 in London. The subject of the conference forms the title of this selection. A masterly introduction by the editors summarises the papers, links them and puts forward suggestions for future action to secure special citizenship rights for women. Citizenship defines the political, social and economic entitlements of a full member of a political community.

Taut tale
Sridhar K Chari
Year 7007 – Fable of a forgotten planet
by Vijayakumar Punya Publishing. Pages 180. Rs 145
AN unknown author, an unknown publisher. And if the title and the garish cover do not put off the passing browser, the back-of-the-book blurbs will – "a taut psychological mesmerizing tale… it works at many levels with the reader and gives a choice to accept it as a fascinating thriller or a book to transform ones thinking…a must read multi-generational novel."

Forever at war
WHEN 77-year-old Italian journalist and writer Oriana Fallaci died last week in Florence, it was adieu to "Italy’s most celebrated female writer," as she had been called by Ferruccio De Bortoli, former director of Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. She lived in New York, and had returned secretly to her native city before her death.

House where Christie lived
Queen of whodunit Agatha Christie’s best-known novels, many of them first editions, are being offered for sale to help to conserve the author’s former home in Devon. Thirty of her best known novels, are in a 719-lot auction of art and antiques expected to fetch about #200,000 in Exeter.

Divine notes
Randeep Wadehra

  • Bismillah Khan
    by Neeraja Poddar Rupa. Pages 60. Rs 195

  • India Smiles
    by Penguin. Pages 157. Rs 195

  • Sikh Meditations
    by Harchand Singh Giani Dit Singh Memorial Trust, Ludhiana. Pages 208. Rs 60