Saturday, October 14, 2006

Karuna Goswamy


1. Amiable king with a giant appetite

6. Well-known football cup

8. Popular server for the Internet

11. Building part directly under the roof

12. Report written by a superior (inits.)

13. University founded by Sir Syed (inits.)

14. The Pathan who is cricketing hero

17. Combining form meaning ‘within’

19. “The Seven Year —”

21. Christian festival also called Whitsunday


2. Top card

3. Animal often sacrificed and eaten

4. There is an old and a — Mumbai

5. Vessel used often for ritual purposes

6. Edict issued by the Russian czar

7. Sheikh —, great Sufi saint

9. Barely enough; not abundant

10. Express mirth, merriment

15. Utter, convincing defeat

16. Congress party’s body (inits.)

18. This also means “no”, in Scottish 

20. The “ — -Sutlej” states were under the British