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Party business

Jaspal Bhatti

I read out a piece of news to my friend Billu Bhaji that IIM Ahmedabad was thinking of sending a couple of its students to the CPM office for internship. He said, "Good idea! The students will get a chance to study how to oppose every movement and at the same time will learn how to take part in decision-making." "I think the IIM students will have a lot to study if they go to any political party’s office!" I tried to impose my views on him. Billu Bhaji asked what kind of management strategies would they study if they were sent to the Punjab Pradesh Congress headquarters. I said, "The Punjab Government is spending huge public money on Vikas Yatra and flaunting their so-called achievements. How is this public money accounted for — could be a good case study!"

Billu Bhaji said we should be very careful in sending future business stars to do internship at political parties’ offices. For instance, if they were sent to the Akali party’s headquarters, they might forget whatever they have learnt in the main masterdegree. I said, "No, they will learn how gurdwara politics influences government decision when the Akalis are in power."

How funds donated by business houses are managed in the party headquarters is another case for study, I suggested. Billu Bhaji said, "What’s there to study? Jitna gur daluge utna mitha hoga." I asked him what did he mean by that. He replied that the more you invested in a party, the more you got in terms of subsidies, land, permissions and chance to earn whenever the party came to power.