Y O U R  D A T E  W I T H  S T A R
February 18 to February 24
[ March 21 to April 20 ]

You will have to face hardship while settling each and every serious issue. So some important matters can linger on.

[ April 21 to May 20 ]
This is perhaps a season of celebrations, entertainments and merry-making. Everything pleasant will centre on home and family. Younger people will especially need your help and care.
[ May 21 to June 21 ]
Librans are your best bet and you can safely derive desired benefits from them. You will, however, stand to lose while dealing with Cancerians. Same is the case if you would like to try a Leo or a Piscean.
[ June 22 to July 22 ]
If you are sad that a good opportunity has slipped out of your hands, donít think it is all over. There is still light at the end of the tunnel. The phase you are passing through is just temporary.
[ July 23 to Aug 22 ]
Your craze to strike a bid or hunt for a lucrative bargain may become acute. The profits you accumulate could be construed as a never to get repeated opportunity. Your grasp of facts should be commendable.
[ Aug 23 to Sept 22 ]
You can follow either your heart or head but not both simultaneously. This is a complicated situation and the moment you are complacent, you will be on the receiving end.
[Sept 23 to Oct 22 ]
People who have been under-rating your skills will be forced to revise their opinion. You will not let the initiative slip out of your hands.
[Oct 23 to Nov 22 ]
With your financial fortunes growing at a colossal speed, you can afford to be magnanimous. Donít let anyone take advantage of your generous disposition.

[ Nov 23 to Dec 22]

Cancerians are the most reliable friends to be confided in while the Virgoans could cause harm to you. Be on your guard against a Libran as he can be at daggers drawn with you.
[Dec 23 to Jan 20]
You need none else than yourself to hit new heights. With your social stars booming, you can create a good rapport with the higher-ups to gain much greater supremacy.
[ Jan 21 to Feb 19 ]
If you feel like running after a friend with Leo as his or her sign, you are stirring a beehive. Dealing or joining hands with a Virgoan or a Libran will be a sign of extreme good luck for you.
[Feb 20 to March 20 ]
Jupiter, the planet of amity and goodwill, is encouraging you to feel a great deal more capable and down to earth, adept in handling delicate situations. It could also help you suppress your habit of talking through your hat.

Born on

February 18

Those who go for a holiday now may derive maximum pleasure out of it. Celebrations, entertainments and get-togethers should be in the offing. Events towards the end of April will usher in prosperity and a feeling of growth. August and September will be hectic months. Events after November will lift you up emotionally.

February 19

It is important for you to be positive, and productive. You will be secretive about your ideas, nostalgic in your feelings and ambitious about the growth of your funds. This is a time for steady professional progress. You are normally too self-effacing. You will not allow undeserving people to intrude and routine chores to bother you after June 2007.

February 20

There is nothing you cannot achieve, if you set your mind to it. Donít feel small, if you are accused of serving only your own interests. The best policy is to fix your eye on the cake, have it and eat it. Because your head and heart are in unison, you are bound to succeed. Professionally, you should be strong enough to subdue any mishap that comes your way.

February 21

Do not squander your hard-earned money. There may be escalation in the cost of living. Domestic issues will pose one problem after the other. If you speculate or strike a bargain, you will be at the receiving end. Less income and more expenditure will become the major cause of your anxiety. The solution may take time to come.

February 22

The house of income is well set and you have no reason to grumble about paucity of funds. It shows that you will be in a more down-to-earth mood to put your economy on a sound footing. There should be no undue haste to crave for more work to supplement your income. You are at your best while focusing on one thing at a time. With less burden and minimum headache, there will be joy all around.

February 23

You have not experienced such a delightful period as the present one. The incoming year, although a hectic one, shall see you prospering. The period is ripe for enabling you to live up to your expectations. It is the most opportune time to look for a new opening to give you a financial boost. The best period for making headway is between mid-June and September. You should, however, smarten up your diet to keep fit during the last quarter.

February 24

Money matters do not show any promise. Many of you, despite straining every nerve, may fail to reverse the declining trend. You have perhaps no choice than to go out of the way to serve your friends and kinsmen. Since you are an introvert, you shall face the music as a mute spectator. June-July is tricky and unstable. Be prepared to face a minor shock during August-September. You can, however, expect some relief during the last quarter.

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