Joie de vivre
Neelam Mansingh and Sharon LowenMusic is the food of love, so the Sangeet ceremony enjoys a special place in the Indian wedding. The Punjabis, of course, sing and dance like never before and so it was on Thursday night in town as Angad and Tara, children of celebrated artistes, jigged as the countdown to their Sunday wedding began,
says Nirupama Dutt
Can one imagine celebrated and suave theatre diva Neelam Mansingh Chowdhury and well-known Odissi dancer Sharon Lowen stepping out together on stage in the wild abandon of bhangra? Impossible! It is just not their style. They would not do it for all the riches of the world. That’s true but they would do it for the love of their children and in celebration of their coming together. In this case Neelam is the mother of Angad and Sharon mama to Tara who are tying the nuptial knot in the Delhi on Sunday.

                                       MAMAS IN LAW: Neelam Mansingh and Sharon Lowen

Rajeev Mehta spreads the message of conservation with his second photo exhibition on wildlife. He shoots wildlife with a Nikon
Parbina Rashid
Their love for wildlife is infectious. But not surprising, considering that both A.S. Negi and his protégé Rajeev Mehta come from the region, which gave us the Chipko Movement in the early 1980s—Uttranchal. And to quote Negi, Executive Vice-President of Wildlife Preservation Society of India and Advisor of Wildlife Department of Uttranchal, as more than 65 per cent of the hill state comes under forest land, its inhabitants have no other option but to think, breathe and talk about flora and fauna.

WILD WILD EAST: Rajeev Mehta spreads the message of conservation with his second photo exhibition on wildlife. — Photo by Pradeep Tewari

Craftsmen demonstrate Himachali folk art. Photo: Pradeep TewariMountain arts
Anuradha Shukla
A sage saw Gautam Budha’s image in the flowing canvas of a river in Tibet as he was taking a bath and started painting the pious image that is how the art of Thanka (meaning a canvas that is hung) paintings took birth, goes the belief in Tibet. The rare art form has come alive in the city as it can be seen done live by eight tribal Budhist students from ten different schools devoted to the art in Himachal. One of these shy tribal boys was also asked to cut the ribbon to inaugurate at the exhibition cum sale of handicraft from Himachal Pradesh on at the Panchayat Bhawan Sector 18 till December 10 from today.

ART ‘N’ SOUL: Craftsmen demonstrate Himachali folk art. Photo: Pradeep Tewari       

Film & Fashion
Woody inspiration
Actor-turned-moviemaker Mel Gibson has revealed that he would never have had taken up his first directing job, had it not been for the encouragement he received from two-time Oscar winning director Clint Eastwood. Gibson reveals that he became very nervous, when he was due to direct the 1993 film The Man without a Face as he was doubtful about his abilities. However, after he spoke with Eastwood who already had experience with directing, Gibson felt confident he could handle the pressure.

Smriti Sharma
Music these days is no longer judged by how it ‘sounds’; instead it gets combined with how it ‘looks’. How many singers or music directors can one recall who have made no public appearances (save for the ones at the award ceremonies!) or have no music videos to their credit? It is indeed tricky to remember all of them—thanks to the zillion music competitions being aired on satellite channels nowadays! But the ones who sweat ‘n’ toil with their vocals to get the right sur (read singers), ones who try to compose a never-heard-before tune (read music directors), do get sighted, for their work speaks volumes for them. Precisely that’s what happened with singer Javed Ali and music director Santokh Singh.

Javed Ali
Javed Ali

Ustad Sultan Khan alongwith Shreya Ghosal, Sandesh Shandilya and Irshaad Kamil

Ustad and the Divas released by YBR Records has Ustad Sultan Khan alongside three singing divas, Chitra, Shreya Ghoshal and Sunidhi Chauhan. This first album from YBR features Ustad Sultan Khan, who, after the colossal success of Piya Basanti, is returning on six tracks. The album also features four bonus remix tracks by DJ Mit. The video features model Nina Sarkar from Bangalore as the Leja Leja girl and Varun Toorkey, a dashing young model from Mumbai.

Ustad Sultan Khan alongwith Shreya Ghosal, Sandesh Shandilya and Irshaad Kamil

Harmeet Kaurword play
French is a language of style, fashion, courtship diplomacy and love. All languages borrow from other languages and English has borrowed liberally from French. Who has not been intimidated by French words while buying a perfume, ordering from a menu or talking about French wines and exotic French holiday locales?

                                                                                                          Harmeet Kaur

Polaroid, the world leader in instant film cameras, introduced four new digital cameras in the country. The Polaroid range of cameras have been launched by MCC Group, the exclusive partners of Polaroid in India. This marks Polaroid’s maiden foray into the digital camera market in India. The new Polaroid Digital Cameras are available to the discerning Indian customers through MCC Group’s national sales and distribution network across 30,000 retail stores in 16 cities.

Flavours of China
Anuradha Shukla
Food may be the best way to win a man’s heart, but diplomacy apart, it sure is how the Chinese have won ours! Enter the Dragon, not the movie but the oldest Chinese restaurant in Sector 15-D, and right at the door you find a different bandanvar greeting you. It’s Chinese kings revered as Gods protecting the place from bad spirit. The place is the destination final where Chandigarhians go for real Chinese food. Run by our own Indian-Chinese joint family, belonging to the Chinese community in Kolkata, the restaurant is the first and one of its kind in not only providing the best Chinese food but also in being able to maintain the authenticity of Chinese cuisine for decades together.

Drinks, Dips and Dunkers - II
Kandla Nijhowne
A Turk by the name of Haroun,
Ate whisky by means of a spoon,
When someone asked “Why?“
He gave the reply,
“To DRINK, is forbidden, you loon!

At the risk of sounding like a sozzled ‘bewdaa’, a la’ Keshto Mukherjee, I have to make a statement— No party really takes off sans alcohol. The music and drinks are essential pre-requisites to creating a swinging mood and lifting the ‘spirits’. And yet, daaru is not the be all and end all of the drinks department. The host and hostess need to be armed with an assorted array of mocktails (apart from having a sufficient stock of attentiveness and charm).

Plum offer
Smriti Sharma
Christmas bells haven’t started ringing as yet. Still the sheer excitement of it— gifts and presents, new clothes, a brand new year (yet again!) is transfixing everyone around. And if it’s about Christmas, how can one forget the wonderful chocolate doused cakes, the delicious pies and the oh-so yummy tarts, that our grandmas used to bake? So what if much professional and technology savvy, modern chic bakers have replaced the grandmas nowadays. Yes they don’t even go back to the recipe diary (of course with the all the recipes from various cookery shows written neatly in it) unlike old granny, to check the exact quantity of baking powder to be added, the fun of baking is still unharmed.