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Nuremberg: Evil On Trial
by James Owen
Headline Review
Pages 376. £12.99

Nuremberg: Evil On TrialAt Nuremberg, the Nazis’ leaders took the stand for greatest trial in history...

The end of the Second World War presented the Allies — Britain, France, Russia and the United States — with a very large and contentious problem. What to do with the surviving members of a regime that had brought death and misery to millions?

The Allies’ novel and historic solution was to place them on trial, and between November 1945 and October 1946 a score of the principal figures in Hitler’s regime were judged by an international military tribunal.

While many are familiar with there having been a trial at Nuremberg, few are aware of the full story behind it, from the tussle between Churchill and Stalin that prevented the defendants being shot out of hand, to the political compromises that influenced the workings of justice. Replete with drama, tension and insights into d-set of the Nazi state, the trial raised issues as vital now as they were sixty years ago and coined a word that has haunted the world since — genocide.

In the words of key defendants such as Hermann Goering and Rudolf Hess, and through the observations of the judges and of leading commentators of the day, Nuremberg: Evil on Trial is the inside view of one of the central events of the twentieth century.

Development Under Stress: Sri Lankan Economy in Transition
by Saman Kelegama
Sage. Pages 305. Rs 850.

Development Under Stress: Sri Lankan Economy in TransitionSri Lanka is credited with being the pioneer of economic liberalisation in South Asia. Why, then, is economic progress painfully slow with the outcome being far below the country’s potential?

This book examines the process of development and the implementation of reforms is Sri Lanks after the economic liberalisation of 1977. The author shows that while part of the story lies in the ongoing conflict in the North-East, which has lasted over 20 years, there are a number of other factors which have impeded economic progress, thereby, designating it development under stress.

The book describes the key features of the Sri Lankan socio-political and economic system that prevented the country from achieving higher levels of economic growth. It explains why the country could not match the economic achievement of South Korea and Malaysia — countries that had similar per capita income levels to that of Sri Lanka in the 1950s.

The author focuses on five core themes: Economic development since Independence; the debate on economic liberalisation; macroeconomic management; Sectoral policy and employment and poverty

A must-read for all those involved in the study of Sri Lanka, as well as for development economists, researchers, policy makers and South Asia experts.

My Fabulous Divorce
by Clare Dowling
Headline Review.
Pages 468. £6.99
My Fabulous Divorce

Jackie Ball knows that happiness is hard to find, so when Dan Lewis jogs into her life with his skin-tight shorts and sexy smile she grabs him while she can.

But there’s fly in the ointment — her first husband, Henry.

As far as Jackie’s concerned, their marriage was like a bad dream, so she hires a solicitor and sets about moving on.

But Henry has some old scores to settle and the divorce papers hitting the dog-haired mat are just the excuse he needs.

It’s not that he still loves her, but Jackie walked out on him without even leaving a note and now he wants to know why...