His Maestro’s Voice
Gayatri Rajwade meets up with Ghazal King Jagjit Singh who is in town to release a children’s book
This is a story about healthy eating with a generous sprinkling of a maestro’s abundant love and warmth for little moppets, all in a wonderful morning plump with music, song and spry story telling. And it was the open smile that gave it all away. For singing maestro Jagjit Singh had certainly reserved his best one for his little friends at the Strawberry Fields World School in Sector 26 who sang for him and sat all sweetly lined up for the release of Rasha’s Road to Nutrition.

BOOK MARK: Jagjit Singh with Shalini Sharma and Shehnaz David.
— Photo by Pradeep Tewari

Jagjit Singh with Shalini Sharma and Shehnaz David

Shop till you drop
Ah here it is, this season’s delightful ‘caper’! For as ‘Celebrations Fiesta’ meanders through the ‘haloed’ portals of Hotel Shivalik View, Sector 17, and splashes over onto its lush greens there is a veritable carnival for the senses, waiting to enchant. In fact, splurge has a new name, ‘scrumptious’! For the mantra is simple ‘shop-till-you-drop’! Let the credit cards droop with overuse, let the pockets spill out with goodies for what is on offer is, in one simple sentence, smart, sassy, chic and spiffy!

ART BAZAAR: Celebration fiesta offers a wide range of goods including colourful handicrafts. — Photo by Manoj Mahajan

Celebration fiesta offers a wide range of goods including colourful handicrafts

A date with God
Gayatri Rajwade
Writer-poet Kamla Kapur is back and this time she is gambolling amidst the Gods of the Indian Pantheon! Emerging As of a Fountain in a Garden, her book of verses written to assuage her anguished soul after the suicide of her husband, poet Donald Dean Powell in 1993, she comes back transformed, retelling Hindu myths this time round.

Chandigarh Rocks!
Saurabh Malik
Bollywood latest remake Don’s music does not find favour with them. For, the disc jockeys and musicians, in Chandigarh all the way from Delhi and other places for mixing some cool music during Bacardi B-live, do not believe in “remaking” melodies. Remixing is justified. But remaking or re-singing — it is nothing less than a musical sin.

Wine, saag-meat and cricket
Pradeep Tewari
When cricket and cricket stars come to town it is party time. Well partying does brighten cricket and cricketers and a taste of it could be had on Thursday night at the Chandigarh Golf Range with high-profile doctor of PGI, M.S. Dhillon, throwing a lavish party to welcome the cricketers from Sri Lanka. The occasion was, of course, the doc’s birthday bash and the cake was there too but with the presence of the Sri Lankan cricketers, the mood was sporty and upbeat.

SPORTING SPIRIT: Dhillons share a laugh with the cricketers from Sri Lanka. — Photo by Pradeep Tewari

Dhillons share a laugh with the cricketers from Sri Lanka

Anything for love
Some actors struggle to get a chance to work with big banners but some are just plain lucky to lap up such offers at the beginning of their career. Young and vivacious Poonam Joshi is one of those lucky one, who has bagged Rajshri Banner’s most acclaimed serial Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki on Sahara One. Poonam chats up with the Lifestyle on her new project. She plays a strong character called Sanjana.

A glimpse of Indonesia
We all know the jingle ‘Indonesia, Truly Asia’ by heart. Now here is an opportunity to see the finest art and craft from this country. Courtesy Fabindia, Sector 9, which is holding an exhibition of Indonesian Art and Craft starting from October 6.

Hearbeats for everyone
Anuradha Shukla
“There is only one language that is language of the heart and there is only one religion that is the religion of love which is spiritual”, says the writer with a big heart Dr Jai Lal Handoo. His only wish is for a world where no one is hurt by any other human being either by word, deed or by feelings.

Playing Extra
Titanic beauty Kate Winslet has revealed that she was in splits while shooting for the Extras, due to Ricky Gervais’ farting antics on the sets. The Hollywood beauty made a cameo appearance during the last series of the BBC comedy.

Sensuous range of nightwear                                                   

Pretty secrets has come out with the sensuous range of nightwear in its new fall collection. The stunning range includes nightgowns, stylish chemise, short wraps, cami tops and comfortable PJ sets.

Bon Appetit
Chinese Feast
Kandla Nijhowne
In China they have an ancient custom that whenever a new baby is born in a family, the young arents perform this name-select on ritual which indicates what the infant will finally be called, They enter their kitchen and take out all the cutlery from the drawer-spoons, knives, forks, ladles, tongs, the lot….With much fanfare, only short of trumpets, handfuls of the cutlery are flung up into mid-air with great gusto.