Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ESO opens new doors for engineers
Shailendra Singh

India has always been a market open to new ideas and trends. The wheel of progress has taken India much ahead of traditional thinking. We all are familiar with the role of BPOs and KPOs, and know about their working. Related to these is a new concept that has come up in India and is known as Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO).

What it entails

This is a new concept in India. ESO is outfitted to provide both the mid-sized and the large-sized engineering companies a viable option to utilise the large engineering talent pool in India to cut down the cost of their projects and also meet deadlines. It is among the emerging industries with ample job opportunities. And , to a large extent, credit goes to players like the Luminous Group for nourishing this concept.

It is a new door for aspiring engineers and diploma holders to step into. ESO is a platform which values those who are agile, competent, and seriously focused on core values of evolving, enabling and excelling under the toughest condition.

Skill set

There is a wide space in this field of engineering to grow, both in terms of money and position.

One should have the skills of achieving targets, working in teams, managing complex projects to deliver and coordinating to build a better tomorrow.


There is plenty of scope for both degree and diploma holders in ESO. Engineering students from the civil/mechanical branch can start as a junior engineer whereas diploma holders as trainees.

Areas of work

The area of land development entails design support, redlining and modification support which includes:

  • Grading and precise grading plan

  • Paving, sanitary, storm, water plan and profile

  • Final plan.

Transportation includes planning and design services such as

  • Survey of maps, strip plan and existing surface profile

  • Alignment, intersection, pavement and drainage design

  • Digital terrain modeling.

Public works structural design includes

  • Construction documents

  • Preliminary design schematics, finalised and sanctioned plan revision

  • Furnishes plan pages and construction documents, 3D modeling, computer animations, and project administration information

  • Implementation of Modification/ Revision

  • Data Conversion to CAD drawing (2D & 3D) as per dimensions provided on the supporting image files

  • Structural Design includes Preliminary Drawing, Detail Analysis and design and detail Drawing.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) includes:

  • Designing and detailing services for HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) system

  • Duct, Equipment Piping, Sizing, design Layout and plan drawings. Mechanical equipment Layouts, Submittals and elevations drawings

  • Structural steel drafting and detailing services for fabrication, general workforce and expertise and the very least is required. In addition, it's important for all stakeholders to get together and think about how India's domestic growth can become a strategic advantage in the long-term, he said.

"The demand for engineering talent is growing, and emerging market countries such as India will play a vital role in expanding capacity," said Kevin Dehoff, of Booz Allen, which along with NASSCOM conducted the study.

"Companies will increasingly create competitive advantage by accessing and building core innovation capabilities in a world-class global network," he said in the report.

For India, Engineering Services Offshoring presents a tremendous opportunity - it is not only a significant revenue generator, but will also place India on the global innovation map. Attaining, training and retaining talent will be a critical next step for India to maintain its current advantage, industry experts say.

However, B.V.R Mohan Reddy of Infotech Enterprises said the report also indicates that the market is highly fragmented by industry with automotive at 19 per cent, aerospace at 8 per cent and utilities at 3 per cent in 2004. High-tech and telecom is the dominant and fastest growing sector, with 30 per cent of the market, and the traditional engineering powerhouses - USA, Germany and Japan have a lead in engineering spend.

The report calls for greater support from the government to realise this opportunity.

If addressed appropriately, engineering services offshoring (ESO) can help the Indian offshore services industry further consolidate its leadership position and build a significant skill-value advantage over the competition, he said. PTI