Try US, UK for hanging Saddam

The execution of ‘President’ Saddam Hussein, I insist on term ‘President’ for obvious reasons, is condemnable. Saddam was never replaced through election or deposed or overthrown by Iraqi people or the army. He was stripped of legitimate power as the elected President of Iraq, by illegally occupying forces of Bush and Blair, without the UN sanction, by the puppet regime of Iraq, sustained by the US and UK occupying forces, through a fraudulent trial, plus killing of six lakh innocent Iraqi citizens by the coalition forces.

Saddam’s execution is the biggest crime against humanity since the World War II crimes of Hitler and Mussolini. The world would never live in peace, till the perpetrators of this crime — George Bush and Tony Blair — are brought to justice through the International War Crimes Court and/or the International Court of Justice.

It is nobody’s plea that if Saddam Hussein had committed crimes against Iraqi people — Shias or Kurds — Iraqi people under their own free government had no right to persecute and punish Saddam. It was their right, but only their and not of so-called “defenders of democracy”. So the execution of a “captive President” by the US forces is nothing but murder.


This makes Venezuelan President Chavez’s words for Bush sound true as “Mr Danger” and also as Bush and Blair as an “Axis of Evil”.

At the moment, I recollect the words of Lala Lajpat Rai, the great Indian nationalist. When he was given lathi blows on Oct 30, 1928 by Saundras, the British police officer who was later killed by Bhagat Singh, the Lala said: “Every blow on my body by British police will prove to be the last nail on the coffin of British imperialism.” Lala Lajpat Rai died of blows on Nov 17, 1928, paving the way for Indian Independence. Saddam’s hanging will be the last nail in the coffin of Bush’s neo-American imperialism today.

It would have been proper for the Government of India to declare a three-day state mourning on President Saddam’s execution, as Libya has done. Saddam was India’s true friend.

I appeal to the Attorney-General of India or public-spirited lawyers to file a suit against the Bush-Blair duo in the international courts for committing crimes against humanity. As friends of Iraq and its people, we have a duty to do so.

Professor, Centre of Indian
Nehru University, New Delhi


Mr George Bush and Mr Tony Blair are, perhaps, the two persons who are very happy with Saddam Hussein’s execution. There are widespread protests against the US for its undemocratic and irrational execution. They describe Saddam as the greatest martyr of the 21st century.

The tension between Shias and Sunnis is likely to intensify following Saddam’s hanging. Both are baying for each other’s blood. The US and the UK are practising the policy of Divide and Rule on the innocent Iraqis.

The world media has condemned Saddam’s execution. What will the UN do now? When the whole world is condemning the hanging, why is the UN keeping mum?



On Sunday morning, when I switched on Doordarshan channel for news, I was shocked to know about Saddam’s execution. It paid rich tributes to Saddam who was a friend of India.

However, when I switched over to other channels, I could know that the majority of Muslims all over the globe were rejoicing as Islam suggested severest punishment to the perpetuator of crimes on humanity, which Saddam richly deserved.

I was not surprised when our leaders, one after the other, rued that Saddam was not given a fair trial knowing fully well that they are used to trials which run for years and yet go unpunished.



The Government of India’s response to Saddam’s execution was muted (Dec 31). Saddam does not deserve to be mourned. He was a ruthless dictator. But his trial was like an extended kangaroo court.

Saddam should have been tried by the International Court of Justice and given a fair trial.

It must not be forgotten that he was an ally of the western powers who supported Saddam in the Iran war.

France sold nuclear reactor in 1975. Had Israel not destroyed that nuclear reactor in 1982, Iraq would have become a nuclear power.

The invasion of Iraq was to detect and recover weapons of mass destruction (WMD), but none were found and foreign powers had no business to adjudicate how  Saddam ruled.

M.M. GURBAXANI, Bangalore

Introduce right of recall

Democracy has failed in India. According to Abraham Lincoln, democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people. This has now become a government of the opportunists, by the opportunists and for the opportunists.

A democratic set up normally envisages a two-party system — the ruling party and the Opposition. Now there are approximately 35 parties in India and no party could get majority in the last general elections. The result: the Congress had to take the help of its allies to form the government. And thus entered tainted people in the ministries. This is true in the case of states also.

The people are also responsible for electing those having a criminal background. In the coming elections, the people should elect only honest, sincere and faithful people. They must also have the right to recall the representatives if they do not perform to their satisfaction. The criminals should be debarred from contesting elections.




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