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Animal biotech
Vet a choice
Sunit Dhawan
oing by the recent advances in science and technology, the 21st century has aptly bee termed as the “Era of IT and BT”. While the scope and significance of IT (Information Technology) hardly needs to be overemphasised, BT (biotechnology) has also emerged as a promising field that facilitates commercial exploitation of biological resources. Biotechnology may be defined as the commercial application of bio-resources (living organisms and their products), involving a deliberate manipulation of their DNA molecules. A large number of wide-ranging products and services, generated through modern biotechnology and genetic engineering, are already in the market. In view of the immense potential of biotechnology in the livestock sector, the specialisation of animal biotechnology has emerged as a distinct discipline.

Sandeep Joshi

Sir, but you only had instructed that the staff shouldn’t take on stress.

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Jobs aplenty for Vet Sc students
he specialisation of animal biotechnology has opened new doors for veterinary science, according to Dr Gaya Prasad, Head, Department of Animal Biotechnology , College of Veterinary Sciences, HAU, Hisar.

Biotech buzzing with action
hether it is fighting disease, developing new seeds, or tackling pollution, biotechnology’s use and application is vast. It ranges from fields like agriculture, medicine, nutrition, environmental conservation and animal sciences to industry (food, pharmaceutical, chemicals, textiles and so on), making it one of the most relevant fields today. It is both a cutting-edge technology and an application science and analysts have predicted that biotechnology will be one of the most important applied sciences of the 21st century.

The truth about job myths
eople believe some weird things. Like telepathy, astrology and ear candling. That it takes seven years for your body to digest chewing gum. Or that the devil can steal your soul when you sneeze. They also believe some strange things about job hunting. Here are some of the most common—and most damaging—job-seeking and other workplace myths that young workers fall for:

India booked US, Europe offshoring desktop publishing work
The next time on your visit abroad you read a high-quality printed document or see a well-designed illustration in an international publication, chances are that it would have been designed here in India. Desktop publishing (DTP) is the new entry in the fray to join the outsourcing industry. DTP is a facility primarily comprising a computer and a page layout software that allows the creation of publication documents for large-scale and small-scale publishing.

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IIM-A to get accredition from European agency
O help the Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad (IIM-A) place itself among the top B-schools in the world, the institute has decided to get accredition from the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), a reputed European agency.

Do your homework before working from home 
Mary Ellen Slayter

Valerie Parham-Thompson had hoped a polite note on the door would be enough: Please don't ring the doorbell. The baby was sleeping, and this web developer was trying to get some work done. But soon enough, a neighborhood kid came by and rang anyway. “What does that sign say?” Oops.

Write right
Maryann Haggerty
ark Knauff is looking for a job in human resources. During the 16 years he has been the primary caregiver for his children, he has run small businesses. He is taking classes in human resources, but his resume still seems stale.

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Cruising to new frontiers

Pervin Malhotra
Q I am a second year, above average student pursuing BE marine engineering. Can you please tell me about the prospects of making it big in this field, especially on foreign liners?

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