Saturday, January 6, 2007

Karuna Goswamy


1. Central Asian region east of the Caspian sea

6. Elevated place for religious rites

9. Relating to time past

11. Stringed musical instrument

13. Strive in competition; rival

14. Quality, pitch etc. of sound

16. Abbr. used in asking people to respond to invitations etc.

19. Of the highest class

21. The lost river of India


1. Greek city of olden times

2. What lions do

3. "____, drink and be merry", they say

4. Member of UK’s Conservative party

5. Knot; protuberance

7. Even, or uniform

8. Fully aware; attentive

10. Yoko _____, John Lennon’s wife

12. Honorific term for Christian priests

14. Thomas Hardy’s masterwork

15. Not distant

17. Shiv ____, Bal Thackery’s outfit

18. Small former state in Rajasthan

20. India’s eminent civil service (abbr.)