Saturday, January 6, 2007

Rhyme Time
A quiet day

Sunday is a day

When you have nothing to say.

The sun shines brightly

And you sit quietly.

You want to study

Then comes to your mind your buddy,

You think about school

So, you feel a little cool,

You think about God

And remember your friend was a fraud,

You look at the sky

You feel a little shy,

The whole day goes waste

But nothing suits yours taste,

Sunday is a day

When you have nothing to say.

Surashi Kaushik, VIII-C, Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh

Sparkling New Year

No tear, no fear.

It is a happy New Year.

Happiness will sparkle in the sky,

Days of 2006 have gone by.

May God give us grace,

In every sphere of our life,

Success is our main dream,

May our life roar like a long stream.

May all sadness come to an end,

All our bad ways, we will mend.

We will preserve goodness as our treasure,

Thus, in future, we値l get pleasure.

For the whole year, we値l do hard work,

There値l be no work which we値l shirk.

For our country痴 sake,

There must be something, which we値l make.

These are some aims for the new year,

In yours eyes, may there be no tear.

That痴 why, my dear,

I wish you a happy New Year.

Navjot, Class XI, Sangrur Public Senior Secondary School, Sangrur