Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rhyme Time
Lord of hues

O my God!

You are the Lord of Hues,

What a variety!

Yellows, reds, pinks, and blues.

You are the Lord of the Light,

That comes from the sun and the moon,

All day and night.

You are the Lord of the Ocean,

What depth!

Creating a sensation.

You are the Lord of Every Dale and Hill,

None can touch mountainous peaks

Without your will!

You are the Lord of Sunshine

Passing through the cloudy chambers,

And making the earth shine.

You are the Lord of these words,

Pouring from my heart

Meaningful, not absurd.

Rouhi Gopal, X B.L. Central Public School, Shamti, Solan.

Salute to school

I am a student of Army School, Yol Cantt.

Where students are disciplined, teachers intelligent

Loyalty to the school, service and the nation

This is our motto, this is our fashion.

Located in the lap of the majestic Dhauladhar

Producing future officers and scholars

The uniform gives us place of pride

It brings glitter and grace side by side

I belong to a family of great soldiers

That served the nation for many years

To continue this legacy and loyalty to the nation

I aim to join the Army, following


Ravesh Parihar, III-B Army Public School, Yol Cantt.

Dream come true

Success is a great joy,

Success is a great triumph

Success is just like a dream come true.

Success is a sign of fortune

Success brings a ray of hope,

Success is really a great thing,

Which gives a man everything.

Damini Sharma, X A, Himalayan Public High School, Sarkaghat, Mandi district (HP)