With the crime graph swinging upward, the city affluents are opting for hi-tech security gizmos, says Angad B. Sodhi
ou have had a tough day at work, and as you are driving home, your thoughts go towards a warm cozy place, soft inviting lighting and some nice music streaming in….fantasy? Not really. Even if you live alone and are far away from your home, you can still make it happen before you get there. Actually, in a number of homes, and we are not talking about just the metros here, this happens regularly. You get into your car, pick up your mobile phone and dial a few codes that connect you to a server somewhere inside your house. You can turn on the air conditioning, pull down the blinds and curtains, switch on your favourite music and even adjust the lighting to the level that you desire.

TOUCHY: Just press the touch panel of a gizmo for arranging security of the home as well as programming control of various electronic appliances
Just press the touch panel of a gizmo for arranging security of the home as well as programming control of various electronic appliances

Technology vs Rottweiller
o how does this gadget work? “The gadget is a little controlling device from which all your security equipment can be operated,” says Saarthak. “If you are out of town you can still switch the lights in your house on and off from time to time so that it gives the appearance that you are at home.”

Saurabh Malik
Connected to technology, mobile companies are ringing in revolution in phone enhancements. It may send ‘surprise’ bells ringing if you are out of the technology’s coverage area, but the companies have actually come up with products that enable you to transfer your thoughts right from paper to mobile phones without even using wires. And you thought having a set with camera and a speakerphone was enough! Fellows, right from digital pens to wireless keyboards, up-to-the-minute know-how is actually calling upon you. Just in case you haven’t heard the voice of technology booming from your mobile’s speakerphone, drive down to Nokia concept store inaugurated in Sector 17 recently. Taking you around the store having aisles lined with temptation, Nokia India ’s Director (Sales) Sunil Dutt says you can actually dial up convenience with the help of wireless keyboards. Connected to the phones through Bluetooth, these keyboards enable you to browse the Internet and send e-mails or short messages to all your associates and pals without pressing and repressing the mobile keys for locating the right alphabets.

In her clutches
s far as bridal accessories go, 2007 spells clutch bags for the bride as a must and perhaps this is symbolic of the new-age girl getting her man well in her clutches. Designers are having a ball designing these bags in exciting colours and patterns so that they attract notice.

Get branded
Smriti Sharma
here are quite a few things that can be associated with the winter chill. One is to have those ‘high on calorie’ deep-fried pakoras on a cold winter evening in the company of friends or may be a quick winter nap in the sun on a lazy afternoon and if you fall in ‘staying at home n’ doing things is not-my-type’ category then you might as well go out and make the most out of the great winter bargains.

Telly identity
jai Sinha who has shows such as Hasratein, Dollar Bahu, Justajoo, Samay, Gudgudee, Astitiva-Ek Prem Kahani and a feature film Stop to his credit is a big name to reckon with small screen. He is a director with a midas touch who has not only stuck to him formula to realistic storytelling but also emerged to be highly acclaimed. His latest soap Ghar Ek Sapna to be aired on Sahara One Television, produced by Sangeeta Sinha of Ananda Film and Telecommunications boasts of a spectacular star cast including actors like Shammi, Alok Nath, Harsh Chhaya, Himani Shivpuri and other popular stars such as Vineet Kumar, Darshan Dove, Barkha Madan, Kavita Kaushik and debutant Sayantani Ghosh.

Tuning-In with Hardeep S. Chandpuri
hile I was working with a major market radio station in Australia, one thing that used to baffle me was, as to how did radio stations divide their days and devise their rate cards. After spending some time with the station manager and the all-elusive marketing head, everything seemed to fit into place.

Deworming your pets
Dr Jaspreet Singh
o matter how clean you keep your puppy he will be at risk of worm infestations. Your pet can pick up the infection by eating infected soil, licking contaminated fur or paws, or by drinking contaminated water. Puppies and kittens are the most prone to worm infection. Because worms live in the small intestine, they steal the nutrients from the food your pet eats and that can lead to malnutrition and intestinal problems. As the larvae move through your pet’s body, young animals may develop serious respiratory problems such as pneumonia.

Champagne and Roti
ctor Richard Gere was so famous for having two different women with him every time he dined at the original Nirvana restaurant during his bachelor days, that the owners of the new Nirvana 54 have named their most hidden and romantic table after him. 

Work towards happiness

I am all of 26 years old and I never seem to feel really happy ever. I have heard of all the clich`E9d statements like "life is an attitude" etc. but it does not seem to be making much sense to me. I have always had everything, a good education, a wonderful family and great friends. Even my job is very good and well paying according to my friends. Somehow nothing seems exciting in my life as all is just drudgery. I feel completely bored and dissatisfied and wonder what I should be doing next. I know I sound like a real bore but that’s exactly the way I seem to feel about myself. Can you suggest me some way to make my life much better and exciting?