Ulta Pulta

Gangulyís googly
Jaspal Bhatti

I was ticking away my son. "You are not getting good marks in your term exams and your teacher is not happy with your performance". He said, "Papa donít worry. One day they will recognise my ability".

"And when will that day come", I asked. He said, "Itís simple. When the whole class fails, I will automatically shine".

I told my son not to give me such impossible unthinkable examples. He said, "Why donít you take the example of Sourav Ganguly. When the whole Indian team collapsed, the selectors realised that there was no one like the Bengal tiger. These very selectors had earlier degraded the tiger to a meek cat".

The only difference is that Ganguly has been showing results in domestic cricket, while my son is solely depending upon the failure of his classmates.

When Ganguly was asked to comment on his inclusion in the team he went into the dressing room, closed the door, pulled off his shirt, swirled it around, put it on again and came out. He then said, "I donít have any comment to make. Let my bat do the talking". Ganguly is quiet, but I guess our parliamentarians are going to have a busy day talking, talking and talking about the selectorís decision.