ulta pulta
Bovine wonder

Jaspal Bhatti

Ibn-e-Insha, one of Pakistanís best writers had once written about the cow. He said, "The cow is an excellent animal. It gives less milk than the respect it inspires". It is indeed a greatly respected animal. So much so that Lalu Prasad Yadav has most of his philosophy revolving around the cow.

Students from Harvard and Wharton Business School had met Lalu recently in New Delhi. On being asked what had made a success story of the loss-making Indian Railways, Lalu replied, "If you do not milk the cow fully, it will fall sick!" I suggest that if the students from Harvard want to learn a business model they should import a few cows from Bihar and learn how to milk a cow first.

A Harvard student from Patna asked Lalu why he couldnít set Bihar right during the 15 years he was in power. The Railway Minister replied that Bihar state needed a boost from outside. Did Lalu mean that Bihar needed imported fodder from Denmark or Australia to feed its cows?

Laluís son once told his father, "Dad, I want to buy a motorbike". Lalu suggested, "Why donít you buy a cow instead?" His son replied, "It would look silly riding around on a cow." Lalu said, "Beta, it would look sillier milking a motorbike".