Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Success lies in outlook, not looks
I.M. Soni

Youngsters fail in their careers or life not because they lack potential but because they neither explore nor gainfully use the potential they possess. They fail to give significance and meaning to their ambition. They fail to feed “ego food” to it.

The first step in this direction is to gain a real belief in yourself. Know that you can make a good contribution to your own development and growth. No one else owes it yourself except you.

You have more potential than you know. William James, father of modern practical psychology, says that 90 per cent people go through life using only 10 per cent of their potential. You have unrealised assets waiting, like hidden treasure, to be discovered.

Socrates, the Greek philosopher, has urged, “Know thyself.” So, will you, in your own interest, take a second look at yourself? One at your looks, second at your outlook.

The former are already decided for you. You cannot do anything with what nature has given. You can only polish it and add the veneer of good manners. This helps.

The latter, however, is a vast unexplored area. When you are lacking in self-esteem and self-confidence, the root trouble lies within you. Your self-concept is defective. You think yourself as a loser. Your outer life conforms to the inner pattern.

If you suffer from self-doubt, your fine talents remain buried and you fail to free yourself from a distressing handicap. Vanquish your self-doubt and the handicap vanishes.

If you want to build a strong belief in yourself, learn to appreciate yourself, look at yourself positively, never down-playing yourself or your own abilitites.

Miss Inferiority says at an interview, “Nothing much. I haven’t prepared enough. I am out of touch. I just had a few lessons.”

She is under the impression that she is being modest but she is showing that she has a lot to be modest about. Playing yourself down is diffidence, not modesty. It is no more honest than claiming talents you do not possess.

You don’t have to puff yourself either. If you want to succeed to a bright career, you must strive to get a clear and positive picture of your own self. This is naturally reflected in your personality, opening doors of success.

Mr Whiner is never a winner. He is a constant grumbler. There is always something wrong somewhere. “If only this had happened. If only I had had a better or another chance. I would have done it if I...”

Constantly complaining loses him opportunities. He complains of noise when opportunity knocks at his door. He could be successful if only he had cut out the number of his no’s.

You are afraid you are not good enough and your self-absorption persuades you to think that other people are disparaging you. In your mind you are listening, as it were, to the own opinion of yourself which you eventually put in the mouth of others.

If you want to be successful, question your mental outlook which is failing you, making you apprehensive or causes obstacles in your career — climb.

The way you think determines your outlook. Your outlook makes up your attitude as a whole. Check on your outlook to ensure that it is helping, not hindering. It should help you make the most of yourself, not merely 10 per cent of yourself.