Rocking colours of Holi
Rainbow colours, pichkaris, friends, music, gujjiyas ‘n’ masti... the city is ready for a Holi blast. Let’s hope the weather gods don’t have other plans!
Saurabh Malik

he is the Go Green brigade’s affiliate. She joins her gang of university classmates in painting the city red on Holi, but uses herbal colours ordered over the Internet. And for post-graduation student Varsha Chadha, playing Holi in the neighbourhood is so not-happening!

Cakes, mithai, all things nice
Priya Gill
rainbow of colour bursts in the air and paints a glistening playfield of flesh red, yellow, and green. Magical combinations of vibrant hues transform the city into a powdered paradise. Festival-makers’ heart-beat, beat-beating to the sound of the dhol. Deep vibrations run through their souls. An adrenalin rush of another kind–Holi–the annual celebration of colour.

Some colours are made  like these Green

Bid adieu to smelly shoes soon!
ow you may be able to bid adieu to smelly shoes, for researchers are looking at ways to permanently infuse textiles with scents so that the insides of your sports shoes will be able to hide the nauseating stench. The scent-infused fabrics could also lead to pleasant-smelling blankets and sheets, or could hide the stink of used gym clothes. A team of Philadelphia University is pursuing a new method for imbedding scents directly into the fibres.

First Day First Show
well-written script has always been the strength of Ram Gopal Varma. With Nishabd, the master storyteller is back with a bang. It also heralds the entry of glam doll Jiah Khan who shows lot of promise and is a welcome addition to Bollywood.

March 8 is Women’s Day
That’s Your Girl
Though women are still victimised, this year we do have some reason to celebrate
arch 8 is Women’s Day. A ritual, that is. But, this time, two reasons why we should be happy. One. Aversion to violence against the girl child is growing. Notice how there was nationwide anger and anguish when news broke about Nithari and elsewhere. Girls were the first victims in both cases. It made grim news. It also made good news. It was flashed day in and day out in newspapers and on the electronic media. A strong reminder as any that something needed to be done soon to rid the country of girl-haters.

Matka chowk 
Sreedhara Bhasin
espite the fact that I was made to learn the botanical names of many species of Chrysanthemum at a tender age by my horticulturist uncle and never missed the annual horticulture shows, I decided to give this year’s Rose Festival a break. I have never been too fond of being jabbed in the middle while admiring asters!

Stop being docile
Chetna Keer Banerjee
hiddubhai had to suffer a pack-attack inside Parliament the moment he announced cuts in import duty on pet food on Budget day. Shows how the bark of our elected representatives is worse than their bite. Their thunder about dog food only added to the noise pollution inside a House firmly in history books for its unchallenged lung activity.

Health Peg
Garlic doesn’t lower cholesterol
ontrary to earlier belief that garlic cuts your cholesterol, a new study has now revealed that consuming the wonder bulb makes no difference to cholesterol levels. Almost 200 volunteers were put on a garlic-rich diet for six months, but the only notable change was an increase in bad breath and body odour!

Blame it on your genes
genetic abnormality that makes people hungry between meals is behind the problem of obesity among almost 50,000 Britons, say scientists at the University of Cambridge. The gene mutation prevents approximately one in every 1,000 individuals from identifying the presence of the hormone that normally tells the brain when they have eaten enough.

Yoga champ at 83
Prabhjot Singh
riple gold medalist in the Olympic games, legendary Balbir Singh Sr, finds reports that fitness of players is worrying management of one or the other Indian teams, very surprising. Cricket, hockey, tennis and football, he quotes all, have had in the recent past serious fitness problems. “These problems are primarily because of a lack of trained supervisory control at various levels,” feels Balbir Singh Senior, who at 83 now, feels fit and flexible.

A salute to womanhood
Smriti Sharma
riday night saw all roads leading to only one destination, Chandigarh Club a jam-packed venue for an annual awards function. We are not referring to any starry Bollywood awards night but the show we are talking about was no less, in terms of glamour or glitterati.

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