Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rhyme Time

Study time

Whoever made study

I want to kill that buddy

It has eaten up our mind

In such a kind

We do not get time to play

With Barbie or with clay

Maths is too complicated

Moral science too sophisticated

Science is too deep

After studying history we fall off to sleep

Geography helps us know about the world

But civics is full of dirt

O God, please have mercy on us

And make studies easy for us

Pelika Gupta X-D, St Joseph Convent Secondary School, Bathinda

Mother Earth

A round ball

With no end at all

Like a mother

Gives her blessing,

Always rotates around the sun

And is never resting.

It is covered with water,

And also with land,

The depth of ocean, seas may alter,

And so also may the desert sand.

Hills, mountains, rivers, lakes

Canals and spring,

She moves all around

In an oval orbit,

Like birds with wings,

Somewhere there are ponds and waterfalls,

Sometimes the water level rises,

Sometimes it falls.

A round ball,

With no end at all

Antriksh Sharma, IX, Sacred Heart Convent School, Samrala