The trump card
The end of 2006 had witnessed the emergence of ‘personalised card makers’ in the city, reports Medha Gupta
hey say cards give words to your feelings but what if they also give visuals to your emotions? That’s exactly what the city residents are trying to do—designing their own cards with their own photos that speak much more than mere words. FROM ALBUM, WITH LOVE: Aadi (right), the Charles family (left)
The Charles family  and Aadi

Stocking up on stock
his would be the perfect opportunity for me to wish you all a prosperous, happy and harmonious 2007! May the roof over your heads never fall in, and may your dear ones and friends gathered under it, never FALL OUT! And while I plan to jabber on about soup-stock, I daresay it’s a good time for you to “take stock “of your lives?!

Melody king
Smriti Sharma
nce again the show that delighted millions of Indians in the country and abroad for years in the 90’s, the show that made viewers tearful with joy, the show that shifted thousands of Indians back to the times of Naushad, Majrooh, Sahir, is all set to stage a come back in February in its new all new avtaar.

Jal to Doorie
ome singers come in, glow dazzle and disappear. Others get complacent, stagnate vocally and go into professional avroha. Finally there are those for whom evolution is a continuous process, like Atif Aslam, the latest singing sensation from Pakistan. In a short span he has stormed into Hindi film industry with three super duper hits Woh Lamhe…… song in Zeher, Aadat… in Kalyug and Tere Bin…. in Bas Ek Pal and popular all over the Asian diaspora has made this young, handsome Atif Aslam the melodious playback singer in the world today. Atif Aslam’s debut album Doorie on music company Tips is destined to become one of the biggest albums of 2007. Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam

Joyshri Lobo
he January 1, 2007 dawned clear, cold and cloudless. Not the wisp of a fog or the trail of smog. Just dewy window-panes, evidence of uninterrupted sleep under soft quilts and light blankets. I rubbed away a palm-sized space to look through the glass. The Tribune lay in the driveway. I am a great fan of the newspaper boy. Rain, hail, snow or sweltering summer, he comes in the dark, to give the correct sheet to the designated house. He does his job with dignity and dedication. A wrong throw is often smilingly substituted – after a phone call - the very next day.

Munch it light
IT KAT, chocolaty wafers from Nestlé India has now launched KIT KAT Lite. An excellent breakthrough innovation, KIT KAT Lite is a unique product with 50 % less sugar and 100 % great taste. With technology and expertise from the Nestlé Group, KIT KAT Lite has been developed specifically for India.

Harmeet Kaur
nagram is a word or phrase formed by transposing the letters of another word or phrase. The Victorian Era saw the rise of the anagram. Today anagrams are found mainly in crossword puzzles. The following list will be useful for crossword lovers, scrabble enthusiasts and people fond of word games.

Dying for a role
merican film director Kevin Patrick Smith may star in the fourth movie instalment in the popular Die Hard series, although the role he will play in Live Free or Die Hard has not been revealed. Smith, who also has to play a part in the forthcoming comedy Catch and Release, believes that the first Die Hard film was very crucial in his development.

Get bedazzled
his one is literally going to be an exposition of the sorts. It’s a matter of a few hours before the plethora of jewellery, including some rare virgin diamonds, precious stones and sapphires, is going to unveil itself at the Hotel Taj in Sector 17.