Riders try their skill with the mallet in a polo game in Patiala A ROYAL PASSION
Polo, seen as an elitist game, was played and nurtured by tribesmen. It is once again witnessing a revival in the city of Patiala, reports Anuradha Shukla

et people play at other things—the King of Games is still the Game of Kings’. The sentence is inscribed on a stone next to a Polo ground in Gilgit in North Kashmir ever since the game arrived in these hills thousands of years ago. To get your facts right, the sentence is about the rustic men of the hills as the kings took to the game only later.
POLO HIGH: Riders try their skill with the mallet in a polo game in Patiala. — Photo by Rajesh Sachar

A better bet
The Center for Education and Voluntary Action (CEVA) has come up with alternative classrooms for children, increasingly under pressure, reports Angad B. Sodhi
throng of people walking around, splashes of vibrant colours, stalls of everything from authentic Punjabi food in Pind da bulava to the exotic food and hospitality of the Sing Song Singapore stall and the sounds of various traditional instruments. These are the sights and sounds that greet you, as you walk into the Chandigarh Carnival, in Leisure Valley.

Visitors make the most of the Chandigarh carnival on the inauguaral day Visitors make the most of the Chandigarh carnival on the inauguaral day
FOLKSY FIESTA: Visitors make the most of the Chandigarh carnival on the inauguaral day. Photos by Vinay Malik 

By kids, for kids
The city is finally ready to acknowledge child artists and Government Museum and Art Gallery is the one to take the lead, reports Parbina Rashid

N Singh's love for children is getting stronger by day. After adding that much-adored dinosaur section for children, he has hit upon the idea to add something new which will be entirely by the children, for the children and to the children. Yes, the Government Museum and Art Gallery is going to have a brand new section to showcase the talent of younger lots.
FLOWER POWER: The embroidered floral patterns will be part of the children’s wing of the museum. — Photo by Parvesh Chauhan 
The embroidered floral patterns will be part of the children’s wing of the museum

Sreedhara Bhasin
ultural nuance is a tricky thing. What is bizarre to one is perfectly acceptable to another. When I was in my first few days of familiarising myself with my new American professors in the USA, I respectfully addressed them as ‘Sir’. One sandy haired young professor of Political Science made his eyes like Circuit in Lage Raho.Munna Bhai and guffawed, “What do you think? Am I your granddad? Just call me Jim.” It took my tongue a lot of straightening to roll his name off.

Tuning-In with Hardeep S. Chandpuri
riends, on the international radio map, rock music really rules the roost. And there are thousands of radio stations in the world that are playing music from this genre. We all know that Chuck Berry invented rock and roll in 1955. Berry was a black man playing black music. But times had changed: white kids were listening to rhythm and blues throughout the Northeast, and white musicians were playing rhythm and blues side to side with country music.

The mileage mantra
Sukant Deepak
id you know that India is one of the few countries in the world where most of the times fuel efficiency gains precedence over power when it comes to choosing a motorcycle? Forget that riding is like finding a certain rhythm (and not necessarily on the road). The proverbial wind in the hair and excitement synonymous with untamed power may not really stand a chance against the number of kilometres clocked in a litre.

Saturday night fever
ne night full of music, two floors illuminated by psychedelic lights, six disc jockeys behind the console and scores of revelers celebrating an occasion called life! Its Saturday night fever in the city, folks! For partygoers who have just tuned in, Chandigarh rocks as star DJs, twinkling on the international horizon, descend on the city of beautiful for cutting some cool funky music for the young crowd at Antidote and Warehouse. Among the contemporary music maestros in tune with the latest are DJs Jazzy Joe, Saaz, Rafsy, Dale, Tatva and Gaurav.

Small-town wonder
Parbina Rashid
f you are an avid news watcher, you couldn’t have missed her. Thanks to a long stint with Zee News, Mimansa has become an important part of our daily lives. She is savvy, confident and more importantly viewer-friendly. Above all, she is a perfect example of a small-town girl making it big in the world of media.

Label statement
Smriti Sharma
handigarh, it seems has finally arrived, at least on the fashion scene. Last week the city came crashing down by the designers, each of who came with a bagful of their collection’s and models to flaunt them as well. Once again the city is gushing about the luxurious designer range but this time it’s not our desi (read Indian) designer stuff.

Watch out that wardrobe
Anandita Gupta
ur inherent urge to look good manifests itself in various shapes and forms. Sometimes, it’s visible in our need to deck up with make-up incessantly, while at other moments, it reflects in our eyes as we stand—facing a mirror. But most of all, it makes itself felt when we stop till we drop, hunting for that perfectly fitted shrug or guava pink top.

No Barbie this one
Smriti Sharma
t her age when girls are busy playing with their barbie dolls, 11-year-old Gauri Thukral is busy mugging up scripts and interviewing veterans such as Lt-Gen B.K.N. Chhibber, Administrator, UT, and the Governor, Punjab, M.M. Puri, former Vice-Chancellor, Punjab University. And that too with so much aplomb and confidence.

Dhoom at box-office
he sequel of Dhoom, titled Dhoom: 2 is appealing in its technical finesse. Director Sanjay Gadhvi has proven his caliber with Dhoom: 2. Breathtaking action sequences breezy twirling dances exotically choreographed visuals, drama are main attraction of this movie, which opened to packed houses at Piccadily, Kiran, Chandigarh, Fun Republic, Manimajra and Suraj, Panchkula.

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