Events begin where glamour ends
Event management is an exacting 24x7 task with no Sunday off but more young people are opting for it, reports Anandita Gupta
HE atmosphere seems unrelentingly elitist. As some petite models demurely walk the poolside of one of the City Beautiful’s plush hotels, the city’s beau monde bursts into clapping sprees. And as the literati clinks glasses with the glitterati, the models swirl sensuously, wrapped in the elegance of Satya Paul sarees. 

Tahira and Rashmi
Tahira and Rashmi

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Nirvana glossy
Rabia Tewari
N the jet set age today, we all seem to be seeking Nirvana in some form or the other. For South Asian women in New York and California, attaining fashion and lifestyle nirvana has now become a speck easier. Nirvana Woman, a glamorous fashion and lifestyle magazine for South Asian women, is now widely available in both states.

Weaned on PICKLE
There is more than spicy flavours in Patiala’s famous Achaar Bazaar because many of the
delicious preserves are meant for health, says Anuradha Shukla

NYONE with a sour face is one described as ‘weaned on pickle’. Well, Patialvis are different. They are all bright-faced and smiling when they are the ones who have literally been weaned on a large variety of pickles.

MASTER OF SPICES: A view of the Patiala street famous for its tasty pickles. — Photo by Rajesh Sachar
MASTER OF SPICES: A view of the Patiala street famous for its tasty pickles

  • Long history

  • Pickling health

  • Achaar USP

Love life and life will love you

I am a 25-year-old single girl and work as a teacher in a high school. I pray daily, do social work and lead a very disciplined life. I am very aware from my childhood of right and wrong and somehow have spent my whole life trying to do things right. Recently I have started feeling very tired of my life. I am constantly anxious, worrying about what others think of me. I seem to have many phobias. I am extremely self-critical and unsatisfied with myself. Please guide me on how to change my attitude and feel happier.
Aruna SethI
, Chandigarh

Tuning-in with Hardeep S. Chandpuri
HEN I first went to the US, I was pretty much taken aback by the kind of strange four alphabet prefixes in the names of all commercial radio stations coast to coast. Names like WKQX, KATD, KIIS, WSTW, WOOZ, WZBH etc., rang in my head and it took me a while to decipher them.

Fashion Forecast
Gayatri Rajwade

The abundance dazzles and creativity abounds. Colours splash, trinkets sparkle and fabrics shimmer on this bright and sassy day as the Fashion and Wedding Forecast Exhibition, on the grassy turf of Hotel Mountview in Sector 10, gets ready to create a royal traffic jam on the roads!

Fashionably correct 
Anandita Gupta
INALLY, most Indians are rejoicing as the time to celebrate has been ushered in by the commencing of Navratras. Now begins the season that’s bound to make us all heady with festivity, since most of our fat Indian weddings are held during this auspicious time. And for all those young girls among us who are to be married in this time, the roller coaster ride of excited shopping must have already begun. So, we tell you cues on dressing up for the approaching wedding functions, so that you can begin to shop for them right away!

For a rainy day
The monsoon is well on its way out but one can never tell with rain. The rain gods may send down drops of water as and when they feel making you quite a mess at the garden or terrace party now that the season is in full swing. So here are a few tips to keep in mind for a rainy day.

Labour Chowk
Sreedhara Bhasin

I heard the term ‘labour chowk’ only after coming to Chandigarh. I was told that it is comparable to a free-flowing labour mandi full of day-hires ready to be picked up. My rather sanitised soul, specially after years of living in the West, found the entire idea rather disconcerting.