Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Success is a blend of efforts and imagination
I.M. Soni

The only one who fails in career chase is the one who opts out of the race. The most important secret of success is the attitude of mind. You must think success. Thinking sinks into your mind, plants itself there and it grows. You reap the fruit. When Sir Isaac Newton was asked how he discovered the law of gravitation, he replied, “By always thinking about it.”

You will succeed if you have unlimited zest which spurs imagination. When we talk of zest, we talk of enthusiasm. The latter is a Greek word entheos meaning ‘God in you or full of God!’

Thus, one striving for success with zest and enthusiasm draws upon a hidden inspirational power. He masters obstacles, overcomes difficulties, and achieves his goal.

The sensible approach to success-route lies in overcoming doubts. They are traitors of action. Watch and weed them out.

It also means that you find out the motivating force for action that leads to success. Efforts cannot come from a mind filled with vacuum. It comes from a mind full of constructive, positive ideas.

These ideas are, in fact, the power of your conviction. They spur you. Enthusiasm is the power that goads them on. It activates them and starts working in your favour.

Zest becomes a driving force. Your persuasive power is tremendously increased. Many young men and women, aspiring for civil services, dig the grave of their professional career, not showing enough power of enthusiasm. A mental lassitude makes their approach. They forget that there is a joy in the striving. Alexander wept because there were no more worlds to conquer!

Success is the offspring of your willingness to work, germinate ideas and effort in the right direction.

A questionnaire sent to a number of men who had distinguished themselves as inventors brought this response: 75 per cent of their ideas came to them while they were off the job and taking it easy.

Galileo was in a church when he looked up at a swinging lamp, and got the pendulum idea. Watt was watching the kettle boil when he received the inspiration to build a steam engine.

The implication is that the mind is never at rest. Watch it and you have windows open to success.

Even if the spark is there, it has to be ignited to the stage of functional fruition. Success is, therefore, a blend of pragmatic approach and imagination ploughed into sustained effort. Nature has to be nurtured.

Flashy brief brilliance cannot take the place of steady and diligent effort. True, there have been instances where great works were produced under a spell of inspiration, but success depends on the ability to put the mind on the spot and keeping it there.

Careers and goals are achieved by simple means and the exercise of common qualities. These are commonsense and perseverance. Be practical. Use your imagination and information. Unclutter your mind. Depend on your own creative thinking. It is important. Your success depends on your being that kind of person. You have to be success-oriented to be successful.

Successful career chase needs a positive effort and break-out from the stifling confine. Developing new study interests and writing things in a new way means mental as well as physical exertion. It gets you out of the groove.

Do not just think. Do it. Act as if everything can be improved upon. Search constantly for improvement. This habit of constant striving prevents you from falling into a rut. Also, the more you do, the more you can do.

Do not be upset if your action plans go haywire. It is better to try again than to sit passively and be in the background as a nonentity.

If you fail, fail again. Only do it better this time! You fail only when you give up.

As you learn to do more and more things that you thought you could not do before, you gain confidence. Express your opinion on subject about which you have gathered some information. Maybe at first it will just be a “yes” or a “no” in answer to a direct question. The more you do it, the easier it will be. Communication is power.

As you progress, your career chase acquires fresh vigour. This is especially true if you recognise that education is not merely road to earning a living but the gateway to knowledge which is as powerful as communication.