Divali Dali
The Divali gifts basket is overflowing with goodies and the city has a fine share in corporate gift market that has crossed the 1000-crore mark nationwide, says Nirupama Dutt
This is to formally announce that I have started accepting Divali gifts in cash, cheques and credit cards. Avoid last day rush. Send now. (No flowers please.) So states an SMS doing the rounds of the city mobiles while taking a dig at the whole business of ‘gifting’ designed to reinforce business contacts. In the days of the British Raj, the Christmas dali was well known. It went by the name of dastoor and native contractors and businessmen sent baskets full of fine and savouries for the sahibs on the occasion of Badha Din. A vanity case or some silk would be added for the mem-sahibs and toys for the baballog. I have seen these dalis coming to the homes of my brothers in the tea gardens of Assam. But even these were a modest affair compared to that what is now exchanging hands now.

Where there is smoke…
Hookah or sheesha parties with good Arabian ambience and music are nowadays raising a smoke of excitement among blazing with excitement youngsters in the city, says Saurabh Malik
Dine and dance “bubble” bashes in nightclubs and discotheques may soon go up in smoke in the city of beautiful. For, burning with excitement, the youngsters across the city are actually smouldering to raise the fumes of exhilaration during the hookah parties. Fellows, you have guessed it right! Sheesha or hookah bash concept — so far limited to the metropolitans — is fast catching up with the blazing younglings puffing away their lives on the varsity and college campuses, excitedly.

Great gift bazaar

SAYING IT WITH FLOWERS AND CANDLES: No festivity is quite complete without flowers and flames and more so Divali that for the Indians marks a transition from the old to the new. It is also time to dress up the home and make it the neighbour’s envy. This is a time when many go for a complete makeover and give a new look to their homes. However the mood of the festival can be created in very simple ways by adding a few candles and flowers. Here we have a red candle, flanked with silvery ones and floating flowers with green foliage complete the frame that can be set atop a table or a mantelpiece. A set of red vases and flowery twigs creates the bright festive mood. — Photos by Manoj Mahajan. Artifacts: The Home Store

Scissoring Dreams
Parbina Rashid

Interviewing Prabal Pramanik always is a double treat. For, he is one of the very few artists, who has the ability to please the eyes and ears at the same time. One can easily drift along with his eloquent dreams while watching his deft fingers snipping and cutting a fine profile of the man standing next to him with his ever-permanent companion – his scissors. This time Pramanik’s visit to the city holds a new promise —to invite us to a cultural festival of arts at Bhamlada, Bhatwan. As we hurriedly glances at the map of Punjab to locate where it is, Prabanik proves helpful, “Bhamlada is about 39 kms from Pathankot on the way to Dalhousie”, says Pramanik, who has made this tiny village his home for about 23 years now.

PROMISES KEPT: Prabal Pramanik is all set to hold a festival of art at Bhamlada. — Photo by Malkiat Singh

Prabal Pramanik is all set to hold a festival of art at Bhamlada

Sultana of style
Anandita Gupta
Think ultra feminity pouring out of sheer tops, fitted dresses, shimmer, shine and lots of leg. Think a J Lo-esque figure draped in clothes that are red hot, barely off Indian runaways. And if you’ve still not guessed who it is, then recall the guru of amour on Loveline, or the sensual village belle in the Chaiyan Chaiyan…..and the fashion maven who pops out of your memory closet is none but the queen of style de jour-Malaika Arora Khan.

Oceanic ripples
Indian Ocean is causing ripples in the city again. The four-member all-boy band is back in Chandigarh for setting the pace for Friday evening after roaring across the country with their brand of pulsating fusion music. And this time the boys are adjusting the guitar strings to play some heart-throbbing music for a cause. Rather, they are all set to push the crowd on its feet during a live concert being organised for saving the hearts of not-so-affluent children suffering from cardiac disorders. Organised by Spice Telecom, Rotary Club and Rotaract Club, the group, along with another band Parikrama, is performing at Leisure Valley.
Photo by Pradeep Tewari

What’s cooking
Deepika Pundir
‘And the award for the ‘Best Cookery Show’ goes to Khana Khazana-these are the lines echoed every year at the various award shows hosted by big names such as the Indian Television Academy (ITA) and Indian Telly Awards. So if one were to say, ‘…and the credit goes to, (in unison stating the obvious), Sanjeev Kapoor!’

Bon Appetit
Food festival of India
Kandla Nijhowhne
All over India, we call it the festival of lights. But Star TV, over the years, like a record stuck in a groove doesn’t tire of wishing us viewers a Happy Divaully! In my dictionary, it is the festival of hogging, more hogging, and still more hogging! Throw out the diet sheets of Atkins and Dr. Makhija string up the lights and lay on the LARD on your torsos!

Tussar Magic
Had enough of East-West fusion? Get ready for a North-South fusion wear this festive season. Astitva — a designer outfit is bringing a collection suits and sarees in tussar silk. Handpicked and designed by Priya Singh and Rupa Chandel of Astitva, these unstitched suit pieces in tussor silk, tussor paschmina and cotton tussor with Kalamkari works by craftmens from Andhra Pradesh makes the right kind of attire for Divali.

World postal week celebrations
As part of the World Postal Week celebrations the Department of Posts celebrated the philately day by way of conducting a painting competition on the theme of ‘Festivals of India’ and philatelic quiz for school students. Sapna Dhiman of DAV bagged the first position in the painting competition followed by Hamrmeet Kaur from Government Model Senior Secondary School and Alisha Sandhu of DAV at the second and third place respectively.