Saturday, October 28, 2006

Karuna Goswamy


6. Anger; wrath

7. Palm leaves on which books were written in earlier times

8. The king of fruits, in Indian eyes

11. Egg

12. Land official in Mughal India

13. Thirteenth letter of Hebrew 

14. Bone in the forearm

16. Female servant

18. Great Tamil woman saint

20. Famous 20th Century French sculptor/ painter

21. District town in Himachal Pradesh


1. Optical device, involving both eyes

2. Akbarís adversary on battlefield.

3. Proscribe

4. Period of rapid economic growth

5. Well-known architectural style

9. Jordanís capital city

10. Third letter of the Greek alphabet

15. Back of the neck

17. Double sulphate used in dyeing and tanning

19. Lair of wild animal