Marry in haste

Buddhist youth have rushed in to marry before the first dawn of the Year of Pig, writes Rajiv Kimta

While we are ready to welcome the year 2007 with open arms, many youngsters who believe in the Buddhist philosophy are ensuring that they get married before the new year, which they believe will be the Year of the Pig believed to be inauspicious by many individuals.

Buddhists believe undertaking new ventures next year will bring misfortune. Therefore, many of the superstitious Buddhists want to start their new ventures this year itself.

"2007 is considered to be the Year of the Pig where people refrain from undertaking any new ventures. We believe they will face difficulties," said Tashi, a Buddhist priest. According to Buddhist calendar ‘Fakah-Loh’ or the Year of the Pig, every twelfth year, is considered inauspicious. Year of the Moon will end soon. We consider Year of The Pig inauspicious. Therefore Buddhists are trying to get all the marriages done in this year," said T.T. Thakur, a local businessman.

Youngsters getting married these days say their elders have asked them to marry this year if we have any plans for marrying in the next year et all. "As next year is considered unlucky in Buddhism, my elders are stressing to get married now. I have no other option but to get married this year," said Ashok, bridegroom. The push and pull for early marriage is same in Kinnaur and Lahaul and Spiti.

Buddhism is followed widely in Lahul-Spiti and Kinnaur regions of Himachal Pradesh and parts of the North-East. Interestingly, in China, the Pig is associated with fertility and virility. To bear children in Year of the Pig is considered very fortunate, for they will be happy and honest.

Last in the cycle, Pig Years follow the Dog Years (like 2006 was a Dog year) and recur every 12th year. The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date, so it is essential to check the calendar to find the exact date on which each Pig Year actually begins.

1911* 1923* 1935* 1947* 1959* 1971* 1983* 1995* 2007. The Chinese New Year will start on February 18, 2007. — ANI