Books received: english

Writing Resistance by Usha Bande. Indian Institute of Advanced Study. Pages 293. Rs 350.

Saudi Arabia by Gulshan Dietl. National Book India. Pages 134. Rs 60.

Treasured Tales of Great Values. Wilco Publishing House. Rs 250.

Living With Diversity by Sudha Vasan. Indian Institute of Advanced Study. Pages 273. Rs 400.

Engendering Human Security by Thanh-Dam Truong, Saskia Wieringa & Amrita Chhachhi. Women Unlimited (an associate of Kali for Women). Pages 332. Rs 450.

The Making of Neoliberal India by Rupal Oza. Women Unlimited. Pages 208. Rs 300.

Can You Hear the Nightbird Call? by Anita Rau Badami. Penguin India. Pages 402. Rs 495.

Strangers Ourselves by John Mowat. Frog Books. Pages 164. Rs 195.

Sandy @ Enigma by Rohit Ramanujam. Frog Books. Pages 63. Rs 95.

The Book of Life by Vikram Dev Thakur. Frog Books. Pages 121. Rs 140.

The Power of Healthy Thinking by Dr Tom Mulholland. Wisdom Tree. Pages 159. Rs 145.

The Sinking of INS Khukri by Major General (retd) Ian Cardozo. Lotus Collection. Pages 197. Rs 350.

Pygmalions and Paranoids in Management by K Karunakaran. Viva Books. Pages 180. Rs 250.

Slumping or Soaring by Shashi K Gulhati (two books on the same subject). MacMillan India. Pages133. Rs 140.

Brand Bollywood. by Derek Bose. Sage. Pages 226. Rs 325.