Ulta Pulta
Weight & watch
Jaspal Bhatti

IT is said that beauty is only skin deep. Thatís why some fashion models keep shedding their skin till they are reduced to mere skeletons. Recently five models were banned in the Madrid Fashion Week as they were too skinny.

Husbands with plump wives are happy with this decision. "Bhai, moti biwi agar bimar bhi ho jaye to kuch zyada nahin bigdega!" they exclaim happily.

According to our Health Minister, Dr S. Ramdoss, India is facing an acute problem of osteoporosis, which is a direct result of young girls cutting down on food to have an hourglass figure.

I have had a chance to judge some beauties at a local fashion event. I believe that the total weight of the clothes on the model should be less than her body weight. But Iím sure that these reed thin models can take to the ramp to promote the cause of malnutrition or some light food for the sick.

Once during such a show, someone switched on the pedestal fan. The show coordinator screamed, "Switch off the fan or my models will fly away."