A ray of light
It’s langar time once again. Before you rush to the nearest gurdwara to join the birthday celebrations of Guru Nanak, delve into his teachings, says Parbina Rashid
t’s that time of the year when, even if you are a non-Sikh, the lure of visiting a gurdwara is too hard to resist. The reason, of course, is the sumptuous langar, which is served to mark the birthday of Guru Nanak. The fun (even firecrackers are in these days) and fervour that follows make the day all the more attractive. But is this what Gurpurb means to us? So we talk to a cross section of society to find out what it means to them.

This pose has been a particularly popular one in recent years. Features to be noted include the venerable white beard, lidded eyes, hand raised in blessing, halo, saffron robe A traditional painting showing Guru Nanak Dev and his followers Guru Nanak Dev with Bhai Mardana and Bhai Bala

This pose has been a particularly popular one in recent years. Features to be noted include the venerable white beard, lidded eyes, hand raised in blessing, halo, saffron robe, turban tied horizontally across forehead, mala on turban and on the hand and seli around the neck. This characteristic pose has been repeated by several artists. This painting was done by Anil Sharma. 

A traditional painting showing Guru Nanak Dev and his followers

Guru Nanak Dev with Bhai Mardana and Bhai Bala

Pagri Sambhal Jatta
Anuradha Shukla
agri Sambhal Jatta, the line inspired the peasant community with zeal to fight for the country when Lala Lajpat Rai exhorted the farmers to stand up for their rights, dignity and honour. Pagri or the turban, once commonly worn headgear by members of all communities and faiths, has now been relegated to special occasions like a wedding.

On the turban trail
urpreet, Gaganpreet, Jaspreet and Inder Mohan Singh thought of a unique way to propagate their faith. Preaching apart, the young boys got together more than two years ago to start a school to teach youngsters how to wear a turban. The popularity of the school has grown so much that they now have students, aged between 10 to even 40 years, who come from far-off places.

The rising spirit
Colourless and malt-free, Vodka is gaining popularity among the womenfolk in the city, says Saurabh Malik Cheers! Vodka is uplifting the spirits of so many city residents—like never before.
t may hit you like a strong drink if you are not in the habit of swaggering into hotels bars, clubs and nightspots. But more and more connoisseurs across the city are now placing beer mugs down on the table for saying bottoms up to Vodka. Right fellows! You have guessed it right. God’s nectar is fast finding its way into the hearts, and the houses, of the liquor lovers. Not just for religiously celebrating drink, dance and dine parties, oh-so-hot these days. But also as invigorating means of daily relaxation! No wonder, Vodka’s sale is shooting up like the spirits.
Photo by Pradeep Tewari

Reaching for the stars
Anandita Gupta
ven though dusk has long fallen, his studio, (or do I say little store?) is abuzz with activity. Animated young clients bustle about; errands are meted out to helpers, and a personal assistant frantically tries to contact him. There is, however, no sign of the man in question, save for his trademark, vividly coloured, embellished garments, that are a dead giveaway.

Speed Call
Sukant Deepak

A few stitches, a fracture in the head—even then, Sarika Sherawat, India’s only woman professional rallyist, did not think twice before participating in the 8th Raid de Himalaya, where she walked away with Coup de Dames trophy. Sarika, who’s been rallying for more than five years now and has a presence in the country’s Karting circle, ‘Desert Storm’, besides the prestigious Indian Natioanl Rally Championship (INRC), insists that it’s not just guts or driving skills that ensure that you do fairly in a tough rally. It is experience that helps you complete any rally. Then what’s left to conquer now? “C’mon, there’s plenty. I am desperately looking forward to prove my mettle in the Great Himalayan Desert Rally—where man and machine will be pushed to the limit and endurance will find a new meaning.”

Dare Devil: India’s only professional woman rallyist Sarika Sherawat.

India’s only professional woman rallyist Sarika Sherawat

Journey through art
Gayatri Rajwade
rt is no frivolity and the accompanying recognition can sometimes become “an unnecessary hindrance”. City-based artist Namita Roy is determined to keep her art free of social constraints. Even though she teaches art in a government school, it is her own creative and explorative process while painting that keeps her alive.

Operation Celebration
As Minerva Academy marched into its 51 st year of existence, retired and serving officers from the armed forces along with bureaucrats and other powers-that-be, descended on the institute grounds to launch celebrations, reports Saurabh Malik
harged up, they marched down the glittery lanes of memories decked up with nice little psychedelic lights to make inroads into celebrations. As Minerva Academy launched operation golden jubilee, retired and serving officers from the armed forces mounted an attack on time to retrieve good old days spent together learning the military art of inculcating “officer-like qualities”.

Photo by Vicky Gharu Photo by Vicky Gharu

Photo Ops
Sreedhara Bhasin
never seem to have the camera handy when it is needed the most - unlike, some of my friends from the West who have their cameras ready at all times. Since the departure of my last set of friends, who clicked constantly, even taking in things like diesel smoke belching out of new autos, I have resolved to catch the spirit of Chandigarh in Kodak – more earnestly.

Red alert!
Anandita Gupta
ver wondered what instills a certain romance in the air around November? Is it the hues of festivity (bringing along a slew of festivals—Divali, Karva Chauth, Id, Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s in quick succession?), the delicious nip in the air, or something else? Well, it could be a little of all this, but more than anything, it’s the colours worn during this month’s soft, mellow days that welcome an aura of romance.

Dress up for the occasion
ow that we are well into the party season it’s best to be prepared and put best face forward. Every function or a party has its own ambience, created by the time of the year, location and also by the people who are invited. So it definitely makes sense to coordinate one’s make up with all these related factors.

Umrao Jaan fails to impress
or filmmaker J.P. Dutta of Refugee and LoC fame, this week is his acid test with his Rs 25 crore costume drama Umrao Jaan up for grabs. Dutta has had enough highs and lows in his career but Umrao Jaan is something extraordinary he has attempted that viewers will scrutinize. Muzaffar Ali’s Umrao Jaan, released in 1981, is still loved by cinema lovers. Dutta’s magnum opus is no match to the former.