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Man burnt to death in car
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Doraha , December 10
Birthday celebrations turned sour when a resident of Haibowal colony here was charred to death in a car near Doraha last night while three other co-passengers and several cops on night patrol duty tried to rescue him.

The four were returning from Khanna where they celebrated the birthday of a nephew of the deceased. The incident comes close on the heels of the death of another city resident who was also found burnt to death in a car near Focal Point Ludhiana last week.

While the police is trying to ascertain the exact cause of the fire, it is assumed the car hit a parked truck and caught fire. The deceased identified as, Shakti Chatha (27), was not able to open the seat belt lock and was burnt to death locked in the seat.

The truck too was badly burnt. Fire engines took over four hours to douse the flames.

The car was being driven by Jatinder Kumar of Mundian Khurd village. He and two other friends Devinder Pal Singh and Jatinderpal Singh, both of Haibowal, sustained burn injuries when they rushed out of the car. In a statement to the police, he said the car caught fire after hitting the truck.

The Doraha police has booked him under Sections 279,304 of the IPC. He has been arrested.

The FIR was registered on the statement of Mr Sanjeev Chatha, brother of the deceased.

In the morning the cops were trying to trace the three co -passengers. The police initially told media persons that the three had gone missing and had probably absconded.

The police was trying to find out how the car and the truck were found burnt at a distance of 30 metres from each other after the car had allegedly hit it.

However, later it was learnt that they were hospitalised in Ludhiana only. They reached Doraha police station in the afternoon to record their statements.

SSP Khanna M F Farooqui told Ludhiana Tribune that he had ordered forensic examination of the car to pinpoint the cause of the fire. He said the police did not suspect any foul play as per the evidence and statements of the persons involved so far.



Poll blues: Tough choice for Badal in Dakha
Vimal Sumbly
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana December 10
The Shiromani Akali Dal president, Mr Parkash Singh Badal, will have a tough choice in deciding party candidate from the Dakha (reserved) assembly segment. With two strong claimants, Mr Darshan Singh Shivalik and Mr Bikramjit Singh Khalsa for the Dakha seat, Mr Badal will need to do some deft manoeuvring to ensure that none of the two is antagonised after the allotment of ticket to one of them.

Mr Bikramjit Singh Khalsa, is the son of late Basant Singh Khalsa, an influential Akali leader, who was close to Mr Badal and Mr Gurcharan Singh Tohra. Mr Khalsa represented Dakha segment between 1997 to 2002. However, when Mr Tohra parted ways with Mr Badal, Mr Bikramjit sided with Mr Tohra. With the result Mr Shivalik contested as the SAD candidate from here in 2002 and lost to Mr Milkiat Singh Dakha of the Congress.

With Mr Khalsa having represented the segment for five years he considers himself to be the obvious party choice. However, at the same time Mr Badal may find it difficult to ignore the claims of Mr Shivalik. Because he has always stood by Mr Badal in "the best and the worst" times.

Recently at the death anniversary function of Mr Basant Singh Khalsa, Mr Sukhbir Badal reportedly assured Mr Khalsa that his candidature was being considered. However, there was no categoric assurance for the Dakha Assembly segment made out to Mr Khalsa.

Mr Khalsa is reportedly being offered to contest from Khanna or Amloh (both reserved constituencies). However, he has declined the offer, arguing that he was better placed in Dakha, which he has represented once and has remained in constant touch with people there.

The supporters of Mr Khalsa maintain that it may be difficult for Mr Khalsa to win from Khanna or Amloh. They feel it is as good as not contesting at all. But there are apprehensions within the SAD that in case Mr Khalsa is not allotted Dakha constituency he might contest as a rebel candidate thus upset the applecart of the official nominee. Because he will have no option as contesting from Khanna would not be easy.

He would rather ensure that the official nominee is defeated alongwith him, rather than contest in far off Khanna and loose alone.

Mr Shivalik's supporters argue that he has always remained "a loyal worker" of the party and he deserves the party nomination this time also. They maintain that it should not be made out that the loyalty was being taken for granted by the party leadership. 



Telecom company digs up roads, leaves residents fuming
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 10
The digging up of roads by a telecommunication company, has given a tough time to the residents of Model Town, here, as huge pits have formed on the side of the roads, thus posing a serious threat to lives.

The residents have complained to the local civic authorities several times, but to no avail. In a complaint letter signed by around 50 residents, they have stated that any person could fall into the pits, especially during foggy nights.

The people claim that the telecom company finished its work and left the roadsides in a mess. Though they have remade the roads, they left the sides undone. Some of these are in front of schools and some even near hospitals.

‘‘When children are on the way home from school, they usually fail to notice these pits. They can fall inside them. Is the civic body waiting for a tragedy to happen? ’’ asked Mr Sarabjit Singh, a resident.

‘‘It is our money that is being wasted. If the MC has given the telecom company permission to dig the roads, they should also ask them to repair them ’’, said another resident, who furthur added that they were sick of the mess.

The residents want the civic authorities to come to their rescue and prevent any untoward incident from taking place.



Peanuts: Everybody's first love
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 10
Peanuts, ordinary humble nuts, called by different names are hot favourites during winter. Time pass, monkey nuts, ground nuts, pea nuts; whatever you call them, they still can be seen on carts on the road sides, stacked in shops, being roasted in small 'dhabas'. They are visible everywhere during the winter season. Young and old: all love to eat it.

Housewives after finishing their daily chores, get together to eat peanuts or 'moong falis', as they are locally called. It creates a forum where a variety of topics are brought up for discussion; quite an interesting experience for the ladies.

People in Punjab generally eat roasted peanuts. They can be fried also but that contains more calories. In Maharashtra, people boil peanuts in turmeric water, and are called 'singdanas'. 'Chikki', a combination of jaggery and peanuts, and garnished with dried coconut slices, is a favourite dessert.

Peanuts are an excellent source of protein. Generally speaking, nuts are high in protein, fat, dietary fiber, and sometimes contain vitamins A, B and C, and calcium and iron as well. Although anyone using a diet rich in nuts should be wary of the fat content, nuts are virtually cholesterol free.

Keeping this in mind, even airlines provide bags of peanuts as 'snack food' when they want to hold passengers over without providing a meal.

When one compares the cost of peanuts to almonds, peanuts win hands down. No wonder they are called the 'poor man' almonds'.

Financially decrepit people make a mixture of peanuts coarsely ground with salt , red chilli and a little oil, to have with 'chappaties' at work.

Many people say peanuts are 'garam' and that is why they eat them in winters mostly.



This man needs immediate financial help
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 10
Mr Puneet(25), was admitted to Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMCH), here in August last year with a chronic kidney disease. Since then,he has been on hemodialysis.

According to the doctors treating him, Puneet, who is unmarried, belongs to a very poor family. He used to work in a hosiery store, but due to debilitating medical condition, he was forced to leave his job eight months ago. Puneet's mother, the sole earning member of the family, is a teacher with a meagre salary of around Rs 3000. His father, afflicted with polyarthritis, is also bed-ridden.

Dr Basant Pawar, Head, department of Nephrology at CMCH said that Puneet either needs bi-weekly hemodialysis for the rest of his life, or else renal transplantation. However, the limited financial resources of the family stand in the way of life-saving treatment for Puneet and financial help extended by kind-hearted people is the only hope for this young man.

The CMCH authorities have made a fervent appeal to good Samaritans to come to the rescue of the patient. All those who wish to help him, could send their donation through cheques or demand drafts, made in favor of 'C.M.C. Ludhiana Society' and 'For treatment of Puneet' written on the reverse to Dr Basant Pawar, Head, Department of Nephrology, Christian Medical College, Ludhiana- 141008. All assistance will be duly acknowledged.



Ludhiana Calling

It is that part of the year when Chrysanthemums are in bloom. The crowning glory of lawns, terrace gardens flower in white, golden yellow and maroon hue are immensely popular in the city. There are very few houses in the city which do not have chrysantemums. Chrysanthemum has, in fact, beaten rose quite well in popularity chart in the city.

Cricket mania

Indian cricket team may be losing badly in South Africa but the charm of the game has not wilted. Even though there is not much open space in the city for the cricketers to play, children and youngsters are making use of streets, parking lots, market corridors to show their talent. The Sarabha Nagar, Block-I market is one such place. Though shopkeepers of the market oppose the use of the place, the cops seem to be turning a blind eye because of their love of a game.

Hosiery glut

With the mercury dipping to an all time low in the region hosiery manufacturers are a happy lot. And why not? Whatever they manufacture throughout the year finds sellers during this time only. There seems to be a glut of hosiery goods as the city is witnessing sales all over.


The election season is on. And the city is feeling the heat with huge posters put up all around. There is no space which has been left by the overzealous leaders. Be it Akalis or Congress nobody wants to trail behind each other. One wonders if the High Court orders on these bill boards would ever be implemented or not.

Weather blues

Weather can have its impact on development projects also. All road recarpeting projects in the city are set to be delayed as a thin layer of mist settles on the road. It damages the newly laid road besides delaying the laying of premix as it requires a lot of time to dry up. Though this seems the right reason residents argued that the region witnesses similar weather every year and why cannot the civic body finish the work before hand.

Traffic lights

Synchronised traffic lights at various points are proving to be a bane for the commuters. The traffic lights programmed to change after 15 seconds do not give time for the queued up traffic to pass. This causes accumulation of the vehicles which gives form to major traffic jams. The Bharat Nagar chowk and the Bhai Bala Chowk have become the major traffic irritant points due to the traffic lights.

Say no to heaters

Say no to heaters and hot air blowers this winter. This is an advice by none other than some practicising doctors who claim that by depending on these electrical gadgets people are affecting their immunity. They say due to a big gap in indoor and outdoor temperatures the residents were prone to catching cold and many other diseases. So when you plan to switch on your blower next time, think again.

Christmas fever

Christmas is 15 days away but the fervour has already started catching up. City residents have already started decorating their houses with Christmas knick knacks available in the market. Some of them have already decked up Christmas trees. The markets are also coming alive to the spirit of the festival.

Changing home decor

Winters are not only proving a boon for those in hosiery, electricals but even for home decor items. Lavish at spending, city residents are busy giving a warm look to their homes. And market has plenty to offer, right from Indian and imported carpets to items like curtains, bedsheets and even lighting. As a showroom owner puts it, people here look for opportunity to spend, earlier it was summers, now it is winters.

No to brands

International players might keep claiming of profits they book due to city residents' love for branded garments. However, when it comes to hosiery, heavy customer turnout in old bazaars and at factory outlets of local manufactures portray a different picture. A large number of residents prefer buying things made in Ludhiana for they manage to get good bargains here.

Always on rise

Decline in petrol and diesel rates failed to make people happy as little impact of the same was seen on other goods. Residents, who were happy at the announcement regarding reduction in fuel rates, not only termed the decline as pre election strategy but also rued that no decline in prices of other commodities took place. The minor decline in fuel rates, hence, did them little benefit.

Busy in functions

If one terms many city schools as hyper on activity it would not be an exaggeration. For, in a bid to getting publicity, they do not miss a chance to celebrating any occasion whether it has a connection with kids or no. While these include occasions like Valentines Day and Karva Chauth that even a few nursery schools have begun celebrating the latest trend is celebrating an occasion much in advance. Hence, Christmas celebrations have already begun, if not elsewhere then in schools atleast.

Marriage advice

Music bands are in great demand in this marriage season. The bands would prefer many more marriages for earning more. However. one such bandowner was spotted advicing people on marriage without caring for his business. He had painted slogans, ‘‘ Shaadi ik wari hi karni chahidi hai ’’ (one should marry only once) , showing his respect for the relationship.

Tail Piece

A worn out auto-rickshaw, which was better condemned than plying on the road was emitting poisionous smoke oblivious of the slogan written on its front and rear, "O jandi morni"

— Sentinel



‘Jingle bells’ is in the air
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 10
The season of carols and candles, blended with a message of hope and love is here. It is the joy of Christmas, the birth of Jesus.
Christmas hails a season of good will, love, forgiveness, humaneness, and good cheer. Preparations are in full sway in the city. Shops have begun displaying Christmas trees and colourful portly red and white Santa Clausas that capture the attention of the people.

The entire city market is alive with the festival. Residents have already started decorating their houses. Schools are organising fancy dress competitions with great zeal.

Gaurav Sarna of Archies Gallery in Minerva Complex says," We have stacked the shop with X-mas greeting cards. They are selling like hot cakes. Christmas has become a universal festival and people from all castes and cultures are taking an active part in it."

Daljit of Archie Gallery in Sarabha Nagar says,," We have imported a lot of gifts, christmas trees, and other decorations. We have decorated our stores in line with stores in the West. This is a new concept and we know that our customers will like the change.”

The spiritual aspect of Christmas is portrayed at Christian homes and convents. Preparations it start from the first of December and is called the ‘Advent Season’.

Sister Chantel, Principal, Sacred Heart Convent says, "The advent season means, 'turning back'. In the larger sense, it means cleansing one's heart from all shortcomings that obstruct it from giving and receiving love from the Saviour, Jesus Christ.”

Charity is another feature of Christmas. Poor families will be visited with gifts and the message of love and hope. "We will be visiting the women’s cell of the central jail to talk about the message of Christmas and spread cheer and goodwill among them.", says a nun.



Awareness seminar for investors
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 10
A seminar on Investor's Awareness in Stock Market was organised jointly by Ludhiana Stock Exchange Limited and the Ludhiana Retail Investors' Association here yesterday.

Lt. Col J.R. Jagga, (retd), president, LRIA, said , the seminar was aimed at making investors aware of the tricks of the trade.

Mr Rakesh Bhanot, a representative from the Stock Exchange Board of India, exhorted the investors to be vigilant while investing.

He said that SEBI was a monitoring authority and could come to their rescue in safeguarding their interests provided proper procedures had been followed.

Dr M.A. Zahir, a former Professor of PAU, highlighted the corporate governess and its importance in selecting a particular company at the time of making investment decision.

Mr H.S. Sidhu of the Ludhiana Stock Exchange explained about investor's psychology. He discussed on how an investor loses and how he is carried away by the so called tips.

Mr J. S. Arneja, senior executive, LSE, explained the relevance of proper knowledge while investing through an audio-visual clipping from SEBI.

The queries of the investing public were addressed through an interactive session by Mr Sidhu.

LSE has already organised more than 200 workshops in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and adjoining areas of Haryana and Rajashthan in Association with local NGOs.



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