Books received: English

The State, Democracy and Anti-Terror Laws in India by Ujjwal Kumar Singh. Sage Publications. Pages 345. Rs 695.

The Partition Motif in Contemporary Conflicts by Smita Tiwari Jassal and Eyal Ben-Ari. Sage Publications. Pages 381. Rs 480.

India Macroeconomics Annual 2006 by Sugata Marjit. Sage Publications. Pages 167.

Hindu Horizons by V Balasubramanyan. Parity Paperbacks. Pages 114. Rs 180.

Kafar Messiah by Indar Singh Khamosh. Pages 514.

Grass roots Democracy in India and China by Manoranjan Mohanty, Richard Baum, Rong Ma and George Mathew. Sage Publications. Pages 498. Rs 850.

Stolen Voices by Zlata Filipovic and Melanie Challenger (two books on the subject). Pages 272. Rs 250.

Perspective on the Partition Fiction of the Indian Sub-Continent by Tejinder Kaur, Kulbhushan Kushal and N K Neb(two books on the same subject). Nirman Publications, Jalandhar. Pages 352 . Rs 600.

Fire in the Heart Fire Wood on the Back by Tenzin Rigzin. Published by All India Pingalwara Charitable Society, Amritsar. Pages 212.

Filming The Gods by Rachel Dwyer. Routledge. Pages 198. Rs 550.

Pedestals of Clay by Subodh Lal. Parity Paperbacks. Pages 224. Rs 250.

Bombay Art Deco Architecture by Navin Ramani. Lustre Press an imprint of Roli Books. Pages 295. Rs 1295.

Wisden Anthology 1978-2006 by Stephen Moss. Viking/ Penguin Books. Pages 1309. Rs1500.