Ulta pulta
Alarm bells
Jaspal Bhatti

A piercing high-pitched sound will rip through the handset if it is found in unfamiliar hands. This latest invention is likely to land probable mobile thieves in an embarrassing position. It seems like a useful invention by a mobile phone provider that has just been launched in Britain.

But the thievesí fraternity has its own R & D department and Iím sure they are already on job to counter this harassment.

What if we have alarms and warning bells in every gadget we use? And if we succeed in fitting alarms in human beings, then the world would be entirely different.

Imagine an alarm bell going off when a person tries to tell a lie. A habitual liar will have to make excuses like, "Yaar, yeh alarm bar bar baj raha hai. Lagta hai iski battery down ho rahi hai".

Also try to visualise a policeman with a small bulb on his helmet and the bulb starts flashing every time the cop receives a bribe. Or an electronic chip installed in all married couples. Anytime a partner tends to be unfaithful, he will have to face warning signals. When a husband reaches home, his wife would read the meter from his electronic chip and say, Aaj phir Rita ke pass ho kar aaye ho?"

Also politicians will have to be exempted from the mandatory wearing of these alarm gadgets. Otherwise there are chances that there will be noise pollution all around.